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So if you had rapid reload would it be a standard action to put in a new cartridge? What about casting abundant ammunition on the cartridge would that work?

Grimmzoch wrote:
The time required for you to reload your chosen type of weapon is reduced to a free action (for a hand or light crossbow), a move action (for heavy crossbow or one-handed firearm),

As per above, it becomes a move action.

I've come up with a crossbow oriented fighter and this combined with rapid shot will be a pain for the party. >:)

From what i read on the d20, crossbow bolts come in quivers.
But abundant ammunition says it refills the container, such as ammo pouches and quivers. You take the bolts that go into the cartridge from the quiver (said container). So i'd say no, it restocks your bolts, but you'd manually refill the cartridge.

I must disagree. There's a funny interaction between Rapid Reload and repeating crossbows. Since Rapid Reload doesn't call out repeating crossbows in the feat - and repeating crossbows are distinct from normal crossbows - some hardline GMs infer that you cannot rapidly reload a repeating crossbow. Most GMs, however, allow it. But Rapid Reload reduces the time period it takes to reload by 1 step..
Full-round -> Standard -> Move -> Free.
So a heavy repeating crossbow can be reloaded with a standard action with the feat.

Additionally, I've used Abundant Ammunition with crossbow clips; GMs are usually good with that, but watch out! Abundant Ammunition replaces ammunition at the start of the round, so you still cannot fire more than five times a round before the clip runs dry.

One of the players might repeat those words, however the npc in question is a special type of semi-boss, so i'm going to houserule that possible. Bosses are supposed to be a challenge.
On the side, he'll be alone, so that will put them into actions advantage, combined with a mediocre AC.

Sure, and crossbows need some love! Go for it!

I can imagine the fighter, who chose to be a ranged type, going "oh no"....
He just woke up after a critical "heavy crossbow" bolt took him to dreamland.

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