does canny defense from multiple sources stack?

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Duelist gets it, kensai gets a limited version of it ... it grants a dodge bonus to AC.

So does a kensai duelist using their "chosen weapon" get the dodge bonus twice if it is a light weapon as well?

I'm pretty sure no. They are named exactly the same, and have the same effect. Even if it were allowed by RAW, I wouldn't let it happen in my game.

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Dodge bonuses stack.

Oops! Yeah, they would stack, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. Reminder: Drink coffee before posting on the message boards.

Dodge bonuses are explicitly stated to stack.

this is actually a good question, because there once was a rogue ability (before it got an errata) that stacked with itself to effectively give you a bonus = to however many opponents you could get close to. they fixed it specifically because it stacked with itself and that was not the intent. so perhaps this should be looked at again...they are in fact the same class skill from the same class even, as Kensai states "as the duelist class ability" in its description.

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