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Well the deadline is coming and I still haven't decided which faction I'm switching to.

The character in question is a Shoanti Barbarian 1/Cleric 5 of Gorum. His alignment is CN. He's basically a big armored brute that doesn't really care about morality. He does try to act honorably but in unconventional ways as he is chaotic. He has finished Rivalry End and is likely PISSED about what Torch has done.

Looking at the factions here are his ideas from an RP perspective:

Andoran: Slavery sucks but it's not my fault those people are too weak to fight for themselves.
Cheliax: The Hellknights are excellent warriors but they are too strict. Also the Paracountess is so fake and obvious it makes his skin crawl (decent Sense Motive). Also he's not into Devil worship.
Grand Lodge: Complicated. His backstory is that his brother was a Pathfinder who was killed in action. Anakris followed him into the society at Torch's urging. The idea of "The Decemvirate above all" chafes him.
Osiron: I'm not sure. The Ruby Prince and The Risen seem interesting but the whole "quest for knowledge" doesn't interest him.
Qadira: They seem to be nothing more than backstabbing merchants. He has no skill for deception nor wants any. A hired sword? Maybe?
Sczarni: Similar to Qadira. They don't seem honorable either. He is also the last person in the world you want trying to do anything stealthy. He does have a good intimidation skill.
Silver Crusade: Fight for righteousness and good? LOL (note I do have another Silver Crusade character)
Taldor: What? Fight for a bunch of overstuffed nobles?

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Join me in moving to Cheliax, my friend. Your perception of them is not what they are. Above all, Cheliax respects strength. As a worshiper of Gorum, you must share that belief.

Cheliax does not worship devils, persay. While worship of Asmodeous is the main religion, most practitioners are devil binders, who draw their strength from devils. It is for that strength that they deal with devils. While you have found a different route to strength, the drive to attain it must be respected by you, surely.

Finally, you're right that the para countess may be initially unappealing to your martial mentality, but I must explain that strength in political intrigue is equivalent to strength on the field of battle. Politics have their own battlefields, with their own rules, and the para countess uses her remarkable charm and cunning to succeed, manipulating her enemies.

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Anakris: This will sound wacky.

I also have a Shadde-Quah Barbarian, Bleeding Bear. He is also CN (although he finds it weird you worship Gorum and not the Totem spirits)

I picked Guaril Kurela and thus the Scarzni as

A) They were Varisians (and thus Native to Varisia the homeland of the Shoanti)
B) I met Guaril in the scenario. He wasnt Torch so he was picked.
C) They are not Chelaxians. Keep in mind that the Chelaxians essentially stole the sacred lands of your characters people. The lands where some of the tribes currently exist were not always their original homes. You may wish to read some of the Varisia book for more info. My character dislikes the Chelaxians immensely (he likes orcs more)

- In regards to this the society motto is to Cooperate, Explore and Report. Bleeding Bear will do this with Chelaxians, but he will cooperate with other party members first.

They are some things you may want to look at.

Im sure that Bleeding Bear is going to fail more faction missions than he will pass, sadly thats going to become a fact, unless he plays with other Scarzni.

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The other question you have to ask yourself is if your character is trying to remain true to his people or his association with the society has changed his socio-cultural outlook.

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The Sczarni always need more leg breakers. Taldor at least pays well. If I've learned anything from Torch, it's that no one will look after you but you.

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