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Peddler: I just picked those two off've Seattle own tourism website, or some travel thing. They seemed nice, but by no means are priority. It'd be good to have company for the Space Needle and Pike place ofcourse. :)

If you're interested in joining up that would leave two more spaces in my vehicle if others are interested.

Still looking for an additional person if someone is interested.

So this will be my first con and also my first opportunity to participate in Society games. The only books I have are the CRB and RotR. I'll probably bring them both for getting them autographed, but do you guys feel I should buy any other books as prep for coming?

Also, is there any other kind of prep I should undertake right now to participate in the PFS games or can I arrive and register, draw up a character and participate directly?

What other game-related materials is one advised to bring?

Got a place and we're looking to share with one more person if anyone is still interested.

I'm in the same boat. If anyone wishes to sell one, I'll be inclined to buy it as well.

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I would be coming in a car, and if a friendly group would be interested in doing a few things together, I wouldn't mind being the driver. A couple of the things I'd like to do:

- Space Needle
- Pike Place market
- One or both parks: Olympic or Discovery
- Waterfront walk

I'm thinking of taking time off for this and this would be my first time at the con. Looking to share a room for the same purpose. I'm a guy, I don't snore and I'm clean without being a Nazi. :)

From what it sounds, it's best to be there for Friday morning and stay over Sunday night, so I'd like to do the Thursday-Friday thing as well. Is there still room, or interest in splitting one?

Detect Magic wrote:
I'd suggest an Int check required after a sufficient period of exposure (1 week might do the trick; if a character fails, they can attempt again after another week). Perhaps the DC could be determined by the complexity of the language (10 for simple languages; 15 for more intricate languages; 20 for very intricate languages). You could provide circumstantial bonuses on the check if the character speaks a similar language (one that shares an etymological root).

I was actually including all sort of features and aspects such as the one you suggested and then I realized that making it too complicated won't help at all. The players will just get used to playing with a penalized and defeated sense of using Diplomacy and Bluff.

Arguably, I'd like to make it simpler.

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What do you guys think about this:

Learning Languages:

-Learning additional languages is not automatic. Character must spend time immersed in target language to acquire fluency.

-Common is not a language by itself, but a pidgin. You have to have a mother tongue.

-Max. languages = INT modifier;

Levels of fluency:

Rank 0: Common; -3 to Diplomacy & Bluff;
-Requirements: None

Rank 1: Elementary; -1 to Diplomacy & Bluff;
-Requirements: 5 hours of study

Rank 2: Intermediate; +1 to Intimidate, Diplomacy & Bluff;
-Requirements: 2 days of study (20 hours total)

Rank 3: Fluent; +3 to Intimidate, Diplomacy & Bluff;
-Requirements: 5 days of study (50 hours total)

Rank 4: Master; +5 to Intimidate, Diplomacy & Bluff;
-Requirements: 20 days of study (200 hours total)

Hello people, first post. I'm sure this has been asked in some form before, but I couldn't get an exact answer on the other thread that dealt with this.

New GM as the title says, and I've purchased the ROTRL as a guide and adventure I think will help me hone my skills without worrying too much about the story. Here's what I notice though. Just browsing through the first chapter, and some of the NPCs don't have stats provided. Like the first time you meet Aldern Foxglove with his dog, it just says "CN Human Male Aristocrat 4/Rogue 3" or something.

So is it the norm to make up your own stats for this thing? I'm still waiting for my core rulebook, and while I know I can just check this out at d20pfsrd: Are the NPC classes explained in the core rulebook? If not I can't understand how you could go about actually making these characters participate a little more, like the innkeeper and such.