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Hello people, first post. I'm sure this has been asked in some form before, but I couldn't get an exact answer on the other thread that dealt with this.

New GM as the title says, and I've purchased the ROTRL as a guide and adventure I think will help me hone my skills without worrying too much about the story. Here's what I notice though. Just browsing through the first chapter, and some of the NPCs don't have stats provided. Like the first time you meet Aldern Foxglove with his dog, it just says "CN Human Male Aristocrat 4/Rogue 3" or something.

So is it the norm to make up your own stats for this thing? I'm still waiting for my core rulebook, and while I know I can just check this out at d20pfsrd: Are the NPC classes explained in the core rulebook? If not I can't understand how you could go about actually making these characters participate a little more, like the innkeeper and such.

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Yes, NPC classes are detailed in the Core Rulebook. Generally, I would not stat up any of the NPCs unless you intend for them to have a developed role, but they give you the breakdown so that if you want, you may stat them up and know where they stand up to the PCs, should a confrontation arise. If you need to, you can just use it as a guideline, so that you can figure out their BAB and abilities, should they have a moment in combat.

Stat up the ones that you want, and leave the others... but for the most part, you shouldn't need to stat up any, unless one might become a cohort for a PC that takes Leadership.

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