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I would like my PCs to inhabit the teeny tiny bodies of dolls (think chuckie, but more dangerous) as a way of escaping prison in our next game.

Can anyone suggest how to go about doing this for my PCs? I would like to see them battle the now humongous sewer rats and mice and roaches too :)

I could always have them shrunk to tiny size I suppose, bu then the effect may lose some of its flavor.

Thanks for any advice!

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Just wanted to let you know that Friday's session went well. Despite Eleyrium (sp?) getting grappled (after I got over confident and got stupid). She's now bound and gagged in a backpack.

I think that 8 players is just way too much for the opposition. Having said that they *two* Vargouilles did put 3 of my PCs on the floor paralyzed with one PC being kissed (now in the process of turning into a flying head, unless they can get back to the cathedral in time).

We stopped soon after the Basilica of Lamashtu.

Now that Eleyrium is communicating telepathically with Korovus and maybe another Quasit (a cleric of Lamashtu) who will hit our heroes hard with channeled energy as the zombies that Korovus has freed from their pits attacks the party. Their plan will be to grapple a PC, put a rusty knife to his/her throat and demand that Elyrium be freed. Should be some good times.

Any particularly nasty cleric-stuff that a cleric of Lamashtu could bring to bear on the PCs other than channeled negative energy? They will have had several hours to prepare for the PCs arrival (now without healing and no alchemical bombs).

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Is 4 sinspawn too many for the 8 PCs? In one of the prison-style room at the very top left of the map there were originally 2 sinspawn. If I put 4 in there is that too much?

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Thanks for the suggestions. This all came about very quickly we went from 6 PCs to 8 literally overnight - after I told the PCs to level up. Doh!!!

What I will do:

* Double the number of mooks (as you so nicely put it). Give them full health and (if I have time) apply advanced templates to them. Should be easy through the bestiary.

* Change the quasit (Elyrium) to something bigger and badder. Her d4-1 or d4-2 dagger (from memory) will just annoy the PCs. Maybe I'll just give her real weapons to fight the PCs with?

Is there a "bigger, badder" version of a quasit I can change her to? Don't have that much time to prepare.

Thanks again!

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Hello everyone,

So I have a party of 8 2nd level PCs (just leveled up per the AP suggested leveling), fairly well optimized characters. I worry about them steamrolling through the catacombs, howver. Per my advice and hints they have good melee, good ranged and good magic - well for Level 2 PCs. No magic weapons though, nor money to go and buy any.

Advice on how to keep the encounters interesting to them would be much appreciated. Am thinking of maybe putting spikes on the ceiling and walls of the levitation room and make 'em sweat some.


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Preston Hudson wrote:

Aeloth IVI,

To report games, you would:

1.) Click the Pathfinder Society logo
2.) Click My Pathfinder Society on the grey bar at the top.
3.) Log In to your Pathfinder Society Account if needed
4.) Click GM/Event Coordinator Tab
5.) Locate your event and click the report link. If you do not have an event, you will need to create one prior to reporting.
6.) Fill out the form and then click Save and Exit

Hope this helps.

That's great! Thanks so much for your help!

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I cannot find the answer to this and have been looking for some time. Sorry if the answer is blindingly obvious

How do I log attendance at my games - only a few GMd to date and I cannot figure out how to enter so my players can have credit for games played.

Many thanks!

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Good point. I don't know if I really want to prevent people frm getting PFS credit if they officially play Thornkeep at some time in the future.

Time for a tricky dungeon for the adventurers methinks. Maybe with a swamp/marsh theme to it.

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I see. Oh well time for some generic low level dungeon building....
Thanks for your reply!

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Hello everyone and greetings!

I am planning for a Rise of the Runelords campaign and want to award PFS chronicle sheets to my players. In RotRL I want about 3 games before players level up, and am thinking of adding in the two low level dungeons from the Thornkeep module to increase play-time before leveling up before Thistletop.

Would it be legal to award PFS chronicle sheets for those Thornkeep dungeons to players?

Thanks for your ideas and input!

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Thanks for the replies folks. I can see level 2 after defeating Tsuto; but not a whole level clearing out the catacombs - seems to be a 1 and 1/2 sessions of play there (6 hours of playing time I would think).

I am now wondering if I could run the two low level dungeons from the Thornkeep module to increase play-time before leveling up before Thistletop? I could have the players need loot from the dungeons to improve armor, weapons etc before the assault on Thistletop.

Would it be legal to award PFS chronicle sheets for those Thornkeep dungeons to players?

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Starting of RotRL with an eager group soon. I'm trying to figure out the how to level the group up and ensure that they're between levels 3 to 5 during Thistletop (areas C1–E10)in order for them to get PFS a chronicle sheet for Burnt Offerings.

I am planning for the group to level every 3 sessions approximately, to mimic the regular PFS progression which I think is fair and appropriate.

I cannot see how to get them from Level 1 to Level 3 by Thistletop. If we stick closely to the plotline I reckon they'll be at Thistletop after 4 or so sessions, at which point they'll be at level 2.

Can anyone help with this?

Many thanks!

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Thanks folks. I downloaded the chronicle sheets with the attached rules. I think we'll have a ton of fun with some 25 point-buy characters and RotTL.

Your assistance is much appreciated.

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I want to run RotRL as part of the official society play. What rules do I need to do so? Is there a reference anyone can point me to?

Many thanks!