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A friend of mine is playing a rogue 5/sorceror 1(red dragon bloodline)/dragon disciple 1 currently, after reading the dragon disciple and deciding it looked really cool. The DM is letting him change some feats around, because he's new and the dragon disciple thing is a kind of a recent, last minute new direction for his character.

I guess the character biggest issue is that at character level 7 he has a BAB of only +3. He already has Weapon Finesse (and a Dex of 18). Are there any feats he could take that would help his chances of hitting in melee? At some point the Dragon Disciple strength bonuses will probably put his bade Str (which is 14 now) on par with his Dex anyway (and then a magic belt would put him over the top).

FYI the DM is allowing him to just have the dragon claws all the time meaning he has to hide them in towns to avoid scaring the townsfolk, but get's 2 claw attacks in combat, which the DM decided was fair enough to make the character fun to play.

This is maybe more a rules question now but, in the description of "Weapon Focus" it doesn't specifically mention Natural Attacks (like claws and bites) but it does say you can apply it to rays and to unarmed attacks. If I were DM I think I'd allow it, but I wanted to see if there's any precedent or strong opinion about that.

I guess one nice thing is that the natural claw attacks don't get -2 to hit like TWF attacks with weapons would, but with having to take level 1 in so many different classes that do not give +1 BAB at level 1, his roll to hit numbers have gotten pretty diluted.

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It is a pity your player is stuck with rogue for his primary class. Dragon Disciple works much better with a full BAB class.

Anyway -- a search of the PRD uncovers numerous monsters with Weapon Focus (Bit), Weapon Focus (Claw), or both, so that is certainly legal.

If the DM is intent on helping this guy attack more effectively, handing out an Amulet of Mighty Fists as treasure would also help. That item gives a bonus to hit and damage with all unarmed and natural attacks, so it is just the sort of thing that would help this character out. A magic belt that boosts dexterity would also help. '

In terms of future advancement, this guy's next real decision is what to do when he reaches rogue 5/sorcerer 1/dragon disciple 4. By that level he has gotten both of his strength boosts, and the next level of dragon disciple will not boost his BAB (which would be +6 at this level) or provide much else in the way of useful benefits.

At that point he may want to consider advancing his prior classes, up to sorcerer 2 and rogue 8, at which point he would be level 14 and have a BAB of +9. Then he is stuck -- his next level, if taken in an existincg class, will not boost his BAB. Then he should decide whether he wants to take his remaining dragon disciple levels or start taking levels in fighter or another full BAB class.

Since he's a monster, will he the GM allow improved natural attack?

Alejandro Acosta wrote:
Since he's a monster, will he the GM allow improved natural attack?

Even if he wasn't a monster, that feat should be allowed. An increase to damage dice (1d6 to 1d8 if I'm assuming correctly) at the cost of one feat is hardly game breaking. It's like taking exotic weapon prof so you can use Saw Tooth Sabers instead of short swords while two weapon fighting.

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