Drezen Without an Army **SPOILERS**

Wrath of the Righteous

At the battle of Keeper's Canyon, the Knights of Kenabres were destroyed by the ravening hordes of dretches. While the Knights ranged opening salvo destroyed the tiefling army, the dretches' reckless ranged attack delivered 8 points of damage. In the subsequent melee phase, the dretches continued their reckless assault and, rolling a natural 20, delivered another 13 points of damage destroying the Knights down to a man. Before falling, the Knights delivered enough damage to their reckless foes to ensure the destruction was mutual but now the PCs are left without an army.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how best to proceed with the assault on Drezen? There is another army of survivors so I'm thinking of reworking that encounter so it's a skirmish instead of a battle but I would love to hear other suggestions.

seems the easiest route is having the skirmish, thats what i would do anyway:)

Yeah, having thought about it for a bit, I think I will have the ghoul atmy attack the schir army nightly in an attempt to get at the yummy human prisoners. This distraction can be used by the PCs to slip behind the armies and attempt a rescue of the prisoners. I'll set up the encounter as a 5-Room Dungeon so it's not a cakewalk.

I just wonder what the ramifications will be if they lose this army as well.

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That is why I didn't use the mass combat rules as there was too many things that could go wrong.

But for ideas: Odds are they weren't destroyed to a man, combat rules are vague. The army could be bolstered by captives at the ruined church. You could add a skirmish scenario when rescuing the other army at Drezen. Maybe a social test to convince some mercenaries at Drezen to join them.

And then skip mass combat after they get an army back...

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Do you need UC to run this part of the AP? I don't own it nor did i really plan to buy it.

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You can look up the rules on the PRD. Read them a few times, try them out yourself, then read them again because I guarantee you missed something. :P

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Haha ok thanks

Mass combat rules as written are completely terrible. There needs to be a limit to how much damage an army can do in a round. Also the "strategy track" needs to be completely done away with. Adding 6 damage a round when an army has a max health of around 16 is pretty ridiculous.

My suggestion is to try them out ahead of time, so you can see what I'm talking about, and then completely rework them. Damage should be 1-4 per round to do this I would divide the damage dealt by 4 or 5.

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Honestly, the easiest fix I can think of is to remove the damage from the attack roll.

A difference of 6-8 points on an attack roll should not be 6-8 points of damage as well.

Since armies are built of NPCs that are supposed to all be roughly the same, use their normal damage swing of 1d8+2 or whatever.

For every size an army is bigger than the army it is attacking, they get an iterative attack, complete with -5 penalty to each additional attack.

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