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I would like to start building my own monsters for use in one of my Pathfinder game, and I am trying to locate what resources are available to help me do so. I looked at various threads on this message board and with a Google search, these are the ones I am aware of are:

PRD Monster Creation
d20PFSRD Bestiary
Hero Lab

Monster Generator

Are there any other websites or programs that can assist a GM in creating from scratch a Pathfinder monster and its stat blocks?
I appreciate the help, thanks!

Silver Crusade Lone Wolf Development

In Hero Lab, if you just want to print out statblocks for the various monsters from the Bestiary, you can load that monster from the Portfolio menu...Import Stock Hero. If you want to customize these monsters, you can add class levels, templates, or additional HD from the Classes tab. Then, you can generate a statblock from the file menu...Output Active Hero Statblock.

If you're looking to create new monsters from scratch, we offer two options. The first is the Bestiary Monster Creator. We've implemented the Monster Creation guidelines (Bestiary 1 pgs. 290-293), so that as you choose a Type and change the HD and ability scores, and then add the monsters attacks, special abilities, etc., we calculate where your creature falls on table 1-1: Monster Statistics by CR, which will give you an idea of what CR to assign to your creature. This capability requires the Bestiary 1 package within Hero Lab.

If you've already finished designing your creature, you can use our integrated editor (Tools menu...Launch Editor) to enter the stats you've chosen, and create a new race that way. Then, you can customize it with classes and templates and generate a statblock the same way you'd handle one of the monsters you had imported from the stock portfolios.


I bought the basic Hero Lab license on 7/10/13, and my plan was to buy additional material every two Fridays (paycheck!)till I got the full PF Hero Lab line. I had no idea the Bestiary 1 pack could do that. From the website it says:

"Pathfinder Bestiary 1 includes over 275 new races from the Pathfinder Bestiary, ready to be incorporated into your games. Perfect for GMs, this package includes all the races from the Bestiary, allowing you to quickly create customized monster NPCs. ($14.99)"

"Customized monster NPCs"? Did not know that also meant "monsters made from scratch".

Now that I know that the above package includes a Bestiary Monster Creator feature, I will try to purchase it as soon as possible! Thanks for pointing this out to me. :)

Silver Crusade Lone Wolf Development

The Monster Creator was added early this year as a free update for everyone who owned the Bestiary 1 package, but it looks like we forgot to update that page on our website to mention that new capability. I'll get that fixed.

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