Changeling Trap Expert (Mummy's Mask)


My group is just about to wrap up Curse of the Crimson Throne, and the GM is saying he wants to do MM next. I was gonna do a Changeling this time around, and was hoping to do Ninja just because, but the group has tapped me to be the party's trapfinder.

I started looking for alternatives to just going straight-up Rogue, and came across the Archaeologist Bard Archetype. I worked out some preliminary work on it, and ended up becoming kind of attached to the concept before reading the MM player's handbook and seeing that I could just take a campaign trait to get the needed trap abilities.

So right now, my current idea is to take twelve levels of Bard, five of Ninja (present plan is to be Bard 4/Ninja 4 by eighth level to get Improved Uncanny Dodge, then finish Ninja and go back to Bard), and see if the campaign goes farther than that later.

For gear, I was thinking of a Nine-Ring Broadsword (and MWP) because I really like the weapon, Shurikens and magic for primary ranged attacks, and EWP/Ninja/Rogue Trick to get a pistol later for emergencies.

I'm also toying with the idea of taking the Eldritch Heritage feat chain to play up her heritage(plus, I like being a Mutant), but otherwise I have no definite idea what to do for feats.

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