Alchemist's Kit Inconsistancies

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I took a look at the Alchemist's Kit and it says that the kit costs 40gp and that it weighs about 24lbs.

However, when I took and itemized list of the component pieces of the Alchemist's Kit they altogether ended up costing 41.8gp and the kit weighed a startling 82lbs. Now the cost is fine, you're purchasing a "bundle package" so you get a discount or whatever, but the difference in weight, 24 to 82 seems like there must be some kind of a typo or something there.

Thoughts? Is there something I'm missing here?

Silver Crusade

The kits don't balance like that. The designers didn't cost out/weigh each piece, they just kind of eyeballed it.

tl;dr If you're the type to look up the weight of each item, and get joy from that, use that. Otherwise, just go with the kit and don't think about it too much.

I'm DM'ing for a group and one of my players brought this to my attention. Would you just use the kit's provided cost and weight?

Silver Crusade

If the player just wants to have a quick "stuff I need" pack, go with the kit, and it's price and weight.

If they seem like they're abusing it, like buying multiple kits, or buying a kit and selling the pieces (or you just know they're the type to buy ladders and sell 10' poles), go piece by piece.

Alright, thanks for the help man, it's appreciated!

Uh, it is pretty important you cost the kits correctly, because some kits have infinite money problems, such as vampire slayer's kits

I would not ignore problems with kits. That weight difference is huge. Also, there shouldn't be a 'bulk discount'; kits should just be a quick way of equipping characters.

Silver Crusade

Like I said, if your group is the kind to try and "milk" kits, just don't use them, or price/weigh them yourself. If your group is the kind that will never notice or care about the price and weight problems, just ignore it and use the kit.

Too easy.

Well, when you buy items individually, there's a lot of packaging. Whereas, if you buy them as a "kit", they're all packaged together and you save on redundant packaging weight.

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