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I was making a shadow dancer for my group that I wanted to introduce as an ally and plot hook down the line in the pahtfinder module Kingmaker.

King Maker spoiler:
I was making the shadow dancer an Avatar of Count Ranale the Elder that Nyrissa love because honestly I feel bad for her and I thought he sent this avatar to the material plane to try and help her not conquer but to became whole again and what not.

Anyway I have to get his fighting style down and reading all the way through and how I built him I'm wondering if this fighting style works or perhaps I'm missing something.

Before Combat- Arim always keeps himself stealthed with his rogue talent to move at full speed so unless he has to interact he will not be out of stealth. Also if he sees a group of people that seem particular capable or obvisouly using Detect Magic or other such things. He will uses his wand of Non-Detection before sneaking by them.

During Combat- If Arim is forced into combat or wishes to attack. He starts combat off in two ways. If he has 2 s round, he will start by casting allegro and expeditious retreat using his metamagic rod of swiftness, on the second round he will start his inspire courage performance if alone or his Rallying Cry with allies and cast darkness on one of his weapons and a swift action use his sipping jacket to became enlarged.

Then he throws his shadow dagger at one of his enemies causing it release a stored darkness spell inside it.

During this time he will send his shadow to hide among the enemy so it can pick up the dagger to give you a moving darkness void.

After that he will then use spring attack or shadow jump to close the distance and with his lunge ability to strike 15 feet away from them in the dark. Along with his Duegeur abilites he'll continue to use the two darkness spells to keep the enemy guessing as he slashes at them with his reach to keep them unsure.

Morale- If he near 150 damage he'll have his shadow companion start to move away so he can shadow jump to that and heal himself up and hide. During this time he will also stop attacking and stealth in the darkness so as not to give himself away.

Summed up- I'm thinking that using the darkness like that as Bard Lv 2 spell and using his shadow companion to have an extra cloud so to speak. I can move in, slash at someone with a 15 foot range and thanks to the HIPS, hide in plain sight right again with a new stealth check.

Thus effectily blinding most teams and him being a Fetchling he'll keep his 50% concealment.

Asking because I came to the thought... this is rather powerful sounding, perhaps too much. Perhaps I should make a character or a build around doing that.

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