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A friend of mine is playing a Titan Mauler and saw the "Titanic Rage" feature they get at level 14.

PRD wrote:
At 14th level, a titan mauler may choose to gain the benefits of enlarge person when she enters a rage.

And he was thinking that meant that he only got the benefits of Enlarge Person, not the penalties. I feel that when the ability says "gain the benefits of enlarge person" that basically means "enlarge person is auto-cast on you," but he says it means "I get the +2 to strength and reach, but not the -2 to dexterity or the -1 to AC and attack."

I can kinda see his side, as it says "gain the benefits of enlarge person" rather than "be affected as if by enlarge person" or something similar.

Which is correct?

You at least get the -1 to AC and attack rolls, as those are because of your size and not the spell itself.

That is the language Paizo uses to say "the 'x effect' is auto cast on you."

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"Gaining the benefits of Enlarge Person" means he's now Large-sized, and gains all the bonuses that provides. But he'll also take the penalties, because he's now Large-sized, which has innate penalties that are NOT tied to the spell, itself.

Alright, that's what I thought. Thanks!

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