Oddities San Francisco


Oddities: San Francisco

Anybody seen this? I watched season 1 on Netflix; very cool.

How funny you should mention this. I've noticed it appeared on my Netflix recommendations, and have been debating the past three days whether I should watch.

Maybe I'll take a look now.

It's the only reality show with zero drama and copious learning.

I watched the whole first season in a mini marathon.

Silver Crusade

I live about 30 minutes from the shop and look forward to visiting as long as they haven't gone all touristy.

For some reason the page isn't wanting to load for me, so I'm not sure if this is the one I've seen or not. I've definitely seen the original series of Oddities, but not the second one that follows a different store. I suspect this is the second one. If so, I highly recommend checking out the original as well.

I like the second one. It has that girl called Wednesday like the Adams Family girl. The show catches my attention every once in awhile on DirectTV.

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