Out of body experiences for PCs


Liberty's Edge

I would like my PCs to inhabit the teeny tiny bodies of dolls (think chuckie, but more dangerous) as a way of escaping prison in our next game.

Can anyone suggest how to go about doing this for my PCs? I would like to see them battle the now humongous sewer rats and mice and roaches too :)

I could always have them shrunk to tiny size I suppose, bu then the effect may lose some of its flavor.

Thanks for any advice!

Homunculus and familiar melding . Be prepared to retrieve your "dead body" perhaps when the guards dump it.

Scarab Sages

Magic Jar into tiny construct bodies is what you are looking for, but If the part has access to Magic Jar, you should be able to teleport out instead.

Or possess object for that matter. On phone now, the name may be slightly different.

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