The Empyrean Order is looking for all of your Coal / Iron / +4 or +5 Steel Wire!

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Hello all,

The Empyrean Order is looking for all of your Coal, Iron, +4/+5 Steel wire, because we are testing:

1 - How long it takes to make +4 Armor Tier 1.
2 - The % drop of +4/+5 Components.
3 - The Difference in look, if there is any.

We have the following for trade:

Yew and Iron Splint, Weak Varnish +3, Weak Tonic Extract +3, Weak Cathartic Extract +3, Weak Antiseptic Extract +3, Weak Adhesive Extract +3, Warden's Heavy Leather, Tribal Leathers, Steel Plate +3, Spellwoven Robes, Semi-Precious Gem +3, Pine Baton +3, Piecemeal Hides, Parchment Sheet +3, Lesser Vital Gem +3, Crimson Crystal +3, Coarse Thread +3, Clerk's Ink +3, Basic Strips +3, Basic Leather Sheet +3, Basic Hide Sheet +3, Basic Firewood +3, Apprentice's Diminishing Staff, Apprentice's Diminishing Wand, Apprentice's Psychic Staff, Apprentice's Psychic Wand, Apprentice's Quickening Staff, Apprentice's Somatic Staff, Apprentice's Somatic Wand, Acolyte's Elemental Focus

We actually have a ton of +1/+2 Recipes, like several hundred, so if you are looking for something in particular let us know!

You can contact myself, Urman, or Fierywind here on the forms, OR Empyrean Bankbot, Erma, Fierywind Crafter, or Elric Fontain in game. Thank you all for your time.

Just wanted to mention that iron/coal salvage (broken goblin/basic weapons) is nice too!

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

Where do I need to travel to? Whom do I contact in game.

It will be Thod who will travel you way.

I'm sure you will have something I need.

edit: I notice that you miss consonant gem +3 in your list - might have some for trade

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Are these recipes which are available for trade, or simply resources you are able to craft? (I refer to the listed +3s, of course.)

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I think I will relocate to the Highlands for a while. Coal is a real bottleneck when you live in the Woodlands. The single Coals you find in those rare Piles of Trash aren't cutting it.

Goblin Squad Member

Sorry, those are Recipes that we can trade....

We have every Tier 1 Recipe (Refining and Crafting) learned, so we can craft if you would like to pay for crafted/refined goods.

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Oh, lovely. I will need to get back to mining more seriously then. There is at least 1 recipe in there I've been trying to get my hands on for a bit. (Unfortunately I don't have any +4 or +5 wire right now.)

I actually have consonant gem +3 recipe Thod, I just haven't handed it over yet. You can contact any of the people listed in the op, and you should see some advertisements throughout the day. We can work out an arrangement for meeting somewhere convenient instead of having you run all the way to BH.

We have successfully crafted Quiet Iron Shirt +4! It took 12 hours of crafting time.

Thanks to everyone who traded us their iron/coal.

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When we equipped it on the bankbot (a human female with more hair than cheatle's dwarf), the hood clipped the hair. That needs to be cleaned up.

Goblin Squad Member

Very cool. (Ya, in Alpha 7(?) there was hair clippage on those hoods. Think most game just drop the hair out when headgear goes on.)

Goblin Squad Member

Yeah, well I made myself some woolen booties. So there.

12 hours isn't too bad for a +4 armour. I wonder how long T2+0 takes.

Sovereign Court Goblin Squad Member

Gol Tink wrote:

Yeah, well I made myself some woolen booties. So there.

12 hours isn't too bad for a +4 armour. I wonder how long T2+0 takes.

Assuming a facility of 50, the crafter had an armorsmith bonus of 60 to make a +4 Quiet Iron Shirt in 12 h/19 m/36 s.

To make T2 you're almost certainly going to want to upgrade you facility from 50. With 50 facility and say 100 in armorsmithing it'd take exactly 100h to make a +0 Muffled Steel Shirt and 90h for a +0 Captain's Chainmail (randomly chosen T2 armorsmithing examples). Boosting your facility to 100 would cut those times in half. If you somehow got to 300 armorsmithing and 300 facility those times would instead be 5 h/33 m/20 s and 5h.

Yes that's right Night, Cheatle is Armorsmith 6...not that I need to tell you your math is right :p

Goblin Squad Member

Did your nice shiny armour get eaten in a rollback like my woolen booties were?

No, we posted here after we reconnected to the server and confirmed it was still in the queue (had 19 minutes left at the time).

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