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Ckorik wrote:

Proof (from back in the day):

James Jacobs as proof? my dude, I'm sorry, but that is not proof and it came up a lot.

Prismatic wall destroyed all your s!@@, it was stupid, and now it's gone

Prismatic wall in pf1 used to destroy all items and objects with no save, so even if you make it through all the save or dies you had no items left to fight with. Also each color is less harsh, for example blue in pf1 is permanent confusion and pf2 is confusion for a minute

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MerlinCross wrote:

Point is most DMs tend to forget to target Bag of Holding and the loss of one, even if it is empty, is a step cost. Hireling/pack animal? Acceptable target.

I think if you as a DM are targeting bags of holding in PF1, you are probably a really bad DM?

So you made an npc with sunder feats, and walked up to someone and directly attacked their bag with probably a pretty hard check. Even if you succeed, you are probably going to die, since you spent one or two turns doing functionally nothing other than robbing some character of gold.

There is no in game reason for an opponent to do such an act, and is just a dm trying to mess with players. That kind of dming gets a big F from me

Hello, I saw some good spell nerfs, but I think Wish and Miracle are still dumb, but now even more dumb because they are free?

Note: saying they are level 10 spells are not an excuse, that just means PF2 goes to level 18 and pretends level 19 and 20 play is functional

Unless the spells are actually organized I wont look any harder (alphabetically and not by level??? wtf)

Color spray nerf is good, an aoe save or die is lame.

Simulacrum nerf: it no longer exists. This is a pretty good nerf, the spell was broken in concept.

Prismatic wall: this nerf is pretty good, playing around one used to be pretty dumb, but now you can actually maybe go through one!

My real problem with manifestations is with spell like abilities, not like wizards or sorcerers.

Having manifestations be game wide makes creatures like succubi (and paladins with detect evil) not really work as they should. I am ok with manifestations on spells and nothing for spell likes

So I am making attack rolls not on my turn? The first person who makes an attack while linked get's no benefit or some benefit? Do the attacks have to be in the same round, or can i attack the goblin on turn 1, then my linked friend attacks on turn 5 and gets the double roll bonus? If I attack the goblin, then my friend attacks the goblin, do I get an extra roll on my previous attack because we both attack the same creature?

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I always thought prayer was pretty easy.

I want you to explain how battlemind link works

I'm not sure it has been mentioned, or if clarified in PF1, but when do you fall?

Bad guy on his turn pulls the pit trap lever, opening the trapdoor under you, and you fall into the pit. Do you fall on his turn, or on your turn?

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I actually don't know what to do other than add riders to fireball and lightning bolt so they do stuff in addition to damage. Maybe lightning bolt makes you lose one action on a failed save, or fireball gives you a penalty to hit from all the burning and explosion.

Buffing damage so that fireball one shots everything is probably not what you want lol

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The coming from yoru square part probably doesn't matter. It matters more if emanations are like an object your are holding. Like if you have a sword, then drop it, the sword becomes visible. If the emanations are not part of you then they are visible.

maybe i should have said leadership, they couldn't even make it past the core book without printing the most brokenly powerful feat in the game

I think also being invisible doesn't get rid of spell manifestations, so the classic strategy of being invisible and summoning stuff doesn't actually work lol

Strong martial characters usually delete an equal cr opponent in one full attack. It isn't a one shot but they really do lower the amount of bad guys doing bad stuff.

Let's say instead of casting fireball, I cast web. Now instead of the 4 guys being able to do a full attack, cast a spell, only like, 2 or 1 guys can. It's why the control spells in pathfinder are so good, and why blasting in pathfinder is probably going to be bad forever

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Ryan Freire wrote:
CWheezy wrote:

hello. Casting an evil spell seems bad to put in a code.

A story for you

If paizo releases a spell that heals with the evil tag, you will get dumb situations like with infernal healing. maybe don't do that instead?

That was a poorly designed spell that broke their own spell design rules to begin with and will undoubtedly be nowhere near 2e

Hello, if they broke their own rules for PF1, why do you think they wont do that in PF2? It's the same company with the same lead designer.

Paizo's business strategy is to make as much content as possible. You can try your best to avoid crazy stuff but things will slip through (Remember sacred geometry?)

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Seisho wrote:
Okay as someone who doesn't crunch numbers that much...why exactly were the occult classes and manifestations broken?

It used to be that paladins could detect evil without magic runes appearing. lots of people rp'd it as an "Icy stare" or whatever, it was fun.

That's impossible now, and I think pretty sad.

hello. Casting an evil spell seems bad to put in a code.

A story for you

If paizo releases a spell that heals with the evil tag, you will get dumb situations like with infernal healing. maybe don't do that instead?

1 person marked this as a favorite. problem with blasting in pathfinder is HP does not affect how dangerous an enemy is.

If you open with a fireball that does 30 damage to 4 guys, wow that was 120 damage! In some ways though, it is like you did nothing because each guy still gets his turn, can cast spells or attack and be just as effective.

I will also say that blasting is powerful in Pathfinder, probably 9.5/10 powerful, because of Dazing and Persistent spell. It's actually worse game design overall than blasting being just regular bad, because the correct build is esoteric and basically a secret from most players, while at the same time being absurdly powerful

Have you looked at npc wealth my dude? you can do scry and fry at level 9 if you feel like it.
let's say the bad guy is level 11, So his total wealth is 16350 gp. I don't think 43% of your wealth is pocket change.

Also, yeah scry can fail, but then you can just try again until it works, that's not a big deal

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I would like simulacrum to be hard removed from the game. that solves a lot of problems.

Dazing and Persistent spell should probably also be gone, same with metamagic rods

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Hello @deadmanwalking. For the business strategy stuff: If paizo releases books at the same rate, same amount of feats, everything, then the amount of broken combos will approach the same level of pathfinder 1.

I do agree that spells being all or nothing is bad gameplay. When I looked at wizard spells for my own games I Tried to add a minor effect on a made save, while toning down the result on a failed save.

I do NOT agree that making like, wish or miracle 10th level solves the problem. It just pushes the problem to a later level. Let's say wish is the only broken spell in PF2, but you get it at level 19 or whatever. It just breaks the last 2 levels instead of last 4. That's technically an improvement but is it really solving the problem with wish?

So I really like playing Pathfinder, but there are a massive amounts of problems with the system. I'm really excited for Pathfinder 2 as an update, so I'm really hoping the dev team gets PF2 right.

The most powerful abilities in pathfinder usually revolve around a couple of key concepts:
1. Action Ecnomy

2. Controlling Space

Even from level 1, this is readily apparent. A wizard walks up to some goblins and functionally kills them all with a color spray, but a fighter has to hack and risk injury one at a time. A levels 10+, it becomes absurd. A wizard can throw save or die fireball with dazing spell, and be protected from attacks with emergency force sphere. Or if you want to win immediately, you can cheat out a geas with limited wish, maybe without even paying with blood money!

I understand that combos are going to exist that are powerful, and because of Paizo's business of releasing books monthly, it's going to be hard to keep control of everything. It's the same problem MTG has, they print so many cards that infinite combos sneak through all the time. I really want to want to stress that right now Pathfinder is (I know this is thrown around a lot for minor balance issues but it is really true here) broken as written. Anzyr has what a high level wizard looks like in one of his posts and it is use the rules of Pathfinder as written, and pretty much as intended.

Spells like limited wish and wish that let you cheat out very long cast time spells are too good. I am kind of horrified that there will be a 10th level of spells because of how crazy the 7 8 and 9 spells already are.

Metamagic is too powerful in Pathfinder currently. Quicken is incredible action economy and Dazing spell turns you in a save or die machine.

Many status effects are essentially a save or die. If you nauseate someone, they are basically dead because they only have move actions. Stunned is the same thing, blind for many creatures makes them worthless, exhausted is brutal, dazed might as well be dead. The powerful status effects are functionally the same as having your character just be dead. Please be careful!

If you put an ability on an outsider, such as wish, that also means you are giving it to wizards. If you leave planar binding in the game, any time you print an outsider you are giving wizards access to a new body with spells. If you give the outsider a spell above their caster level, like wish, you are letting wizards get wish a lot earlier in the game than generally intended.

There is a lot of minutiae about why spells are too good so I tried to cut it down a bit. I did a re balance on my own for my games but I am worried for PF2. I'm not even getting into the issue wizards have with class identity and flavor. If you have an questions you can ask me and I can get into a bit more. Hopefully all these issues are addressed in PF2 and I can feel happy picking a wizard!

This spell is way way worse than chains of light right?

PossibleCabbage wrote:

I feel though, now that it has been out for a while the basic aesthetic appeal of Wrath of the Righteous is "let's be fantasy superheroes and murk some big bads". In which case, when the party is killing a demon lord in 2 rounds, it's no big deal- that's what you signed up for.

If you replace 2 rounds with 1 character's turn, that's more like Wrath of the Righteous.

Wrath I rate as tier S difficulty to gm and have a real game with a sense of danger or tension

maybe perception could function as written in pathfinder 2.0. That would be a good change

Franz Lunzer wrote:

I've seen both variants. Can't remember where though.

Diablo has inventory on the right

Stratagemini wrote:
Also, New Update.

Am I being weird when I say the trader being on the left is weird?

Merchants are usually on the right, with the pc on the left?

Stratagemini wrote:

Well, she's Lawful Neutral to Shelyn's NG. Which means whatever act she committed was either an Evil one or a really really neutral one.

Also, she's an Atheist, which implies she either doesn't believe in gods, or just has no use for them anymore.

Atheism in golarion has a specific meaning, closer to the 2nd one (you believe gods are real but they do not deserve worship).

Not believing gods are real would be extremely rare, as there is physical proof of their existence

The best vital striker is a cave druid with strong jaw.

At level 10 the can shift into an ooze that gives a base attack of 7d8

You have to compare vital strike to feats you could be taking.

Also, moving and attacking something at higher levels is really bad, because you are opened up to a full attack from the monster

What do you think about casters being able to make infinite minions in pathfinder?

Vic Wertz wrote:

The correct answer is what Alexander said here. After examining their options, Owlcat chose RTwP because they felt it would be better for the game, not because they were forced to.

Thanks for this, I thought it was crazy that there was some legal reason for not having it be turn based on a grid

Do you have a link to where the game will be real time with pause because of "legal reasons"?

I wanted to see exactly why it is the case

Mykull wrote:

This whole C/MD is a crock of steer manure.

What do u think about casting characters being able to make infinite minions for free

Rune wrote:


She is a very powerful character who could solo the first book. The rules are horribly mangled with her around.

Trying to downplay her doesnt really work because she is central to phaendar as the local celebrity. She also has a big monlogue in the middle of the book..

Its really sad imo, because of how great the rest of the book is.

I am currently running ironfang, I should have killed aubrin at the start. Its really jarring to have her around.

with aubrin in the adventure, its a 1/10. If she is deleted, its pretty cool, 8/10 or more

Yeah sure I can later

So if you have a gore and a bite, you cant use both when you full attack?

Its not the same, because when you have natural attacks, you get all of them at once

Thanks java man, I knew there was a faq somewhere.

Yeah, the first question is actually kind of hard. What if instead o fbputting claws on your feet, you put both claws on your hands?

Hello, I thought I had natural attack rules down, but I couldnt find the answer to a couple questions.

Can you have multiple natural attacks per limb?

If you get claws from 2 different sources, can you put claws on your feet?

My yolo elven diviner wizard with 5 con only made it to level 3 in pfs (favored class to skill points, of course).

Died to a block of wood falling on his head.

Boomerang Nebula wrote:

How do you define GM cheating? Every table I have played or GM'd on has a rule that supersedes all others, that being: the GM's decision is final. Makes it difficult for them to cheat.

I play with that too, but i don't cheat. I hate fudging dice.

Some things i view as not cheating:

If the rules for a situation suck and you have to make something up, that's probably fine if its reasonable

Some monster has a sweet special ability because of story reasons, or is customized in some way.

I think cheating sucks

A lot of the prestige class requirements are onerous so it would make sense to loosen them up for a new game

Dαedαlus wrote:

In many ways, the Synthesist isn't much more powerful than the average summoner. It's just that, with an incredible inherent potential for min-maxing, it has a much, much higher power ceiling than it should.

Its the opposite. Regular summoner is much more powerful, synthesis starts off slightly better

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You just get bopped by this spell when it isnt your initiative right?

If I do quicken ill omen then do misfortune or something you have to roll twice

I gues one problem is the pathfinder devs are based out of Seattle (Or something close?), so they dont experience winter.

If the devs were from cali it would be like:

55-45 : take damage every hour

Less than 45 : instantly dead

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Here is a video on how much it costs to make games.

The dev was asking for 1.5 million, which was less than half of what he actually needed. What you played at paizocon was specially curated to be used there to advertise the game.

Making a videogame costs a lot. Its also a well known kickstarter strategy to make the funding goal way less than what you actually need (I forget why this works but it does work)

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tbh I'm actually kind of sad that there were a lot of reprints with zero changes or minor ones. A lot of the prestige classes sucked and it would have been cool to make them ok instead

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That interpretation is clearly wrong though.

Can't 5 foot step off a cliff? what?

what if you try to 5 foot step, but the square you are going to is a hidden pit. Does your 5 foot step just fail instead?

No, you fall down the pit.

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