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Like a simulacrum, the duplicates have half the levels and or hit dice of the original. At first level, that’s usually 1 hit point. Unlike simulacrum, the mutant is in constant telepathic contact with the duplicates. The mutant must make a disguise check to fool someone into thinking the duplicate is the original. Like a summoned creature, the duplicate can disappear or reappear by seeming to step into or out of the original, as it’s 5 foot step. A dead duplicate melts away like a summoned creature at -5 hits. A duplicate takes 12 hours to grow back, one at a time. If a duplicate is transported to a different plane than the original, It becomes a free willed identical twin. Being stuffed into a portable hole has the same effect. Identical twins will pursue different classes, trades, crafts, behavior, and clothing styles. They start at half the levels of the original, and it will take the normal 12 hours to grow a duplicate assuming they have any levels or full hit dice. A zero level twin must learn a class.
Level: Class abilities
Zero Level: Silent illusion precedes them into a room or ventriloquism goes off accidently.
1st: 1 duplicate(has zero class abilities)
2nd: Duplicate is now 1st level
3rd: Second duplicate, send healing.
5th: 3rd Duplicate, send copy.
7th: 4th duplicate, program copy.
9th: 5th duplicate, object copy
11th: 6th duplicate, creature copy
13th: 7th duplicate, Freejack
15th: 8th duplicate, Copy of a copy
17th: 9th duplicate, lingering copy
19th: 10th duplicate, Power copy
21st: 11th duplicate
Skills: Bluff, disguise, craft(any), Perform(acting)
Feat: Deceitful
Spells: 1st Disguise self, 3rd Mirror image, 5th invisibility, 7th invisibility greater, 9th seeming, 11th programmed image, 13th Simulacrum, 15th Screen, 17th Weird
Send healing: The mutant can send the duplicate a hit point as a free action. The hit point can stabilize the duplicate if dying.
Send copy: They can send a copy up to 5 feet a level away. They can send it to the other side of a wall. If there is insufficient space for them to appear, the sending fails and the mutant is stunned for 1 round. If there is no floor, the duplicate falls.
Program Copy: Instead of having all duplicates mimic their actions or move like pupets, the mutant can send one a command as a move action. They can have a duplicate prepair different spells or use an item with a different command word.
Object Copy: This counts as one of their duplicates. It can look like a valuable, but is fake like fools gold.
Creature copy: This is one of their duplicates that looks and acts like the creature duplicated. A duplicate of a zombie will not be undead.
Freejack: By giving a duplicate free reign to do a task, it makes it's own disguise checks at +4.
Copy of a copy: By lending an extra copy or 2, a duplicate can have another duplicate step out from them. This gives a +4 to their disguise check, if the duplicate is of a known duplicator.
Lingering Copy: For 10 minutes per mutant level, the dead duplicate will persist. This can only be done for one duplicate at a time. It's a fake corpse, so speak with dead will not work. A broken object copy can not be mended.
Power copy: The creatur copied will have none of the mutant's powers and levels. Instead they will have some of the powers and abilities of the creature copied. They can only have the hit dice or levels of 1/2 the mutant's levels. A duplicate of a dragon can thus fly and breath fire, but possibly only as a younger dragon.

They can have a doppelganger ancestor, be a rare Raccoon dog or selkie, or just mutated by transformational fallout.
Level: Class abilities
Zero Level: You have a base form, like your parents. Thus you could seem to be a normal human, half elf, raccoon, fox, or whatever. On occasion you will change skin, eye, or fur color, suddenly. Note that shapeshifting raccoons are usually called raccoon dogs. Shape shifting foxes are called Kitsune, even though they might not fit the race description. You already have the shapeshifter subtype. Dead magic zones will make them revert to the base form. Abjuration spells, even mage’s disjunction, allows a saving throw, or they revert. Changing the base form requires a wish, miracle, or 19th level.
1st: Second form, Animal and humanoid languages. Night vision. Full round change.
3rd: Rebuild form on the fly. Chameleon. Move equivalent.
5th: 3rd form. Object form.
7th: 2X size change. ESP(as the spell but constant)
9th: 4th form.
11th: Swift action.
13th: 3X size change.
15th: 5th form.
17th: Telepathic imitation
19th: Change base form.
21st: 6th form.
Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Perception, Sense Motive, and Stealth
Feat: The Method
Spells: : 1st Vocal Alteration, 3rd Disguise Other, 5th invisibility, 7th invisibility greater, 9th seeming, 11th Stone to Flesh, 13th Polymorph Greater, 15th Polymorph any object, 17th Overwhelming Presence

All forms: They can mimic voice and appearance. Clothes, armor, and equipped items all transform with them, but only things with special properties will retain their other properties. Adamantine armor +1 will become normal raccoon fur. Traits like venom, spell like abilities, and gaze attacks are genetic and cannot be altered by this mutation. They are either in their base form or require additional mutation to acquire. While wings can be imitated, without certain muscles they can only glide using their fly skill. Selkies will swim like a seal even in human form. When they change size they take on or reduce empty spaces in their bodies, so strength and constitution aren’t affected, but AC and weapons useable are. Carefully studied forms will have the weapon and armor proficiencies of the class, level and race of their form. Careful study requires at least 1 hour of studying the original.
Night Vision: They can restructure their eyes and the surrounding tissues to see in near total darkness. Thus cat’s eyes, a raccoon’s mask, or both will appear if plunged into darkness.
Second form: It must be within one size category of the base. Thus a raccoon dog can take the form of a Halfling or human child. They could take on hybrid form, having both natural weaponry and humanoid stature. With a carefully studied form, Bluff is +4 and disguise is +20.
Animal and humanoid languages: A raccoon dog can speak both common and raccoon. They can learn more languages based on intelligence. They can generally only speak humanoid languages in humanoid form. They can only speak with raccoons in raccoon form as there are silent gestures involved, some of which are tail movements.
Rebuild form on the fly: As a move action they can reset their second or later form to look like some living thing they have seen or had described to them in detail. This is treated as a disguise attempt +4.
Chameleon: By copying the appearance and texture of their background, they can blend in. All equipped items, clothes, and armor are normally likewise concealed. +8 stealth.
Object form: The second and later forms could be an object. One famous Raccoon dog liked to take on the form of a tea kettle, but while he could hold water, he could not stand being put on a hot stove. If they take on the form of a chair or wardrobe they can spy indefinitely. Often the only way you can tell is food goes missing.
2X size change: Now they can go from raccoon to full sized human.
Swift action: They can change between forms as a swift action once a round.
Telepathic imitation: If they read someone’s mind they can acquire all their mannerisms. +4 to disguise.
Change base form: It takes a whole day of meditation as they switch forms. They lose the traits of their original form and gain the traits of the other. They can only have dragon breath or a poison bite if that trait is part of their base form.

The method: You believe you are the part.
Prerequisites: The ability to alter your appearance through disguise or magic of some sort.
Benefit: This feat gives you +4 to a performance while you are disguised and or acting. Mind reading will not reveal you.
Normal: Mind reading will reveal your true identity.

Magic Resistor.
The only kind of wizard they can become is an abjurationist and they have to give up the enchantment school. To get the benefit of helpful magic they have to have been baptized or taken communion from any religion.
Level: Class abilities
Zero Level: Will reflexively jam some zero level spell.
1st:Spell resistance equal to level + Con bonus.
2nd: Bonus feat
3rd: Saves vs magic +1
5th: Evasion vs magic and supernatural powers.
7th: Saves vs magic +2
9th: If they save vs an area effect, it fails.
10th: Gaze of Doubt.
11th: Saves vs magic +3.
13th: Contagious Spellblight
15th: Saves vs magic +4
17th: Save vs the unsaveable.
19th: Saves vs magic +5
21st: Create dead magic zone.
Skills:Perception, Knowledge Arcana, Spellcraft
Feat: Improved Iron Will
Spells:1st Protection from Chaos/Evil/Good/Law, 3rd Resist Energy, 5th Dispel Magic, 7th Remove Curse, 9th Break Enchantment, 11th Dispel Magic Greater, 13th Spell Turning, 15th Mind Blank, 17th Mages Disjunction, 19th Freedom
Gaze of doubt: Disables all magic or extraordinary powers of the creature or object. Lasts as long as the mutant is looking. Dragons and pegasuses can only glide. Dragons cannot use their breath weapon or cast spells. An outsider or intangible undead is forced into the etherial or astral plane. A witch can learn as a major hex.
Contagious Spellblight:.If they contact a Spellblight, they can share it by a touch attack.That's an unarmed attack that does not have to do damage, just hit.
Save versus the unsavable: Usually from a god or artifact, They can save at -4, usually need a 20 or better.
Create Dead Magic Zone: They must drip blood where they are standing. This creates a static, 50 foot diameter, Dead Magic Zone. It will persist till they create one somewhere else.

Level: Class abilities
Zero Level: When they have a nightmare they sometimes fall through the bed, to under the bed.
1st: Can go partially ethereal causing a blur effect.
2nd:Can 5ft. step through thin solid objects like doors or some thin walls.
5th:Can blink, Blink charge(even a set weapon has a normal miss chance)
7th: Can teleport self only. 5 miles per mutants total levels. Mental inventory means very familiar.
9th: Can teleport as the spell. All levels or DC count. Will be disoriented for the rest of the round.
11th: Can teleport any single person or object at short range, one a round. They can reflex save to avoid.
:13th: Greater teleport meaning anywhere in the current world without error.
19th: Interplanetary Teleportation possible.
21st: Intergalactic Teleportation is blocked to galaxies overrun by Mega Abominations.
Feat:In Your Face: By appearing right in front of someone they gain +4 to intimidate.
Spells:3rd: Blur 5th: Blink 7th: Dimension Door 9th: Teleport 11th: Baleful Teleport 15th: Greater Teleport 19th: Teleportation circle
Notes: If you try to go somewhere outside the current plane or demiplane, you wind up in your home plane.

Work in progress. You can ignore the empty levels or let the mutant use metamagic feats to augment the powers as if they were spells.

31:Natural invisibility.
Level: Class abilities
Zero Level: When embarrassed or scared will vanish from sight.
1st:Can start and stop blur effect as a free action
3rd:They are invisible unless they turn it off or engage in combat. Everything worn or equipped is normally invisible.
5th:Greator invisibility. -4 to hit in combat. Also applies to crit checks.
9th: Can make one other person or thing for each 3 levels invisible. Range, 5 feet per level. Persists 10 minutes per level beyond range.
11th: Can suppress sound and smell of self and anything they are making invisible, only within range. They can still be tracked.
19th: Sensory void. 5feet per level centered on self or target. Reflex save applies.-8 to hit anything in area. Does not block sense of touch. Concentration duration. Blocks all rays, gaze attacks, and sonic attacks. GM call weather stinking cloud will have any effect.
Skills: Stealth Intimidate
Feat: Rogue like surprise attack(Like a rogue 2 levels lower, no bonus damage 1st or 2nd level)
Spells: One illusion spell per spell level.

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