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Mammy Graul (revealed in the recent blog post) says "The first time in this scenario that anyone would defeat Mammy Graul, she is undefeated."

This means the usual penalties for an undefeated villain still apply even if you would defeat her, correct? As in, she escapes and blessings from the blessing deck get shuffled into the locations she can possibly escape.

This could be nasty for 5-6 player games!

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All the usual stuff happens, yes.

I just did a 5 player game for this scenario, including 2 players who were completely new to the game. She was quite nasty as a result of her special ability! We ended up with 5 cards left in the blessings deck... but then again Kyra rolled a 6 on her Holy Candle.

Mammy is not to be trifled with.

On our winning game against Mammy we beat her on the last blessing in the deck after Merisiel rolled a 5 with her holy candle. I feel like I always need to mention the caveat that we play 6 locations for 2 characters, but still the extra tension was appreciated! And it definitely made us consider scaling back our self-imposed difficulty.

I have a feeling the holy candle will be in Kyra's deck through part 6...

We can never get that candle. The last time we found it Amiri just kicked it aside.

Huh, in my last 5 character group I'm doing (that will now be 5 parties up through AP2), it literally did not show up in any locations (plus numerous times with the chest) until the very first scenario of AP2. Very, very screwy candle. Oh, and I made sure my party (I run it solo) threw every blessing they could at it. I still ran out of time on the 3rd scenario. I'm calling this the Cursed Party because they keep having the henchmen and villain scurry to the very bottom of the location decks.

Sounds like they're going to be seeing Mammy way too many times. :(

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