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Being unfamiliar with building/rebuilding a city, I was wondering if anyone has come across, or developed a calculator/spreadsheet where one could input a room or a building (Ultimate Campaign, Downtime), and it would calculate cost and time in an efficient manner?

Could perhaps also be used for tracking income from said rooms/teams/buildings?

I started jotting the stats for rooms found in Ultimate Campaign, but very quicly realized that my powers of coding in excel are woefully absent.

While obviously being able to do it by hand, having 4-6 players and a NPC commander who all want to build as much and as fast as possible, a calculator would certainly speed things up.

I would say "Excel it!" :)

I'm not an Excel Expert but it's possible. I worked on one for a while, bt as my group don't really use the downtime rules, we have no use for it and I dropped it.

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I have a work in progress downtime tracking sheet to go alongside the Kingdom spreadsheet that I'm the current caretaker for.

Right now it's really primitive (give building/organisation a name, select component rooms/teams from drop downs, it calculates the total capital earnings the buildings/organisations generate for you, and has a place to keep track of the current capital held by each character), but it's ongoing (and has taken a backseat to the kingdom sheet). I'll whack it in drop box later today and link it here.

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Here's a LINK!

I've made the sheets generic (my game has the character names for easy reference), and I've left Player 1's Buildings and Organisations on the sheet to show people what it does (until I get around to really working on it). Hope it helps.

That's something along the lines I'm thinking, with a tab for each character - and perhaps one tab for the town official doing their own building parallell to the PC's.

It's frustrating not having the skills to work in excel, as I have no shortage of ideas for a working downtime sheet.

- I'd like it to have dropdown boxes for buildings (since my players graduated from rooms real fast, I guess that got too micro managing)
- I'd like it to be able to take into account faster build time by expending more Labor
- I'd like to tie it to the Golarion calendar so that it could project earnings ahead of time, and ideally mark off when it'd be finished.

I ended up making one myself. You can find mine here

I don't think I could have it do a tab for each character, at least not until Sheets is ready. Buildings/Orgs in dropdown may be doable, though.

It does do the faster build/recruit times with more labor/influence, however (just enter in 2-4 in the build/recruit rate column).

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