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Character Name: Mavaro
Role Card: Acuisitor
Skill Feats: Intelligence +4, Wisdom + 3, Charisma +1
Power Feats: Hand size 7,
Weapons checked
Discard or recharge a card to your check or a check by another character.
You may dusplay a card to gain... (you may also add...) recharge cards displayed.
After you aquire a weapon, an armor.
Before you reset your hand..
Card Feats: Items - 13, Ally - 3, Blessing - 6.
Weapons: Sling staff +2
Spells: ----
Armors: Aegis of recovery, Gravewatcher chainmail
Items: Acid flask, Effigy of Maat, Potion of healing, Ring of stony flesh, Twitch tonic, Mumia, Ring of energy reistance, Alchemist

kit, Sun rod, Bottled lighting
Allies: Aunty, Clockwork Menial, Mahga threefingers
Blessings: Blessing of the elements X 6

Character Name: Zadim
Role Card: Executioner
Skill Feats: Strength +2, Dexterity +4, Intelligence +1
Power Feats: Hand size - 6
you may recharge... (+2),(or acid or undead), (Obstacle or trap)
You may discard(or recharge) (+2)
You may ignore a monster's immunity

Card Feats: Weapons - 6, Item - 5, Ally - 4, Blessing - 5
Weapons: Chakram of ruin X2, Glacial Hunga Munga, Thousand stings whip, Shocking scimitar +2, Dancing scimitar +2
Spells: None
Armors: Rhino Hide armor, Steel Ibis Lamellar
Items: Staff of minor healing, Mask of forgotten Pharaoh, scarab or ptah, Wing of Horus, Brillance of Ra
Allies: Black Kiss, Druid of the Storm, Ausetitha, Khal-Utef
Blessings: Blessing of Horus, Blessing of Abadar X2, Blessing of Horus X2

Character Name: Ahmotep
Role Card: Eldritch Scion
Skill Feats: Strength + 3, Intelligence + 4
Power Feats: Hand size 8
On check,(Or a check by another), (or rechage),(or the card's adventure deck)
When you would discard (or put it on top)
On you check, after the roll
Card Feats: Spell - 7, Item - 4, Blessing - 5
Weapons: Staff of Dark flamem Staff of uraeus
Spells: Augury, Chain lightning X 2, Dune of Doom, Ride the lightning, Spite cloud, Remove curse
Armors: Skyplate armor
Items: Djinn favor amulet, Muminofrah's favor, Golden Serpent armband, Cartouche of Protection
Allies: Basif Iosep, Minnothet, Tetisurah
Blessings: Blessing of Ra X 2,Blessing of Isis, Blessing of Abadar, Blessing of Wadjet

Character Name: Channa Ti
Role Card: Oasis Caller
Skill Feats: Dexterity + 2, Intelligence +2, Wisdom +3
Power Feats: You may discar (or recharge) (Or electricity or poison)
You may recharge a card (Or divine)(or poison)(Or a character at your location)
At the end of your turn
You may discard a card that
Card Feats: Spell - 7,Item - 4, Ally - 6, Blessing - 3
Weapons: Iceblade spelldagger
Spells: Cure X 2,Ice storm, Safety bubble, Channel the gift, Sands of time, Eruption
Armors: Falcon Crown
Items: Potion of energy resistance, Spellbottle, Tablet of Languages lost, Life lantern
Allies: Stone weasel, Pakesket, Hippopotamus mud elemental X 2, Hyenadon, Sand elemental
Blessings: Blessing of Horus, Blessing og Thoth X2

So, if you fail at the barrier, dry quicksand during the pride of the dispossessed, are you pretty much out of the game, unless someone can examine your location deck to pull out your token card?

Gwyns Firstborn wrote:

As someone who enjoys writing prose, i've been thinking about how to add novelty to PACG scenarios. I'm a bit confused by the wording of OP. Are you saying that the scenario is Quest for Crimson Tower but the tower only shows up if you happen to draw that one barrier? Seems a bit redundant, as well as it being an inevitability, since you probably can't finish the quest without the tower showing up, thus not making it a side quest. Wouldn't it be more appropriate if the scenario was about climbing some Wizard's Spire and you may, by chance, find a magic map (the barrier) that opens up a whole new wing of the building (summons new location deck) if you have someone in the party who can decipher it (knowledge 13 check). This way, if you kill the Henchman and close the location before the barrier is encountered, the new wing is missed completely.

I can understand the appeal of making a "dead end" quest because as we all know, the heroes sometimes don't find what they're looking for. (jk! they always do).

This is what I hope for when it comes to custom / homebrew scenarios and adventures. While I will always appreciate more content, the point of homebrew, for me, is adding novelty.

The original idea was there would be a barrier in the barriers deck called map to the crimson tower. The tower would only have a chance to show up if the barrier is encountered, if it did show up, the barrier is removed from the game (Therefore never to show up again), and the players may attempt to acquire the special loot then. They are not scenario's, more like a side quest that can enhance the reward for beating the scenario, but at the cost of increasing the difficulty. But some of the idea;s you presented are interesting. Perhaps you could consider designing an adventure with some of the ideas implemented into it.

MightyJim wrote:
I really like the concept, but I think it probably needs some tweaking for the power-level - being able to pick the level-6 boon of your choice is a very powerful reward, even if you need to replay the scenario because you sank lots of blessings into defeating the henchman.

I don't think the cards from later decks would be considered to be in the box until the appropriate adventure is started. Plus, you only get the reward, if you win the scenario.

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Has anyone considered doing mini-quests. I came up with a few, these quests are not full fledged scenarios, but rather a situation that arises during game, that can grant special loot.

Example 1 : Quest of the Crimson Tower
Part 1: Barrier card – Map to the crimson tower
Check to defeat : Knowledge/intelligence 10
Key words : Task Veteran
Description : The difficulty of the check to defeat is increased by the adventure deck number if any.
If you defeat this barrier summon and build the location Crimson tower and add shuffle the Henchman Dreol Gredon into it. Then remove this barrier from the game.

Part 2: Location card - Crimson tower
Deck list : Monster :3/Barrier:2/Weapon:0/Spell:4/Armor:0/Item:0/Ally:0/Blessing:0
At this location: This location is always temporarily closed.
When closing: This location is automatically closed.
When permanently closed: add the loot:Ring of Wishes to the scenario reward for this scenario.
Part 3: Henchman Monster - Dreol Gredon
Check to defeat :Combat 15
Key words : Human Sorcerer Veteran
Description : Before you act make a difficulty 8 fortitude or constitution check or take 1 poison damage. Each character at this location must also make a Dexterity or Acrobatics check or take 1d4 fir damage.
If you defeat Dreol Gredon you may attempt to close this location.
The check to defeat is increased by twice the adventure deck number if any.
Part 4: Loot:Item – Ring of wishes
Key words : Accessory magic
Check to acquire : none
Powers :Reveal this card to add one non-loot boon from the box to your hand. Then roll 1d6, on a 1 or 2 banish this card, otherwise bury it.

Example 2: The Silver blades
Part 1: Monster card – Swordsman of the silver blade
Check to defeat :Combat 13
Key words : Human Fighter Veteran
Description : The difficulty of this check is increased by the adventure deck number if any.
If you succeed : you are dealt 1 combat damage for each 1 rolled on your dice. If you succeed and your check had the sword trait, and you were the only one who played cards or powers on this check, you add the loot: Admission papers to your hand.

Part 2 : Loot – Item : Admission papers.
Check to acquire :None
Key words : Object Timed
Description: You may not keep this card in your deck between scenarios.
You may banish this card to build the location Silver blades School. Then shuffle the 3 Instructor Henchmen and one Master henchmen into it.

Part 3: Location : Silver Blades School
Deck list : Monster :0/Barrier:0/Weapon:2/Spell:0/Armor:0/Item:2/Ally:1/Blessing:1
At this location: This location is always temporarily closed. If you defeat a henchman and your check did not have the sword trait, the henchmen is considered undefeated and you must move to a random location.
When closing: This location automatically closes.
When permanently closed : Add the loot Silver blade insignia to the scenario rewards.

Part 4: Henchman Monster – Instructor
Check to defeat: Combat 12
Key words : Human fighter Veteran Teacher
Description : The check to defeat is increased by the adventure deck number if any.
If you defeat the instructor display him next to your character. If you fail to defeat the instructor, shuffle any henchmen instructors displayed next to your character into the location deck.

Part 5: Henchman monster – Master
Check to defeat : Combat 20
Key words : Human fighter Veteran Teacher
Description : The check to defeat is increased by twice the adventure deck number if any.
For each instructor henchman displayed next to your character add 1d4 to your check.
If you defeat the Master, banish all instructors next to your character and you may attempt to close this location.

Part 6 : Loot Item :Silver Blade insignia
Check to acquire : None
Keywords : Accessory
Description : Display this card next to your character. While displayed add 1d8 to any check with the sword trait. If you fail a check with the sword trait, bury this card.

Any thoughts on this?

Ezren(Class deck version) First Explore, or his first game in Skull and shackles. Encountered a Cecaelia. Failed the Wisdom check, so it was a 15 combat, rolled horrible on his spell damage check, failed to recharge the spell. Failed constitution check had to bury top four cards of his deck, 5 cards left, couldn't do anything about it and died.

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We had 5 characters at the start, Amaryllis(Primalist) died in the 5th deck, after receiving a bit to much damage when she had a huge hand size (11 cards). The sorcerer class deck cards were phased out afterward. We had the cleric deck cards shuffled in throughout the entire game.

Character Name:Damiel
Role Card: Genadier
Skill Feats: Dexterity+1, Intelligence+3
Power Feats: Hand size+7, Heavy armors, Weapons, May discard to add 1, if the discard had alchemist also add 1d12,Examine the top card of your deck when you succeed at a craft check.
Card Feats: Weapon [2], Spell [3], Armor [2], Item[9], Ally [2], Blessing [5]
Weapons: Crossbow of retribution, Navigator's musket +1,
Spells: Black spot, Find traps, Holy feast
Armors: Howling Skull armor, Invincible breastplate
Items: Bottled Lightning, Fuse Grenade, Potion of flying, Potion of healing, Potion of heroism, Potion of the Ocean, Tot flask (x2)
Allies: Smith, Haneilius Fitch
Blessings: Blessing of Erastil (x2), Blessing of Milani, Blessing of Norgorber, Blessing of Sarenrae
Your Ship: Mistmourn

Character Name: Seltyiel
Role Card: Marauder
Skill Feats:Strength +1, Inteligence +4 (Note: did not participate in the B adventure)
Power Feats: Hand size [6], choose a weapon that doesn't ... Shuffled, 3d6, You may discard a spell.. 2d6 to any check...,You gain skill Ranged Intelligence +2
Card Feats: Weapon [6], Spell [6], Armor [2], Item [2], Ally [2], Blessing[5]
Weapons: Skyrocket crossbow, Scoundrel's sword cane, Blasting Pistol +2, Enervating Pistol+3,Flaming Falcata+3,Spellsword+2
Spells: Dehydrating Touch, Freezing Sphere, Tsunami (x2), Wall of Fire, Quickened ray
Armors: Eel Skin armor, sniper's studded leather
Items: Impossible bottle, Sniper's goggles
Allies: Corlan, Old salt
Blessings: Abadar (x2), Achaekek, Cayden Calien, Pharasma
Your Ship: Mistmourn

Character Name: Tarlin
Role Card: Peacemaker
Skill Feats: Strength +3, Wisdom+3
Power Feats:Hand size [6], Instead of exploring heal 1d4+2 cards, Plays a blessing on Combat or charisma, heal 1. You may recharge a weapon to recharge a random card or ally, You may discard or recharge an armor to return a weapon.
Card Feats: Weapon [5], Spell[5], Armor [3], Item [2], Ally [2], Blessing [6]
Weapons: Falchion +3, Icy boarding pike +1 (x2), Repelling Pike +1, Greatclub +1
Spells: Control water, Divine Fortune, Recast, Vengeful storm, Major cure
Armors: Breastplate of the deep, Brine Dragonhide breastplate, Hellknight armor
Items: Immortal dreamstone, Headband of inspired wisdom.
Allies: Master of the gales, Exalted
Blessings: Achekek, Gorum (x2), Gods, Iomedae (x2)
Your Ship: Mistmourn

Character Name: Jirelle
Role Card: Pirate Queen
Skill Feats: Dexterity +3, Charisma +2, Wisdom +1
Power Feats: Hand size [6], If your check has the swashbuckling trait or check to defeat a ship, You gain the diplomacy and craft: Charisma +3, You may reveal card with the swashbuckling trait..., If you are on a ship you may move.
Card Feats: Weapon [4], Spell [-], Armor [3], Item [4], Ally [6], Blessing [6]
Weapons: Alger kiss, Doubleshot pepperbox, Keen Rapier +2 (x2)
Spells: none
Armors: Flaming Buckler gun, Reflecting Buckler, Sharkskin armor
Items: Hurricane Crown, Besmara's Bones, Ring of regeneration, Sea tyrant's patch
Allies: Old salt, Parrot, Pierce Jerrell, Pterodon, Tessa Fairwind, Wanderer
Blessings: Besmara (x2), Erastil, Norgorber (x2)
Your Ship: Mistmourn

I think the two you are missing are Seoni and Harsk. They are both pictured on the class add on deck, So I assume, if the picture is right, they are the next two

Found I missed adding in the card substitution page. Here is that page..
Card substitutions.
Atic Whisperer - Stalker of the Dark
Goblin Cutpurse - Smuggler
Goblin Dog - Kobold sneak
Goblin Pyro - Decaying Skeleton
Goblin Snake - Cutpurse
Goblin Warchanter - Kobold Ambusher
Yeth Hound - Crypt Zombie
Goblin Raid - Kobold foothold
Monster in the closet - Red herring
Pit of Malfeshnekor - Poisoned darts
Aldern Foxglove - Gheral Rediron
Ameiko Kaijitsu - Lou Blackdigger
Cyrdak Drokkus - Sister Vetsie
Ilsoari Gandethus - Bergus Braveman
Ven Vinder - Stam Fertus
Sihedron Medallion - Blade of the Stalker
Blessing of Lamashtu - Blessing of Magdh
Suggested henchman card proxies
Goblin raider - Minions
Tsuto Kaijistu - Lord Venthus
Tangletooth - Lord Gredor
Bruthazmus - Jorum Bess
Wrathful sinspawn - Nobles
Shadows of a threat - Goblin raiders
Lyrie Akenja - Sherri Palst

Here is a re-post of the adventure with some changes and the added missed card.

Note: This link will remain valid for 30 days.

To Ludwig0 - First of all, thank you for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated. Second, sorry for the missing card, and confusing wording, I think I fixed most of it. I did play test it once, I should have taken notes, instead of relying on memory.
There one thing I don't think you noticed, The card type appears above the check to defeat on Henchmen and Villains, so they can be something other than monsters. That may alleviate some of the confusion.

oops, I should have changed the scenario to read may not be closed, not temporarily closed. So the only place you can finally beat the villain is in one of the three locations.

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I created this adventure with the idea that one scenario can change things in the next. Let me know what you think.

I don't think there are any.
It would be a difficult subject to run a podcast with. But I am certain, the right people could pull it off. The more pertinent question is, is there anyone who would want to start one?

I am not really surprised, I had noticed they are following the same route as the mini's. Which would suggest that the next one will be Reign of winter

One thing I was thinking they could do, would be to put key words on locations. Then some monsters would get shuffled into an open location that has that key word, instead of being encountered at the location where it was found, for example an aquatic creature might shuffle itself into an aquatic location when it's revealed. Other monsters would get bonuses if they were on the right key word, etc.. It could open up a few options for some interesting new cards.