Best spells to place in a Ring of Spell Knowledge


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Ring of Spell Knowledge states you can add one spell to your spell list but at a one level higher caster level. What in your opinion are the best limited access spells to place in a ring of spell knowledge?

My thoughts:

-Blistering Invective
-Bless Weapon
-litany of escape
-sow thought

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Before people start saying it is not arcane look at the summoner spell list

That line of reasoning is flawed at best. Cure spells are not arcane just because a bard can cast cure spells. Specific trumps general yes BUT specific does not then become general.

Scarab Sages

Cure spells are valid because they do appear on arcane spell lists. Witch and Bard.

Yes, most of the ones Lostpike listed are not available.

Glibness is a must for Sorcerers.

Edit: Stome: It's a bit annoying, but that is how it works. You do have to actually find an example of the arcane version though, not just a cleric scroll of cure light.

Arcane Concordance is a good one.

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Silence. There are few "shut down spellcaster" spells out there as good as this one.

I've gotten very good mileage out of Cure Moderate Wounds with my PFS sorcerer.

He also makes a habit of starting fights by casting Spectral Hand. Delivering touch healing spells at a stupid range as a standard action makes a nice change of pace from laying down magic missiles and fireballs...

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