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Just wanted to stop in and say thank you for sharing this, very much appreciated and very helpful! Hope you enjoy the hardcover! And again, thanks.

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Fat Goblin Games is seeking a Line Developer for its successful Shadows over Vathak cosmic, Gothic horror setting for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Duties will include writing and editing multiple books in an ongoing series, that range from short 10 page adventures to full setting resource guides upwards of 500 pages. Compensation will vary depending on specific role for each book in the line (primary writer, content editor, line development only, etc.) but typically be paid as percentage of profits. Opportunities exist to revise and re-release many existing books as well as develop all new texts. Once part of the Goblin Hoarde of Fat Goblin Games’ freelancers, additional writing and development opportunities are possible depending on your availability and aptitudes.

Interested parties should contact Rick Hershey at fatgoblingames@gmail.com While no specific, minimum previous experience in tabletop roleplaying game writing and editing is required, you should plan to provide samples of your writing for both lore (fluff) and game mechanics (crunch) specifically for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and provide evidence of your ability to work in groups as well as manage a team of freelancers on a large project of this nature.

Note: Shadows over Vathak is a HORROR setting, and many of the topics and themes that the setting works in are… horrific. Providing clear evidence that you “understand” horror as a genre and are both comfortable writing about it, but also able to evoke the needed feel and terror of writing horror are clear asset we hope to find.

Shadows over Vathak Open Call Blog

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Announcing! -- The Goblin Hoarde's Hoard Bundle!
With over 290+ books/3,000+ pages of content, all for ONLY $30!
The Goblin Hoarde's Hoard Bundle!

You can read all about how we see this as a special "Thank you" to our fans, past - present - and future right here:
Past-Present-Future Blog

Pick up this limited time Mega-Bundle for a limited time!

Publisher here! Talk it up friends! What do you like about Fetchlings as a race?

Thanks to everyone for the Amazing feedback! We are very excited about the 8-Bit line and look forward to playing many fun video games on our table tops in the near future! Please consider providing a review if you enjoyed the book and keep talking about our favorite fungal friends!

Speaking of fungal friends - Fungifolk is out as a playable character race if you are interested in more fungal fun!

yes, portions of the book is Open Game Content from other material and is cited in the section 15 of the OGL as required.

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Volvogg wrote:

I am going to be honest, I purchased the original product, thought it was pretty subpar, and now I find myself on the fence regarding whether or not I should purchase this product. In the end what really decides it is the price point. It seems to costly for a product with only 1 base class (that's also a rewrite of an existing one). As an incentive you might want to offer a discount for those with the original? Honestly, I find the cost of some of the 3rd party publishers to be a bit prohibitive lately which has resulted in my purchases being few and far between.


As stated above, this product is not an update. It is a rewrite, redesign of a class we released when the company was still in its infancy. It would be unfair not to give Kiel his credit for working on this NEW product.

As for cost. We strive to bring our customers the best quality in design, art, and content. The price point reflects the time and energy put into our products. We understand not all our customers feel comfortable with our prices, and we run sales at various times during the year (often for charity or the like) to allow everyone to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

I hope you give this new offering a chance, but understand if you have reservations. I'm sure others will comment and review this new Pyromancer CLASSifieds (and maybe Kiel will stop in to discuss) and hopefully, we can change your mind.

Hello there! I thought we fixed that! Liz was kind enough to email us about it before she put it up but it may have the same cover image. I will check!

Abandoned Arts is now an Imprint of Fat Goblin Games, as well as Tricky Owlbear Publishing.

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Lucus Palosaari, Editor & Project Manager at Fat Goblin Games takes some time to discuss horror in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, as well as give some history and previews on the new Player's Guide to Vathak!

A Preview of Things to Come in the Shadows over Vathak: Player’s Guide!

  • Playing a “Hero of Horror,” including 5 character concepts, a list of 100 Major Childhood Events to help you choose a background, over a dozen new traits fitting the setting, 18 occupations, and new drawbacks to flavor your characters.

  • A discussion of how to play the “classic fantasy races,” or rather, why you wouldn’t want to, especially as 9 alternate full races are presented including the revised tribal human bhriota, the twisted cambions, half-undead dhampir and hauntlings, the wandering romni, an all new 10 Race Point build of the svirfneblin, the expansionist vindari, and all new changer breed the witchwolves, and the twisted promethean wretched!

  • Full support for all 35 core, base, hybrid, and occult classes in the main Pathfinder Roleplaying Game line, with at least two class options per class from new cavalier orders to newly designed archetypes based on both old classes from the original SoV book AND completely new archetypes, with all new classes like the religious disciple, future-seeing fortune-teller, a brand new re-animator class dedicated to creating your personal grotesques, and the soldier alternate fighter class that is perfect for the SoV setting of the War on the Spawn of the Old Ones.

  • A discussion on languages and rules for Craft (firearms) and over 30+ feats that help customize your Vathakian characters.

  • Detailed listing on equipment for your character, including rules for “tool-grade weapons,” expanded options for weapons (often pulling from our Call to Arms line!), armor options, including a armor vests against firearms, and both racial and generic tools, equipment, and even vehicles for Shadows over Vathak.

  • An entire chapter dedicated to FIREARMS! Detailing everything from three new types of firing mechanisms for early firearms (the inexpensive but misfire-prone snaphaunce, the trusty flintlock, and reliable percussion caplock), to new advanced firearms like the lever-action military rifle and hellfire pistol, all of which can fire new ammunition choices from melted down silver and gold coins for bullets to more exotic materials.

  • A full discussion of the Church of the One True God of Vathak, with eight brand-new saints, and astrological trait rules for the romni superstitions, an all-new to the Vathak setting “esoteric movement,” and a discussion of both tribal and cultist worship of Old Ones!

  • And finally over 60 spells new to the Shadows over Vathak setting, and introducing the brand new Readings spells for divination with everything from bones, to cards, to entrails!

Head on over to Fat Goblin Games to read the full article, learn more about the project, and see samples of the art and design of this massive book!

The original author left the company sometime ago and the Pyromancer is on the list of material we are working on updating. As soon as we have that available I will let you know.

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It is over at the end of the week. We typically do this big bundle once a year. The list is large, so I only included it in the newsletter that went out to our customers. It is as follows.
The Bundle includes the follwoing products:

Astonishing Races: Leprechaun

Bestiarum Vocabulum: Freshwater Monsters & Hazards

Bestiarum Vocabulum: Monstrous Plants

Bestiarum Vocabulum: Nagas & Magics

Bleeding Hearts and Chocolates

Call to Arms: Archer's Arsenal

CLASSifieds: Apostle

CLASSifieds: Eldritch Conjuror

CLASSifieds: Pyromancer

CLASSifieds: Striker

CLASSifieds: Wolfsworn

Cooking With Class

Dark Talents: Cambion Feats for Shadows over Vathak

Dark Talents: Dhampir Feats for Shadows over Vathak

Detective Carnacki’s Serial Killers of Vathak

Enhanced Racial Guide: Bhriota

Faction: Tear Sworn

Fat Goblin Games Presents: Carnival of Sinners

Fat Goblin Games Presents: Silent Night, Darkest Night

Fat Goblin Travel Guide To Horrible Horrors & Macabre Monsters

Fat Goblin Travel Guide To The Frozen Tomb of the Dwarf Lord

Madame Mombi's Forbidden Tomes

Modern Item Cards

Order of Black Earth: a player faction for Shadows over Vathak

Racial Ecologies: Guide to Catfolk

Racial Ecologies: Guide to Fetchlings

Racial Ecologies: Guide to Feyborn

Racial Ecologies: Guide to Grippli

Racial Ecologies: Guide to Hauntlings

Racial Ecologies: Guide to Minotaur

Racial Ecologies: Guide to Ratfolk

Racial Ecologies: Guide to Saurians

Return of the Drow: Advanced Racial Handbook

Return of the Drow: Alternate Racial Traits and Race Traits

Secret Societies of Vathak: The Final Phase

Shadows over Vathak

Sir Reginald Lichlyter's Trusty Tavern Tome

Skill Talents

The 11th Hour [PFRPG adventure]

The Dread Codex: Goblin Chronicles

The Favored of Skexxiz [PFRPG adventure location]

The King's Trail [PFRPG adventure]

Vathak Grimoires: Echoes of the Final Heartbeat

Vathak Grimoires: The Drowning Ceremony

Vathak Hauntings: Red Rose Manor

Vathak Terrors: Horrors of Halsburg

[PFRPG] Achievement Feats: Volume 2

[PFRPG] Behind the Monsters: Omnibus

[PFRPG] Fantastic Fighting Styles

[PFRPG] Hargroth's Fieldtrip

[PFRPG] Sin of the Fathers

[PFRPG] The Rogue's Guide to Capers

Coins of the Realm: Gold

Fantastical Currencies - Dark Kingdom Edition

Fantastical Currencies: Kingdom Edition Vol. 2

Fantastical Currencies: Kingdom Edition Master Set 1

Hard Boiled – Documents and Forms sample pack

Hard Boiled - Church and Funeral Documents

Hard Boiled - Church & Graveyard Miniatures

The Roleplayer's Leechbook

LandEscapes: World Map 01

Sir Reginald Lichlyter's Wine & Spirit Emporium

Tavern Menus: Fantasy Sample Menus

Tavern Menus: Wild West Saloons

Tavern Menus: Dwarven Dinner

Condition Tokens

Madam Mombi presents: Superstitions & Cottage Myths

The Perfect Storm

Fantastical Currencies: Kingdom Edition

Fantastical Currencies: Dwarven Treasure

Tavern Menus

Tavern Menus: Pirate Food & Spirits

Call to Arms: Tomes of Power

Behind the Spells: Compendium

Behind the Monsters: Xorn

Behind the Monsters: Bulette

Behind the Monsters: Barghest

Behind the Monsters: Terror Turkey

Behind the Monsters: Skeleton

Behind the Monsters: Gargoyle

Behind the Monsters: Roper

Behind the Monsters: Vegepygmy

Behind the Monsters: Dark Folk

A Matter of Faith

[PFRPG] Abbey of the Golden Sparrow

[PFRPG] Forgotten Foes

[PFRPG] Learning Curve: Apprentice-Level Characters

Maxolt's Magical Menagerie #1

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Cuuniyevo - thanks for the review. This class represents the design of a former partner at Fat Goblin Games and does not represent the current quality of our CLASSifieds product line. We've been reviewing all of these older products and have them on schedule to be revisited, redesigned, and updated to our current standards. As soon as that happens, these products will be updated, and hopefully you can give the product another chance.

Sorry for the delay getting back over here - my wife has actually been sick and dealing with that and the 4 kids can be exhausting. The list posted by Voadam looks like the full list. Again, if you are missing anything, just drop me a line at fatgoblingames@gmail and I can take care of you.

Thanks for all the support folks, I have a lot on my plate at the moment and trying to get a lot of things that have been dropped in my lap finished and fixed, and this goes a long way in helping.

Oh, and no additional books have been added in a week.

A quick response, as I'm on my phone. There are over 100 pdfs in the bundle , and all of them do not display on the page. I can get a full list and post if wanted. I had thought the bundle updated for customers if new products were added. If you get the bundle and feel you didn't get everything, email me at fatgoblingames@gmail.com and I'll take care of you. I will also hop on jear when I gettbacl to the office and answer any questions. Thanks

More have already been added and will continue. Yes, they will get added to your bundle.

Not sure how long it will run- maybe a week, maybe till the end of the month. Generally not too long.

Will be an update on the SM kickstarter page, hopefully this weekend. I have been sick the last several weeks and am now just getting caught up with all my responsibilities.

Yes, Vathak Times will be complete, it was one of the projects left unfinished with the departure of my former partner.

Hmm, not sure why it is not up for sale here. Will get that fixed. Also we'll get you answer on that feat as soon as I have a chance to look at the pdf.

The project is still being worked on. Sorry you don't like hearing about Open Gaming Monthly. Most of those smaller projects are written by freelancers and easier to release, keeping our company relevant while we work on larger projects (like SM).

I'll update the kickstarter backers with a progress report, apologies for the delay.

Thanks everyone for all the support. The bundle will end at Midnight tonight, so if you still want to pick it up you still have some time.

And please share with others you might think would be interested.

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Thanks for posting about this!

This is awesome.

d20pfsrd.com presents Open Gaming Monthly is your premier source for New content, articles, and news for your favorite Open Gaming Systems. This 96 page full color magazine presents content from all your favorite writers and game designers.

Here's some of the articles and columns!

18 Describing The Colors Out of Space and Time
Skeeter Green brings us our first article for Swords & Wizardry!

28 Preview of It Came from the Stars
Scott Gable and Clinton Boomer give us a taste of far away places.

50 Interview with Wolfgang Baur
Wolfgang shares with us a bit of gaming history and what’s up with Kobold Press!

12 Astrological Birth Signs
Learn your characters day, month, and year of their birth for extra gifts.

26 Cosmic Collectibles
Joshua Jenkins has some magical items fallen from the sky.

68 Unfamiliar Familiars
Alien companions are all the rage, and Alex Riggs brings you the scoop.

Design & Dming
24 The Celestial Record
You have to love new creatures, especially a construct from Bradley Crouch

42 Legendary Locations: Red Bridge Falls
Strange meteor lands in the river, we’ll get the details from Bret Boyd.

70 Cyborgs!
Bring these robotic monsters to your game by Jason Nelson

34 Expanding the Rules
Landon Bellavia brings us a spaceship!

90 The Optimal Path
Tyler Beck has some thoughts on the The Collegiate Arcanist

Customers who bought this item also purchased
d20pfsrd.com presents Open Gaming Monthly #1

You can pick up this product at



I'll announce when it is available here at Paizo!

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d20pfsrd.com presents Open Gaming Monthly is your premier source for NEW content, articles, and news for your favorite Open Gaming Systems. This 96 page full color book presents content from all your favorite writers and game designers.

Now Available at the d20pfsrd.com e-store Go to Open Gaming Monthly #1.

Also available at RPGNow. Go to Open Gaming Monthly #1.

Will post when available at Paizo and for Print-on-Demand.

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Thanks for all the kind comments everyone. We are working hard, but only to live up to all the great content provided by our writers and your favorite third party publishers.

The magazine is on schedule for release between the 25th Feb. and 1st of March. The slight delay due to a possible increase in content and advertisement interests.

Make sure to head over to our Facebook page and learn more about the magazine, check out the submission notes, and see a little sneak peak of the cover to issue #1.

Go to Open Gaming Monthly.

Mark- the first post has a general idea of the type of content we are looking for each issue, feel free to shoot me an email.

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Thanks for all the support and encouragement folks, means a lot.

Articles are pouring in from all your favorite 3pp and the quality and generosity of these companies and freelancers are astounding.

Some contributors I can announce as confirmed.

The amazing Christina Stiles will be writing a regular column on open gaming each month, as well as contributing various other articles when she can.

Bret Boyd of Tricky Owlbear is working on a great location involving arctic elves, I've already approved the outline on this one, it's that cool.

Total Party Kill Games gave us a complete new race (and we mean everything) as part of a preview for their upcoming 'Denizens of the Dreaming' player sourcebook. I'm excited by the article and book release based on the content I've seen.

Major Open Content supporter Purple Duck Games/4 Winds Fantasy Gaming has taken up the launch of our regular article Worldcraft with a detailed region overview of part of our shared world map. 100% open content and only they quality you expect from these guys.

And we are finalizing and discussing tons of other content with publishers almost hourly, so expect more details and announcements soon.

Print is not going to be an option right now, and as a whole, I'm not sure the market can support it and allow us to keep high production rates. Only time will tell, and hopefully fans embrace the new magazine and allow us to expand in those directions.

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It won't be free, sorry. But it won't break anyone's budget. I don't want to put a price in as concrete, but look for around $1.99 or so. Page count around 64.

yup, check out the kickstarter page for an update.

We've posted an update on our Steampunk Musha rpg over at our website, including some samples of one of the races and layout pages. Enjoy!

Go to Fat Goblin Games.

Or visit us on Facebook for regular updates!

Go to Fat Goblin Games on FB.

Just posted our 1st tier of Milestones, an additional 20 designs for our backers. That means if we unlock those milestones each of our $100 backers will receive 60 different map designs, the printed NPC guide, and custom map portfolio! Also, check out our recent update and suggest your building idea for our Hamlet map.

Those are some awesome ideas, Mosaic!

We are working on the shipping issue. Kickstarter added the shipping feature as we were in the approval phase and it was too late once we launched. Tried to fix what we could, hope to hear from Kickstarter tomorrow.

Radiarch Eklesya wrote:
I take it these talents are different and do not count against the standard two you get at character creation?

Yes - these are different than the standard talents granted at creation. Skill talents are expanded options that become available to characters who have already already invested ranks in the named skill. Some are small boons (limited use/per day/triggered effects), and provide a specific bonus or effect which directly relates to the skills from which they derive. This is the first supplement in this product line and focuses on the various Knowledge skills.

Thanks guys, we worked real hard on this one and glad the concepts and ideas are clear, if anyone runs a game, we would love to hear how it goes!

If you bought the original version of the game through rpgnow, you should of received an email with a coupon to get the new version for $1 Let me know if you didn't and I can hook you up.

Ravenloft meets Call of Cthulhu is a pretty good description of the setting.

Hello Everyone! Not sure if you know - but we have the new edition of Shadows over Vathak available here and at RPGnow!! For any that donated during the 24 HOUR RPG CHALLENGE ( we sent out a special price coupon for download) - if we missed any of you just shoot us an email at: fatgoblingames@gmail.com and we will send you a link.

For anyone that received the last edition you'll notice a few different things. The first is the extra 160 pages of content. Included are 23 new archetypes, new class, a host of new feats and spells - all geared to help fight against the horrors of the Old Ones and their retched spawn spilling from the bowls of the cursed land. Thanks!!!

Thanks, Liz!

This version of Shadows over Vathak is 256 pages - this is an update from the original release of 96 pages.

Now available on Paizo -
Shadows over Vathak.

It's time to return to Vathak! The updated version of Fat Goblin Games Shadows over Vathak is on sale now at rpgnow and hopefully on Paizo monday.

Go to Shadows over Vathak.

Vathak is a land of harsh terrain and frigid weather. Plague and disease have swept the land, turning cities to cemeteries. The Vampire Lords are fighting for power and survival. The vindari killed most of your family as their genocidal plans spread across nations. Bhriota cultist kidnapped, tortured, and ate the first girl you ever loved.

This is Vathak, before the Old Ones awakened . . .

Shadows over Vathak is a dark fantasy, survival horror campaign setting for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Combining elements of gothic horror and Lovecraftian mythos, Shadows Over Vathak introduces a world of hardship and strife on the verge of a great war with other-worldly horrors.

The Shadows over Vathak Setting Book includes:
Complete rules for the 6 dominant races of Vathak, including their ecologies, alternative racial traits and favored class rewards. These core races are; Bhriota, Cambion, Dhampir, Romni, Svirfneblin, and the Vindari.

5 new classes like the Apostle, Blade Slinger, Eldritch Conjurer, Rifleer, and Sword Dancer! And over 20 new archetypes for all your favorite core and base classes!

Over 50 new Feats and Spells for even more character options and horrific flavor.

Firearms, sacrificial kits, mummified armor, war machines, and magic itmes to discover on your path to adventure and quest to destroy the Old Ones!

Details on all the regions of the lands of Vathak, including strange locations, mysterious cities and the characters that inhabit them.

Game Mastering section giving you new and streamlined rules for diseases, weather, sanity, how to build a city of Vathak, and an easy adventure generator!

Horrific creatures to plague your players, including the Spawn of the Old Ones and Yshugua Titan. And a variety of creature templates to create your own unspeakable monstrocities

awesome :)

Some of you might remember the 24 hour rpg challenge Fat Goblin Games put on several months ago, where our fans could pitch a theme for a setting and at the start time we would tally up the answers and do a complete setting in the following 24 hours. Shadows over Vathak was born, a lovecraftian/survival horror setting we managed to crank out 40 or so pages within the deadline, the next 2 weeks we wrapped up the 95 page book and released it.

Now, by popular demand we have returned to Vathak and expanded the setting to 250 pages of content. Full details on the races and options, a new class for the setting, Archetypes for all the base/core classes plus our own classes that give you more options of class play, new feats, more equipment, expanded information on the lands and religion, an entire game master section that provides details on running a horror game, random adventure generator, new rules for disease, insanity, and weather. Oh, and more creature - whooh!

If you bought the original version, guess what? The update is entirely free! If you never explored Vathak, now is your chance! Pick up the poster sized, colored map of Vathak and get familiar with the lands! It's free and available at RPGNOW. Soon available at Paizo as well. Also, look for a free Explorer's Guide to Vathak soon!

And did we mention Shadows over Vathak is going to print and distribution? Well, it is - so expect to see it in stores in a few months!

Also, while we have you over at rpgnow, check out our Cleaning House for Chron's Disease [BUNDLE].

Artist and co-owner of Fat Goblin Games, Rick Hershey's wife has chron's disease, so anything we can help support those who suffer from this chronic disease, we want to! Portions of the funds raised will be going to a local charity that is using gaming (board, card, rpg, video) to raise awareness about Chron's and other charity needs by promoting and hosting tournaments, contests, meet and greets, etc. We think this is an innovative way to raise awareness and get people to donate!
Cleaning House for Chron's Disease

That's $80 of awesome game aids for only $10!

We are having problems with the system on the site, and the host company out of australia has not been very helpful.

They updated their system for how memberships work and some other back end items involving auto-updates, which caused problems with memberships being cancelled earlier this month and then having to be renewed again.

In all honesty, if we can't get this fixed (which it has been trying to since about the 17th) we are just going to close the site and refund.

Creatures are all done for the month, but might end up just seeing a pdf release if we can't get these issues worked out.

Chances are if we offer it later, it will be for a different project. Trying to get boxes like that printed at a reasonable cost was a lot of work, and you have to fill a minimum order, etc. So, I doubt we'll have a chance to offer them for SM now. . . but who knows?

The box sets would of been awesome, but we have that contact and plan to utilize it in the future. Either way, super happy with the Kickstarter and already have the day set up to plan the next steps of production! Thanks to all the pathfinder fans from here that headed over and supported us!

We need $500 to hit that box set goal, come on people, dig deep! What other Small Press company has the balls to offer a BOXED SET? Fat Goblin Games has the balls. 30 min. left! STEAMPUNK MUSHA KICKSTARTER.

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