Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long leggeddy Beasties (A Childs Nightmare)

Campaign Journals

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Coming up levels in the tower is like coming forward in time. The architecture, furnishings and decorations (such as they are) get more modern as we ascend. Luckily, these plane hopping magus guys don't seem to be getting a lot better, although one of them will occasionally rip off a high level area spell. The first one of those caught most of us off-guard and nearly ended the mission then and there. Dropped me and hurt Saunders badly, but the rest were able to smoke the perpetrator. As I came around, Saunders handed me a potion he had got from our guide that turned out to be a Heal with a capitol H.

The second time we ran into a magus that ripped off one of those cold-balls, Saunders and I were ready with a bit of tailored Protection from Energy, and the fight went much better. Aother of the mannikins handed me another Heal potion, and I pocketed it like the first. I have a feeling we will be needing them in a bit...

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By the time I was able to react to the situation one of the librarians was down and Kelyn had moved into another room and began fighting more of them. On my way down the hall I did a minor cure to heal some of the massive damage I took from the ice spell and then turned my body into living iron before stepping into the room.

I then almost fell under the mad assault of spells cast through their weapons. If it wasn't for my stalwart little buddy Atz I would have. His massive curative magics kept me on my feet. I did what I could but for librarians there were difficult to hit and I found myself having difficulty hitting them. I did what I could but to be brutally honest, I didn't do much. In the end, they both fell but it took all of us to do so.

Hi, poligize; been pretty busy for a while and a little confused; we're in legoman's tower clearing out dark elf things, but they don't think much of the idea; keep hittin them, but it's kinda like swinging a stick at one of the pilings; Nina's doing well, but keeps saying they're beyond her, don't think so; mostly it's cold, tearing, dark, shocks, repeat; there was a real bright light, it was beautiful and I tried to show Nina, but couldn't find her; went toward it for a better look, felt a tug, and Nina was there with a strange look on her face, but I couldn't find the light to show her; she said it was time to get back in, so went back to chipping away at the glacier; things move around alot, hard to keep track of folks, sometimes there are lots of people, others am almost alone; the stickmen are helpful, if not very talented, but just can't measure up when dealing with the dark things; they are very thick, if I can manage to connect, which is getting harder with all the starmetal they keep shoving inside of me; Atz and the others are doing their best to stuff all the parts back in, but there is so much splashed and scattered along the halls, sems like a whole lot more than could come out of me...

Is it getting brighter in here?

This is getting ridiculous. Vex and Lugh tell us there are two of the dark elfy magus guys behind door number one, so everyone jumps in... and half the group goes off somewhere in the dark. Saunders steps up to fill one of the gaps, and Huge is doing his best to intercept their swords and spells with his body; Kelyn got into that act too.

Luckily Nina was on the ball and hit them with something to disrupt their invisibility so that I could target the bad guys without clobbering the ones on my side. Finally I get to feel useful as something other than a walking encyclopedia...

As we began moving up some more of the floors on our way to the library we came upon two more of these librarians walking up a stairwell ahead of us. Kelyn suggested we used magics to get ahead of the two librarians and then flank them with the others coming up behind. We dimensionally moved up a floor and found ourselves standing in front of another of the librarians. Well this was going to get interesting.

As it turns out it wasn't all that interesting. Kelyn and the others pretty much murdered them. It wasn't even a fight. The only real damage was taken by me when one of them channeled some spell through his sword and damn near cut me in half, while I was under the effects of Gorums living iron ability.

After a few minutes of hasty healing we made our way up to the library. As we reached the top of the stairs I shifted into a dust form. I could hear that Kelyn was having a difficult time with who I assume was the head librarian so I floated into his room to help. He spun and channeled a spell through his sword that, ironically enough, tried to evaporate the moisture from my body. I did manage to strike him, but it was only a glancing blow compared to what Kelyn did to him. Of course, Kelyn received as good as he gave so he wasn't looking great.

But with them down, the leader being alive but unconscious, we decided to break to rest. The wooden minders of course were now shifting their desire for us to leave the tower. Our task being done, they wanted us out. I kindly informed them it wasn't going to happen and closed a door in their face.

During the night Lugh apparently "talked" with our prisoners and when we decided to leave they were no longer with us. I don't want to know what happened to them.

We decided to head back down to the seventh floor where this factory was supposed to be at. Oddly enough we never saw any of the wooden golems that were all over the place the night before. The area we were told it was at looked to be some sort of gate or portal and before any insight of where it may lead to was done, Oona jumped through. That's when Vex noticed there was a trap on the portal that would affect anyone stepping through. So before any of us could follow her through, we waited for Vex and Kelyn to disarm the trap. Once they confirmed it was down, I walked through figuring Oona was going to need help.

I found myself in a massive room containing several statues of varying sizes, the smallest being the size of an ettin. At closer glance the smaller statues were actually constructs and the two largest ones were just statues, one of which was the runelord Sorchen. I didn't recognize the other one. At the far end of the room, really really far away was a bunch of Ulfen standing on a rise.

Before any semblance of parlay could happen the ulfen were enveloped in a huge ball of fire. The others split into two groups and began attacking the constructs. It went as expected as the Ulfen filled the room with poisonous gas and nasty death spells. I had prepared for the poisonous gas spell after our first encounter with the lich but never had to cast it. I surprised everyone when I unleashed tornado force winds that immediately dispersed the cloud. Everyone forgets my ties to nature at times and I am happy to keep them guessing.

After a minute the group destroyed one of the constructs and the other one stopped attacking. With them down I canceled my wind spell and began making my way down to the Ulfen. I shifted into earth elemental form to help my resilience. About half way into the great room I shifted my sight so that I could see things as they really are and was surprised to see they were not Ulfen but some sort of living statue.

In the end, we found that what I have been searching for was not in fact some kind of factory but a phylactery. Some sort of magical device designed to protect a soul or something. I am not going to pretend to understand what it is, or how it works, but suffice to say ... magic. Well, it was gone, the lich had already taken it and bolted. So it was sort of a bust. Although, not really. Turns out Sorshen had her phylactery-esque like device there, so we destroyed it. So there is that.

When we returned to Magnimar we discovered each of us received a letter from some noble in Ustalav inviting us to meet with him at his estate. That should be interesting. Its not like we haven't created enough power vacuums in their country. There was some debate as to whether or not we were going to go.

Well, another fine road trip in the books. One of legoman's minions made off with his holding thing, so we'll probably see him again. Also wouldn't be surprised to be set upon by relatives of the angry dark elves who tried to interfere with our looting of the tower. And if I see any of those knives they were flailing around, people are going to suffer.

Arrived back home to find a garish invitation to a grand party in Ustelav(?). After our last shindig there, not sure about their idea of a "party", but I'm sure there will be plenty of entertainment. As the alternative is the World Wound thing, break out the dancing shoes!

In the end we decided to head to Kaer Maga and take care of that wayward army that was being led by the, now wingless, Delvahine before she could wreak havoc in Magnimar again. So some of the more mundane of the group used magic to teleport there while I and most of the others took our time and walked there. Although to be really honest, I did the walking, they did the riding. I preferred this as time outside of the city is always well spent. Even though I will always call Magnimar 'home,' the smells of the city seem to outweigh the smells of the sea for me now.

After almost two weeks we arrived at the Halflight Path and learned that we were minor celebrities. Not sure why to be honest, but whatever. After the dreaded hike up to the surface, dreaded only because of the confined nature of the hike, we were directed to where the others were staying. They used their time here while waiting for us to scout out the army. Turns out its grown. So good news for me at least.

Before we went to deal with the army I wanted to make sure I was in top visible form. So I learned of a skin artist in Kaer Maga that is known as the best and brokered a deal for a tattoo. The artist, Bull, used several liquid metal inks as well as known inks with magical properties. He also brought in several shamans for the procedure and it took four days to complete the tattoo. During this I apparently passed out several times, but whatever they did I apparently told them everything because my entire history was tattooed on my flesh. I initially had him mimic the designs and patterns from the armor that was crafted by the dwarves back when I was in Kaslgard onto my chest, back and arms. I also incorporated Gorum's holy symbol onto my chest. It was beautiful enough that I felt bad covering it up with my armor. I was going to have to check with that wizard back in Magnimar about enchanting the tattoo somehow to offer the same type of protection as the armor I normally wore.

When that was done we began formulating a plan on getting into the camp and going for their leadership. We knew that Delvahine was there and possibly a goblin that had a hard-on for Vex, called Lugdog. Some were going to fly around on carpets casting area of effect spells as a distraction while the rest of us attempted to sneak into their tent at the center of the camp. Then we cut the head off the snake, or more than likely we are going to have to cut off a craptastic number of heads.

So we once again used the tactic of everyone crawling into a portable hole, I grabbed in my fist and then shifted into elemental form and swam through the earth towards the tent. Along the way I encountered some sort of magical trap and was burned by lava that was ringing the tent. Opening the hole the group poured out, Atz hit me with a spell he's been using on me since we were kids and I gathered up the hole and moved into the tent. Let the show begin!

If it wouldn't be too much trouble, could we schedule a group meeting? I was thinking a fun subject might be the definition of the word "party"; there seems to be some confusion. Having acquired a new wardrobe and some knick-knacks, we find ourselves in Kaer Maga(truly the smelliest city in existance) scouting an army of thousands. And since it contains mostly giants, orcs, and the like, it's unlikely to have a decent band, or even a buffet line. Really must have words with the event planner.

Nina felt she would be most useful at elevation, stirring up the hired help with a selection of illuminations, and took along a couple of the less ham-handed. I jumped in the port hole so that HUGE could reprise his Elemental Surprise, which seemed to go swimmingly, except for the mention of some lava(?). Barged into the big tent to find the wingless wonder and her little playmates in the midst of... You know, I just don't have the words to describe the gymnastic exhibition they were attemting.

As most of the mob were focusing on Delvawho, I waded into the extras. Hearing a number of detonations in the camp, but it's just so hard to tell how we're doing when everything is this hideous shade of green.

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Well it was a boring show to be really honest. Within thirty seconds she had been killed with Oona taking out unknown frustrations on her face parts. Soon after Vex turned her into a bone pile which frustrated Lugh immensely. With our deed done, the group crawled back into the portable hole and I shifted into an the shape of an immense bat and flew up to the gate area I had originally arrived at after jumping through the portal in Magnimar. Letting everyone back out we watched the light show put on by Emma and Nina.

Other than the chaos created by the girls, remind me never to piss them off, the army was fighting itself. I assume because of the power vacuum we again created. It got a little interesting when an enormous amount of kellid barbarians "arrived" somehow and laid into us all. We have no idea where they came from, but it wasn't from the gate we were standing near. We killed quite a few of them and they routed running back towards the army.

Must have blinked and missed something important; the fight in the pavillion was over except for Oona punching a meat sack, that might have once been Delvawho. Vex turned the pile of offal into clean bones, and having guessed Lugh's plan, figured there would be problems. Sure enough, his face was turning a dark shade of...something(that damned green light again), and I exited stage right as the shouting began.

Flew up to rejoin Nina and see how the long battle was progressing. She was efficiently blasting the diehards as some, notably the giants, were striking tents and heading fot the hills. Other groups were attempting to resolve some inter-personnel issues at sword point, but it generally appeared to be entering the long grind/clean up phase. A massive group of Kellids appeared from thin air(?) and layed into the party, who had retired to the gate area to spectate. This wave of flesh crashed in and did extensive damage in a short, sharp action. Embarrassingly, I was unable to get to the fight before it was all over but the bandaging.

Leaving the maelstrom to devour itself, we pulled back to Kaer Maga to refit and recover; next stop, party. After a careful inspection for ExDim items, we did a port hole/teleport run to Kalifiss(?, really need a folio/atlas to keep up with these names), saving a good bit of travel time to the quaint little province that will be hosting the next attempt on our lives.

Since the army was disintegrating we decided to follow up on our invitation from Vorluk Balforth and teleported to Caliphas. From there we booked a ship across Lake Encarthan to ... somewhere. I wasn't really paying attention.

I decided against paying for my passage and instead shifted into the form of a crow where I just sat on one of the yardarms. I enjoyed messing with some of the crew as they openly talked about whether a crow was a good omen or not. Sailors are a superstitious lot. I learned that when sailing to Kalsgard and when I was with Kriger. In the end they determined it was a good omen, especially after I landed near those that were unsure and just stared at them for a while.

During our voyage I would on occasion just fly around and I learned that our ship projected a thick fog bank as a form of protection. During that first day we ran into a dry patch of usable winds which upset some of the crew. I went ahead and brought in some decent winds for a few hours that helped us out until we encountered some natural winds.

That night we could see a light far in the distance as the fog dissipated during the night. I flew out to see what it was and discovered a pirate ship, or at least a ship full of ne'er to do wells. So I returned to our ship and let everyone know what was up. The next day I spotted them making a run on some merchant vessel so we decided to give chase, mostly to cut the boredom. I decided to have a little fun and with Vex riding, I shifted into a giant octopus and jet across the waters surface. I can only imagine how crazy it looked from the pirates ship. They attempted to block our path with a magical barrier but I went ahead and shadow stepped onto the side of the ship biting one of the crew. Vex leapt off and went to the stern of the ship.

The crew swarmed onto me cutting me multiple times. I responded by grabbing seven of them and dragging them to the depths of the lake. When I returned to the surface and once again latched onto the side of the ship, startling Atz, I could see that the others were already on board and had finished off most of the remaining crew. I couldn't find Vex anywhere. I did see one of the officers and I figured that he should be with the rest of his crew so I grabbed him and took off for the depths of the lake once again.

When I returned they had finished their fight and Oona looked like she had been put through the ringer. So she must have had fun, I would have.

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Baga stepped off the small fishing vessel onto the rickety dock and stretched his aching back. Sitting on the small vessel was bad enough but Peck was right, as always, he should have walked. No storm ever spun up even though the clouds were grey, foreboding and dark. After four hours of sitting on the hard wooden seat Baga suspected the weather here was always this way.

Baga turned and offered a few silver coins to the fisherman for his services but the man refused looking at Peck with a wary eye. Peck had a knack for staring at people for rather long periods of time. For most people, that stare would become unnerving and they would either wander off or just look away wondering if the raven was weighing their soul. In reality, Peck just stared to make people feel uncomfortable. The raven was a bastard at heart.

As the fishing vessel hurriedly pulled away from the dock and headed back out into the lake Peck released several caws that resembled laughter. Baga just shook his head and smiled, offering the fisherman a wave of thanks. It went unreturned. Baga turned to the raven sitting on his shoulder saying, “Its odd day people afraid more of you than me.” Peck responded with more amused laughter.

Baga watched the retreating vessel for a few minutes as it headed further out onto the lake. To Baga, Lake Encarthan looked as big as an ocean. The vastness of it stretching beyond the horizon was something Baga was only used to seeing when he sailed with the Ulfen while raiding the Nidal coast. Kriger, the Ulfen leader, taught Baga a lot about how to treat people you cared for as well as how to treat those you didn’t. Baga found himself missing them from time to time, they were some of the first humans that treated him with respect.

It was almost two years since he had left Magnimar on his first real adventure. Looking back it wasn’t much of an adventure but at the time it felt grand. Working with the local Scarni, Baga was put in charge of a supply run from Magnimar to Sandpoint. During that trip he ran into people he used to play with as kids. During their first night their caravan came under attack by orcs and goblins. Baga and his old friends managed to drive them off and while his friends pursued them deep into the wilds he remained with the wagons.

As a child of the streets Baga was always jealous of the people he knew as a child. Most of them came from wealthy families or just ones rich with life, something he never had. Baga didn’t know his parents and just did what he could to survive. His friends had never flaunted their station and would even help Baga when they could but theirs was a life of privilege he hadn’t understood. Then, during their late teens, an incident at an old temple of Sarenrae by the father of one of his friends led to them all leaving Magnimar. Baga’s only remaining friend Epher became distant and eventually disappeared shortly after leaving him alone for the first time in his life. Baga eventually fell in with the local Scarni and quickly moved up their ranks until he was given the job of protecting the supplies to Sandoint.

A caw from Peck brought Baga out from his reverie.

“Yeah, yeah. We get going. Let me get map,” Baga said to the raven as it looked at the map he was unfolding. Baga had purchased the simple map a few months earlier before heading north from Absalom. The map only showed the northern continent of Avistan and rough lines delineating the boarders between nations. Baga could have purchased a nicer map with more detail since the life of a bounty hunter paid well, but he enjoyed discovering things on his own. Illmarsh, the town north of the dock that the fisherman assured him was there wasn’t listed, only the capital cities of each nation. All Baga knew was that he was now standing in southern Ustalav.

As he folded the map back up he began scouring the shoreline for his story rock. Baga wasn’t sure which rock it would be, only that he would know it once he saw it. After a few minutes Baga found a small rock, roughly the size of an infants fist. It was dark and grey, resembling the clouds that hung low over Baga’s head. Much like the people of Ustalav, the stone was cold, hard and would not break easily.

Before Baga placed the stone in his life story bag, he brushed off the dirt and sand as carefully as if he was handling an egg. Peck had hopped off Baga’s shoulder landing nearby and just watched in bored fascination. Once the stone was cleaned off Baga placed it into his life story bag along with the plethora of other similarly sized stones. Peck skipped over peering inside the bag before eliciting another caw.

“I told you before, these are my life journey rocks. One of the Scarni said I was dumb as bag of rocks and I now prove him wrong.” Baga replied to the raven.

Peck just stared at Baga for a few moments before tilting his head to the side not understanding what Baga meant.

With a heavy sigh Baga placed the life story bag into his backpack before repling, “Every where I go, I find rock that tells me story of my life.”

Peck continued to stare.

“No, the rocks not talk. They make me remember story,” Baga replied as he stared back.

Peck nodded, not really understanding but returned to Baga’s shoulder. “And don’t bite my hat,” Baga told Peck absently as he began the hike north towards Illmarsh. Peck ignored him, as always.

Where has the time gone? Puttered around the capital while people prepped for the shindig(don't know what they were doing all those days in KM). Thought a bit of relaxation was in order, so arranged a cruise across the bay on the way to...definately a C word. Guess I arranged pretty well as we're enjoying the captain's cabin; does alright by himself. Relaxing trip, even brushing up on a few tricks that haven't been needed since the pirates.

Speaking of which, HUGE being HUGE, he got bored and was spending much time in various forms(bird, sea monster, etc) and spotted some freebooters in the area. Informed the captain, seemed only right as he was taking fine care of us. Precautions kept this vessel safe, but the louts found another target. While our ship continued on course, some of us decided to warn off the greedy villians. Soon became obvious that they were our equals(at least), and were out seal-clubbing the locals; bad form all around. As the casters laid down a base of fire, the rest got more personally involved. I admit there were a few tactical setbacks, but in the end the nere-do-wells were properly pounded into the decking. The other ranks below decks were restrained and remanded to proper authorities; hope they don't cause too much fuss, seemed rather talented for rowing scum.

Arrived in the "port" of Illmarsh, and immediately decided to leave the festering cesspit. Still unable to precisely label the miasma that infests the place, but will gladly leave that for others. A few "locals" took issue with this choice, but Nina was past polite repartee and blasted them so that we might continue to higher ground and fresher air. Along the way, HUGE seems to have buggered off, but Baga has shown up, headed to the same location we seek. Won't pretend to understand the forces at play here, but company is always welcome; especially when it doesn't smell like the south end of a north bound carp that's been laying dead on a sunny riverbank for a week. Be good to catch up with someone from the old neighborhood.

Really! Nothing? Nobody in this circus parade can come up with a few passing thoughts or interesting remarks? Leaving this sort of thing to the likes of me will surely come back to bite someone in a sensitive spot.

Left the stradle trench of Illmust and started upriver. When we reach the junction with a second river from the north, we turn due east through the forest to get to...definately is a C word, just can't remember which one. Simple plan, and was going well, right up to the walking trees. Not like the ones in the old tales, sedately tromping along tending their groves. These things were fast, gigantic, and could reach as far as we could see. They played ten pins with us for some time until we were able to offer enough unpleasentness to remove them, kind of like the clown shoes back in Illness.

Continuing our trek, finally broke into more open country and arrived in C-word; much to the dismay of the locals. Seems that nothing of good intent ever comes up from the rivers. Seeing what we stumbled into, am surprised Anything makes it through. Arranged lodgings and started inquiries, seems the lord doesn't spend much time here or interact with the town. Spent a lovely evening and got needed sleep in a real bed; helped in no small part by the fact that this is a well tended village that isn't sinking into a filthy swamp.

Departed the following morning for the manor, can't wait to meet the person behind this elaborate plot. Arrived without dismemberment, a definate plus to the day. The staff are quite reserved, and our host, who is very long in the tooth(and really old, too) is not what I expected. Appears to be a decent sort, just no idea how to interact with the living. Sat down to an amazing spread and talked at length, finally managing to get the crowd warmed up and enjoying themselves. Our host sustains himself without draining everyone in sight, and manages his domain without the darkness and death that seem to be the norm in this land. If more of those with pronounced canines could follow this example, there would surely be fewer groups of loons (like us) running around slaughtering them.

And we also need to figure out what the heck Baga is going on about.

OK, road...boattrip!

So, Bags is working a REAL cold case, trying to locate this guy's betrothed, who has been missing for about two hundred years. Sure, happens every day. Seems a nice enough guy, for a vampire(Whoa! Where did that come from?) and Bags could probably use a hand or some company. Besides, haven't been to Absolom for ages; we are going there, right? Don't remember hearing a specific destination, bad form to go haring off to random locations. I'm sure someone will think of it and make sure we arrive where we're supposed to be.

Excuse me, porter? Be a good lad and show us to our cabin, have lots of relaxation to catch up on.

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Not exactly sure how much I had to drink, but it seems we're still on the boat to Oregent, following Bags' original lead. Must try to keep a clearer head while on these working trips.

Spent some time talking to anyone who would listen, and the only connection with the name was a hag, possibly in Absolom. Guess if he could manage to be turned into a vampire, she could have had a bad experience as well. At least we're headed in the right direction.

Arrive in Absolom, a little fuzzy on the details of the trip. No matter, back in the center of everything and time to get to work. Days pass without any useful leads, somrthing about black-sailed ships at the western port. While trouping the inns, looked up a few talented crafters who had been quite helpful in the past. The rich and powerful just never seem to get fashion; it's not how outlandish something is cut, or how many live animals are attached. One really only needs a few traditional styles that flatter the subject, that are made from the most exquisite materials to catch the eye and imagination. A few steamer trunks of doubloons should be sufficient to bolster a wardrobe and cover any funtions that might pop up.

In the meantime, the hunt continues and we seem to be working a dry well. The only word on the street is of some uncouth louts tromping through the inns.....who seem to be our little group. Hmmmm. Guess we're getting lazy, and a bit too big for our well-cut britches. Time to get scarce and head for an island to the north someone turned up. Hired a solid coaster for the trip, will take the east route and miss the rumor of plague(?). Asked around for any word of the missing women, using a bit more tact, but still not getting it quite right.

Spotted Macer talking with a local just up the street, when said local erupted in a fountain of blood; that man really needs to work on his people skills. About then, noticed some hazy forms accosting Macer, which might explain the fountain. While Nina sent some damaging assistance, I moved up to get better acqainted, and was joined by more of our group. These rather thick, well equipped vampires provided a nice workout, but were put down without upsetting too many townfolk. While tidying up, I was struck by a sudden feeling of "missing". The new kid announced her arrival behind me, but this wasn't the she I was expecting. I turned to find an empty patch of street that should have been filled with wonderfulness.

Some of the others were talking of inconsequential matters as I scoured the empty road. Link trotted by and pointed to a nearby roof where Nina was having words with another of these fuzzy individuals (something about a cloak). A sudden lurch, and I was with Nina, flanking this arrogant undead. At my suggestion, it took a knee, but lost none of the attitude. A nod from Nina (not a kidney punch to lose the attitude nod, definitely a stir his innards and expose them to the air nod) and it was no longer a problem. Must be geting better at this sort of thing, managed to avoid splattering either of us. She spotted this lurking and popped up to question it as I went through its' pockets for loose clues. Found a sheet with drawings of Lugh, Macer, Oona, and HUGE; appears we've become wanted and they've sent some top-shelf hitters.

Returned to find Macer stacking bodies and pouring oil over them. Oona suddenly recalled that these operators tend to work in large groups, we should expect more. No idea where she gets this stuff, but figured it was time to spread out and avoid AOE. Right on cue, small groups appeared; guess word of a vampire roast got their attention. On a side note, we really need to take some time to get the whole subtle, low-key thing worked out. Nina took us up on a building to assist Macer, but the over-dressed corpse blipped away, leaving something Awful; just going to have to turn him inside out for that. I believe Nina intends to drop some sky and damnation on his hooligan friends, time to work out some of this mad.

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Where was I? Oh right, doing my best imitation of a desicated corpse

Fell off the roof and staggered boldly into the fray. Nina released fiery retribution onto the hit platoon, giving excellent support to us knuckle-draggers. The badger was unleashed, but for the life of me, just can't keep up with the lizard. No bigger than a bar stool, but he's like a stealthy blade barrier. Eventually, they all laid down and were good bloodsuckers; only odd thing was Lugh. They really didn't like the Lady's flame, and most focused on Lugh, who went down for a dirtnap. Before they could celebrate, a bright light shot from his chest into the sky, and he stood up. Sometimes it is just handy to be that connected to higher powers

Once the blood spray died down, started patching folks up. Some locals were enlisted to help with the bonfire, and contact was made with the "guild". Went on a cross-country jaunt to a water-filled hole; the one we seek is supposed to be down below, but the water doesn't drop till dusk. Got comfortable for the wait, not in any rush. When the water cleared, quick carpet ride to a chamber containing a woman resembling the portrait up north. Bags launched into an epic saga of his search, and her betrothed who waited for her return. At first, she wasn't buying; don't know why she would doubt fine individuals like us. An end to years of running and hiding finally got her to agree to the trip.

Quick port to the castle, and the lovebirds were reunited; sort of. She has big gaps of memory, so wasn't all over him like a cheap suit. They asked for some time to talk, and went out to walk the grounds. I asked Nina if she would take a stroll so we could keep random problems from disturbing them. When they returned, they were still reluctant. Will memory return, will they be hale, whole, and again human? As the group took turns making our case, he kept looking at me oddly. He then asked if we'd met, or knew each other. "Sigh" I asked his indulgence, if we could take another short walk. Related some tales that had similar circumstances, and he agreed to make the attempt. The couple were made comfortable, and took the first dose. Yep, those are some centuries-old corpses. The second brought back a pair of youths that fit right in with us. Happily, all memory returned, and they were truly a couple.

The next day, he dropped a bomb; they will wed in a week, and WE get to make it happen. He will take a new name, as a decendent of the count, but she needs to be nobility from another land to make things look legit. I foolishly thought there might be a few minor problems, but Nina only needed to hear the M word. Suddenly, a beautiful field marshal is throwing out ideas, and others pile into the chaos. Don't get me wrong, that is one happy woman, but I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop; probably a storm giant's hob-nailed warboot.

First order of business, return to Magnimar with Isabeau in tow. While Vex can handle any paper that might be needed, we need a noble. Enter Hobart. Should have known there wouldn't be a problem; big party and he gets to give away the bride? Instant uncle. Then he announces his friend Fujiko will have to go, just doesn't get out enough. Fine, am sure there will be plenty of seats. Then the old guy says he will be bringing(dragging, if neccesary) Ameko; high time she start thinking of these things. Quick trip to Sandpoint. Unable to talk her way out, Ameko decides if she's going to a party, she will be entertained. Properly. The guest list now includes a certain gnome, and a half-elf who isn't about to let her go with this bunch without him. And back to Magnimar.

Stupid me, thought I might get a little break. Nina comes in with Isabeau, Mother, and the Troll; and we're in Absolom. Return to the rooms of THE designer, whose retirement I assured last week, and see to any reincarnations he might have. Don't know how dashing a figure I'll cut with hands wrapped in gauze and burn ointment, but the ladies will look fabulous. Now just a few small things, like an accurate headcount and figure how to get enough coaches for this wagon train and how to get it all cross country in time for our big entrance,

How tough can that be?

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