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So it seems as though I'll be joining a new Game in the next few days, something I am excited about. The only problem is that I'm not entirely sure how to go about constructing my character for it. You see, I'm entering this campaign at 5th level, with a party composition of a Barbarian, Druid, Rogue, Wizard (Or Sorcerer, can't remember), Gunslinging Ranger, and...one other guy who's class escapes me.

Looking this over I quickly decided that I was going to run a cleric, a decision which was made all the sweeter when I found out that we all have the vampire template. Now, some of you may be clicking away from this thread at this very moment, filling the air with shouts of "CHEESE!" but please, hold on for just a short minute, it's about to get even worse.

The vampire template changes your type to undead, and a negative energy channeling cleric can heal the undead...this does mean that I can heal my blood sucking buddies with my negative channeling, yes?

If so, Cheese, how I love you.

I was also curious if anyone could recommend a few choice feats for a Negative Energy Support Cleric. I'm not trying to be a front-liner or a blaster, I just wanna be a Cleric.

(We're also being given 7th level gold, and our GM writes all the encounters as though we were 7th level characters, to accommodate our Sparkly power...)

You. Do. Not. Sparkle. ;-)

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A cleric being able to heal all his allies is hardly cheesy.

Selective Channel
Command Undead
Control Undead

Least thats the way I would go, big ass undead armies lead by vampires for the win?

Also if your party members get lippy you can command them >_>

Go team undead.
But vampiers have fast healing 5 so you properly wont need your healing. With a good cha you can make an exelent combat cleric.

I whut make a monk if i were you, having insane stats ( as a vampier have)does alot for the Monk, combined with energy drain on the fists seems just too good to not abuse :)

Yes, you can heal your allies this way. The half-vampire race works the same way. The nice thing about the cleric channeling negative energy is that the feat Selective Channel won't be as important. I'd look at cc abilities first (not sure what the reqs. are).

Keep in mind that vs. undead, good clerics lethality can get remarkably closer to mages. Even their orison will be doing 1d6, as opposed to everyone else doing 1d3. I'm not saying base your character around that, but not being prepared for it is asking for trouble.

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You may know this, but keep in mind that you still have to choose which creature type to affect when channeling, Living Creatures or Undead. If you channel to harm Living Creatures, you will not also heal the party. If you channel to heal Undead, you will not also harm Living Creatures in the area. It's one or the other, chosen each time you channel. Think of it as the reverse of channeling positive energy, where you either heal Living Creatures or harm Undead, but not both at once.

It's still pretty cool to be able to count on your whole party being considered Undead. As mentioned, Selective Channel becomes less necessary, because when you channel to harm Living Creatures, Undead are already unaffected, so there's no need to exclude your party. The few times you might need Selective Channeling is if you are fighting Undead and you want to heal your party, or if you have a living NPC with the group that you don't want to kill, or something similar.

If you want to concentrate on healing the group, and aren't as concerned about dealing damage with the channels, consider taking the Undead Variant Channeling (deity allowing). Your channels to heal Undead will be Empowered (+50%), though your channels to harm living would be at half power, so it's a big trade off.

I was reading through the vampire template and was wondering if channel resistance would affect them for when they are dealing with negative energy channeling. I would guess no, because they are willing subjects, but I thought I would ask anyway.

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The channel resistance only applies if you want to resist it, its just a bonus to the will save, most player technically "fail" their save against a cure spell so you would do the same.

Ferious Thune wrote:
You may know this, but keep in mind that you still have to choose which creature type to affect when channeling, Living Creatures or Undead.

Thanks for that, the idea doesn't seem nearly as broken when you actually think about how Channel Energy works.

We played our first session last night, so I ended up building him as...a poor man's reach cleric, I guess? And I also found out that our only racial choice for this game is human.

My general combat tactic is to Cast Bull's Strength on Myself and advance towards the nearest target with my pointy +1 Longspear. Then ideally, as combat progresses on an enemy treads near me and get's swiped by my spear. If they're trying to assault me personally provoke an adjacent AoOI can use the quickdraw feat to draw my heavy pick I picked up from heirloom weapon and put a spike in their face! (Thanks to combat reflexes) This is all...legal, no? It's the only way I can really see polearms being effective in Pathfinder, correct me if I'm wrong.

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