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I've been using an online treasure generator to generate treasure for my group when they come across a large group of treasure at once. This generator says that it uses the Core Rulebook and Gamemastery Guide to generate the treasure...but i've noticed that specific items will have something like [90%, Low Quality] which adjusts the price of an item down to 90% of base. I can't find the tables for this in CRB or GMG....anyone seen these tables before (or have some that I can use)?

I'm wanting to generate qualities for specific items...while I can see from the generator what adjustment qualifies as "Low" or "Fine" I'm not sure what percentage of items I should make "Low" vs "Fine". If someone can point me to a rulebook that gives such a table...or has a table they use...I'd appreciate it.

I don't know if you ever got an answer to your question but I broke down said percentages as best as I could through trial and error and generating hundreads of results.

The actual range might be off 1~3% for each but it should nonetheless help you and other people out

% of base price - Item quality

0 - Destroyed
1~49 - Broken
50~60 - Inferior
61~70 - Very Cheap
71~82 - Cheap
83~99 - Low
100 - Standard (Base price)
101~120 - High
121~140 - Fine
141~160 - Very Fine
161~180 - Superior
181~200 - Exceptional

I don't remember seeing any results over 200% of base price.

Hope this helps. :D

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