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So, I was recently looking over the character sheets from my gaming groups most recent pathfinder game, as we keep them all together...more or less, and I was just now realizing how ridiculous our party really was; here's the rundown

-Goblin Knifemaster Scout Rogue;(My character) Didn't end up nearly as broken as I anticipated, but I did a pretty shoddy job with feat selection and whatnot.

-Human Guide Ranger; Effectively filled the "tank" role in our party after we decided to let the Summoner die at the bottom of the ocean.

-Kitsune Factotum; Remember that class from 3.5? Well...yeah...it was a thing.

-Halfling Abberant Sorcerer; Eventually the party's main source of damage.

-Human Cleric of Good; He was happily the party Heal-bot, until towards the end of the campaign he forsook his faith and became...bad..at...combat. (In the Gm's homebrew world his Deity was intolerant of non-humans, and his closest companions were non-human by majority...so you can see where that went. Still, he was probably the most interesting character at the table, due to how generic he was up until that point.)

-Saurian Summoner (Deceased!); Nobody liked this character other than the player, he was pompous, arrogant, and overpowered. So during an underwater mission when he went unconscious everyone just turned their heads...it was beautiful, the Cleric almost took an alignment shift.

-Half-Orc Barbarian (Deceased!); He was run by the same player as the Saurian Summoner. During the last session of the campaign he jumped into a pit and fell 100ft, enough said.

So I just thought I should show off this...madness, oh! And I should also mention that we were self proclaimed pirates that never legitimately pirated anything.

The point of this post is that I'd like to hear about the most ridiculous parties that you've ever seen, and or played in, whether it was the character's personalities mixing caustically, or...whatever caused interest, I wanna hear it! Go!

My groups party in a friends E6 homebrew campaign is rather interesting.

1. Chastain - Human Magister fire specialist[super genius games class] (formerly Arcane Blooded sorceror) - She is probably the most interesting. The child of a local wealthy merchant and member of the city's upper crust, she has long agitated for the freedom of a noble race...goats.

She as a child was apparently saved from being lost in the mountains by a herd of goats. She had a goat familiar that she put in armor (despite lack of proficiency) and named Sir Reginold (more on him later). As a teenager she has spent alot of time getting bailed out of trouble for petty vandalism (arcane mark on farms and ranches) and theft ('liberating' the oppressed goats held by their evil masters [farmers and shepards]).

After getting pulled into a messy situation involving drugs, kobolds and some shady characters (the rest of the party) she got into an altercation with her mother, over the true identiy of her father. In the altercation Sir Reginold was slain by her actual father, the bandit that had 'kidnapped' her as a child. She sought refuge in the church of the brightstar (sort of like Iomadae) in which the DM allowed her to switch her class to the magister, mixing arcane and divine casting. Since then she has been haunted by the loss of her dear friend Sir Reginold and has been on a downward spiral of self loathing and alchoholism (a drunk pyromancer is a dangerous dangerous thing). Though her and Midda the Gnome alchemist have started a line of plush toy goats in memory of Sir Reginold, which has been a high point of Chastains Grieving.

Gristle - My character - Anamolyously Male Changeling Natural Weapon Ranger Elemental Fire Knight with a 3rd party archetype changing his spells for ki powers, and another 3rd party option set trading most of his rangery stuff (favored enemy and terrain) for elemental abilities around fire. Though normally not possible somehow gristle was a male child born to an annis hag. She didnt know what to do with him, so just kind of ignored him scrounging around in the hut with her sisters. He fed off scraps, hence the name gristle, trying very hard not to get added to the pot on stew day.

He found himself eventually rescued (sort of) by a group of Holy Knights that serve the abovementioned brightstar in facing the literal darkness (the world physically borders the negative energy plane where all sorts of nasty things pour out from time to time). Trained among them he learned a great deal, but having grown up in nature and the company of hags, his sense of propriety is a little scewed. He is charmingly innocent of the niceties of society but learning slowly (I actually put his fourth level stat point into charisma to bring it to a 10 to represent him learning to funciton in civilized place).

He also has a rather bad temper and is quick to violence when threatened. The first encounter of campaign was a bunch of drunks threatening to kill a bartender and attacking unarmed or with improvised weapons, and gristle just sort of murdered them with his claws, not realizing the reduced threat they posed. Having been raised among animals the concept of an unarmed opponent indicating the need for a reduced response was kind of lost on him.

Dralnuv - Tiefling rogue - Dralnuv is known to every city guardsmen in the city of Udanska (our primary location). He has been in and out of prison alot. He doesnt really understand concepts like property not being his, as he was raised by a devilworshiping cult that kept him as an object of worship, and considers himself to be a superior being to most mortals. He also isnt particularly concerned with expressing that, and trying to take whatever he feels he should get (he has a 5 charisma and the player plays up his brashness and lack of tact all the time, much to our chagrin and amusement).

He has since matured somewhat, and has even won accolades from the city as the party has done very public service in protecting the citizens from a crime boss, and 2 kobold invasions. City guard are still not sure what to make of him having an official write deputizing from the commander of the city guard, and dralnuv LOVES pointing it out to them.

Midda gnome alchemist - Middas family has a large compound of a ton of gnome tinkerers and alchemists just outside of the city. They are outside of the city after an unfortunate incident lead to the destruction of their former location and its surrounding city block... She is sweet, friendly, lovable, sort of bumbling and very bomb happy. There is sort of a trend in the party that involves 'kill it with fire!'.

Korr - Flowing Monk of DM frustration - Korr is a servant of Brathrem(God of law and justice), An arbiter (sort of like their elite police. He is kind of like bruce wayne meets bruce lee. He does the whole crane style thing where he's friggan impossible to hit, and does alot of running jumping around. He has spent alot of the campaign trying to not have his reputation being ruined by a vandal (Chastain), a thief (Dralnuv), and a mildly crazy person with sharp claws and a believe in the laws of the Jungle(Gristle). Its been alot of fun seeing him try to explain the party's methods to his superiors after significant property damage, or sometimes excessive violence.

Waylan - Human Fighter - Waylan is probably the least interesting character in the group, he is also a fairly new addition (only played a few sessions so far). Former pirate, he is brash and quick to violence, and also gets very upity when his charging lanes are blocked by one of his allies, a rock, a pit, or any other minor obstacle...that full plate and low dex really cuts down on the whole mobility thing.

There was actually a rather amusing occasion where the party was up on a balcony fighting a group of Kobolds, and another fight broke out some distance away. After we dispatched our current opponents we moved to the other encounter, Korr, sort of just leaped straight to the other fight (damn monks can jump), Gristle (trained in acrobatics with a good dex) nimbly jumped down and ran over to the other fight. Waylan tried to follow suite, rolled a 1 on his acrobatics check for like a -5 total and fell flat on his face.

Liberty's Edge

Carrion Crown included:
A cloth golem with the soul of an elf, imprisoned when last Tar Baphon ruled.
A a dwarven lion shaman druid.

current group:

Half orc former slave/inquisitor of desna. Has a face only his mother loves, perpetually missing eyebrows sue to exposure to aoe energy spells (and failed reflex saves against such). His favorite tactics are to use his travel domain ability to blink behind enemies to flank with the rogue.

Aasimar fighter/cleric of Sarenrae. Tanky, the face of the group, keeps us on our feet with channel because the modules we've been run through have us drastically behind wbl.

Tiefling time witch with an arbiter familiar. She's N and has the LN arbiter because she's in the equivalent of the rebellious teen years and is descended from demons. Speaking of which, every demon she summons ends up being one of her relatives. The half orc does not envy her when she goes to the next family reunion.

Fetchling rogue with a penchant for manacles, weird headgear, and hitting on anything female and humaonoid. Seriously, he has like 11 sets of manacles and has been wearing this pharaoh mask since like level 4.

Wyrmling black dragon. Mascot. the half orc intimidated him into surrendering when it attacked us, and felt bad about killing something so young, so left the decision up to the rest of the party. Then the cleric surprises us all by deciding to raise it to be... less evil at least. He's cute but he keeps trying to fill the half orc's handy haversack with 80 pounds of copper pieces (half of his hoard). Also keeps trying to add the 'shiny talking ball' to his hoard, much to the arbiter's consternation.

Running Rappan Athuk at the moment, and the party is only 100-200k exp off of level 20, this is what they look like.

Human STR based magus: Can prepare more fireballs than you can shake a stick at, and wields a sword with a god trapped in it. Can also prepare more fireballs than you can shake a great club at. Has a tendency to get mixed up in inter-planar conflicts.

Changling Wood Oracle: Transforms into a Treant, and then buffs some more to get upwards of 50 STR. Wields a great club, deals 120+ damage in a vital strike, and likes to joke about playing baseball with the party Halfling being the ball. Was a fey king's personal body guard before taking up a life of adventuring.

Halfing Ninja: Uses a short bow, and is the party punching bag. His full round attacks are painful if the enemy doesn't have seen invis, but pretty useless otherwise. He is currently in the sticky situations of being undead, after hot-headedly trying to solo a 19th level sorcerer lich. That was fun moment to GM.

Human Soracle (Lore mystery, Draconic bloodline) / Theurge: Party buffer/debuffer, has more spell slots than the magus has fireballs. Likes nature a lot. She's a complete Charisma stack, and could convince you that, yes, the sky really is made up of float blue space mice. How stupid you must feel thinking otherwise all this time.

Human Archer: Likes to make full round attacks, and has a tenancy to obliterate most anything in one round provided she has line of sight.
Pretty bland other than that.

Ophiduan Psyonic Warrior (3PP): Uses his psionicly manifested claws to tear things into to itty-bitty pieces. Plays Chaotic Stupid, and makes brash decisions, then complains when he nearly dies.

Elf-Lich Wizard: With a spell selection like no other, he is the most useless 18th level wizard you can imagine. Swapped out scribe scroll for brew potion, which well house ruled so that he makes pastries instead of potions. Honey crueller of bull's strength anyone?

Shadow Lodge

I read the thread title and thought you had a giant or something with the entire party in a barrel or net. And then hurling them as far as he could.

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