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Hi, all -

I ran First Steps Part I last night for 7 players and we had a great time (I think!). I'm all ready to report the session, but I have a couple of questions:

- Can I leave the faction blank for those players who are holding off on choosing a faction until playing through the First Steps series?
- How do I report the name of someone who played a pre-generated character? He has a pre-printed PFS # that we brought. He played Ezren, but can I leave the name blank, or do I put "Ezren"? Finally, can I report before he creates a PFS account using the number we gave him?


Hi Doug,

I think you can leave the faction blank ... if not pick a generic one and you can always edit and correct it after they've picked one. The other option would be to hold off reporting until you have all three run and they've picked factions, your choice.

To report the pregen, use his number with a -1 at the end, give him the name of the player and it can be reported before he registers the number, you'll just have to fill in all the information

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Thanks! Very helpful!

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So, it turns out that one of the players gave me the wrong character number (the player # was right but not the character suffix). I had already reported the event. What is the proper way to fix this so it is reported correctly?

When he gives you the correct character number, as long as you're the one that reported it, you can go in and edit and correct the information

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I believe the generic faction to pick is always Grand Lodge, though I can't remember where that rule is from. Presumably somewhere in the PFS guide, but don't quote me.

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