Looking for help with an undead hunting cleric build.


I'm starting a new game and was planning on making an undead hunting cleric. Stats are not yet known as they will be rolled and not point bought. I was thinking of going human with a big 2h weapon but was not sure which deity to follow.

I am trying to build a character around the traits of Hunter's Blood and Carefully Hidden. Though Carefully Hidden will be reworded a bit to help it work with the background.

So far I was thinking following Pharasma with one first level feat being martial weapon proficiency, for the big 2h weapon, but not sure on the 2nd feat.

Thank you for any help with this situation.

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Why cleric? So many other classes can be a holy undead weapon user.

Warpriest, paladin, inquisitors.

I really get sad when I see clerics swinging weapons, wasting feats/traits for combat, burning limited spells to buff themselves for less then a minute to accomplish what other class can do without feat investment and wasting the potential of a 9th level caster who can be a walking God.

To be honest if the campaign is going to be only to level 12 then go warpriest over cleric.

If the campaign goes into higher levels your better off with the cleric but you are better off focusing on casting.

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Clerics can kill undead easily...without using weapons. They actually have a bunch of spells just for that, combined with their positive energy. Actually killing undead is just a standard cleric stuff.

But frankly if you want to use weapons, might as well take advantage of the warpriest to swift cast buff spells on yourself, so you can attack instead of spending rounds buffing. Warpriest does also come with the cool factor of using the weapon of the god and not worry about choosing a suboptimal weapon, as the damage of the weapon grows with you.

Battle cleric is still possible of course, nothing wrong with the build, just the problem, you won't be able to buff yourself quickly until higher levels (metamagic rod of quicken helps a lot of with that).

Might I reccomend the following prestige class:

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/prestige-classes/other-paizo/s-z/soul-warde n

(Note: if you want to continue as a smashy dude, ignore my suggestion. This is for a more casty-focused undead hunter)

Warpriest isn't an available class. DM is limiting us to core classes from the main book.

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Well then standard battle cleric stuffs really, cast divine favor. At first level if you want a particular weapon you might consider picking a half-elf and take ancestral arms alternate racial trait, so you can pick a proficiency with a weapon of your choice. Invest your gold in your weapon, well to mostly get abilities, you can give enhancement bonuses to your weapon with magic weapon and magic weapon greater later on.

A Human also with the bonus feat to pick a weapon of your choice.

Half-Orc comes with greataxe proficiency as well.

Beside that, pick Power Attack at level 3, in early levels cast divine favor to buff your attack and damage...use your positive energy to harm undead or heal and that's pretty much it.

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Core only. This a new DM? Core only sucks majorly

I suggest a cleric of Shelyn, cayden, or Desna.

Premium domains: luck, good, travel, and liberation.

I would do luck and good or travel and good.

Combat reflexes
3-power attack
13-quicken spell

You could also do 1 level of ranger and get a favored enemy undead with access to martial weapons. Also gives you skills and a D10 HD @ 1.

But like I said I would go caster and let others do the melee. Bit of luck and a buff on your Beat stick will yield as much of a effect as attempting to swing a weapon.

Later levels you can cast divine trident and do spell damage on touch AC. And spiritual weapon damage isn't bad.

As a full caster I would ride command first 5 levels. Hold action for them to move next to melee guy. Cast command prior to his attack and command him to drop. He lays down and provokes AoO from beat stick. Might kill target...if not him standing up provokes again. Your giving someone multiple AoO.
If immune to mind effects like undead then just channel to harm or use cure light to damage them. Clerics have tons of options beyond wasting spells to self buff and swing weapon.

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