Variant Rules - A Change of Pace


Sovereign Court

Hello Everyone,

Has anyone use all of the following variant rules in their campaign? I am planning on mixing things up a bit to get away from the standard magic/combat system that has been around for the last 20 years (in various incarnations). I am looking for constructive feedback about things you liked/didn't like, and any potential downfalls.

  • Words of Power
  • DR Armor
  • Called Shots
  • Piecemeal Armor
  • Wounds & Vigor

Thank you for your time.

Words of Power: I would be very sad if I could not play a spontaneous caster with this system. It is what spontaneous casters were meant to be. That said, a player and GM have to iron out a few things. Search for a thread with the title "Thus she Spoke" for a wonderful guide to WoP.

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