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So, a friend of mine and I were looking for a place / way to run a Mutants and Masterminds game. We've tapped out our resources for online players recently, but I have recently joined the boards here and found hoards of players looking for chances to do cool stuff!

So I wanted to ask if we picked up a 2nd ed M&M campaign (Probably on Obsidian Portal), would anyone be interested?

I'm specifically looking for people who want to help create the world; we're still in early stages with some outlines for villains and ideas for plots, but nothing defined yet. I like to tailor my campaigns to the players and their characters, too, so its likely that none of that would be set in stone until we had characters and things set so that they would fit organically into the world and campaign created for them.

So, questions, comments, interest? Feel free to post here or PM me.



Ok! I have solidified this up somewhat and come up with a loose plan for the story.

So what we're looking for is characters to fit the hero archetypes to flesh out a Justice League, basically.

We have: Tank/Mechanic/Leader type
Skill/Funding/Sneak/Information type

We need:
Powerhouse (Damage, strength)
Finesse (Speed, agility)
Thinker (Plans, maybe computers?)

Characters should be generally good and have generally good, superheroe-y motivations, and an inclination to work with others.

I'm planning on making this very Sandboxy and Roleplay based.

I'm interested, do you just want a character or a full background with npc stats etc?

Both, either, concepts, ideas, suggestions for a super world! :)

Alright I got a few ideas, but I need a wee bit of time to work it out.

I am sorry to say that it turns out I do not have the time to dedicate myself to this venture, I hope you find someone else though.

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I've only played M&M once before but I had alot of fun with it. I've been sitting on a hero idea for awhile he uses a plane and hes from the past. Even has a cyborg nazi nemesis. Would be interested in bouncing ideas let me know what your thinking so far.

Hi, I'm interested in playing. I personally love MnM

I got your PMs, Sanction! Sorry I haven't replied yet. This is still very much a work in progress. Its taking some time for me to write up everything necessary, but what sort of character were you looking at?

(This goes for anyone in the thread, btw).

For anyone else who is curious, this would be an emerging superpower game, with the emphasis on PCs creating some kind of structure and organization for powered individuals, and creating this world's first superpowered team.

Its still in progress, and like my advert says, I'm more than happy to accept (and encourage) help in building the way things work in said world, but it will be loosely based on current times.

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I was going over a bunch of stuff in my head and one of the things was if we were the first superhero, apart of some super heavy world, or the last of a great era. That's one question answered. Here's 3 biggies with some examples.

What sort of setting were you thinking? Earth Alternate(Past, Present, Future, Steampunk, ect.), An alien planet of some kind, Alternate dimension with it's own physics?

What sort of superpower sources were you thinking? Mutations, Tech, Magic, ect.

What is the major threat to the setting? Natural disaters, Man made disasters, Supernatural monsters, Aliens, un-checked crime/curroption, super villians, ect.

Earth Alternate, definitely, and probably more or less the same world we're all spinning on already. I think there's enough scope for things here without needing to add extra complexity to things by making up a whole new universe.

Present time, definitely. And all sources of powers are optional, with explanation. As a big X-men reader, I favor the mutation aspect of things, myself, but I'd like to leave the table open.

The major threats would be other supers, normal human litigation or organization, and general crime. Ideally that would evolve as PCs change the world.

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Big fan of Mutants aswell that and radioactive spiders. What caused the supers to appear so suddenly some big event or a spike in technilogical advancement of some sort perhaps?

Going with 'because its time'. Its one of the things I'm leaving purposely unexplained - maybe you'll find out in game!

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Interested in playing. It's 2nd edition right not 3rd. and what level 1?
And what part of this did you actually need assistance on? You seem to have the big stuff taken care of.

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Interested, but I only have the 3rd edition book. Is it similar enough that I could get by with that or would I need to get a 2nd edition book?

Sorry for being so persistent. :) Would Aliens be an acceptable origin? I have plenty of ideas, so just lemme know. thanks.

I too would be interested, with a sort of magneto/cybermancer type character.

Aliens are acceptable, totally! That's one of the things I'm letting players create; any race or origin for aliens. Also, magic. Any PC with these things will be unique in the world - the world itself will have supers that are mutants / tech related - but that's fine with me.

I have a bunch of concepts that are aliens though, and no mutants at all! Sadface.

The books I have are 2nd ed. I'm not really sure how different 3rd is, anyone know?

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Here's the SRD site for the OGL contents of 3rd edition if that helps do a comparison.

From what I was looking at though, it looks pretty different. Seems 2nd had 6 stats instead of 8 in 3rd, there are fewer skills in 3rd and you get fewer skill points. Powers are different. That's just a quick look though.

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Cool! I'm already working on an alien character. I think I can make him fit well with the world you seem to be building I'll call the ranged character build if no one minds.

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I was thinking finess but would be good with any but the hulk class. What level were you thinking?

PL 10 (with 2nd Ed rules). So you have 150 points by my reckoning.

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I went ahead and grabbed the 2nd edition book from the green ronin site. I'll look at making a powerhouse type, since it looks like no one's heading that way yet. I'l try to have something up tomorrow night, though might not be until Saturday night.

I have a potential build and a back story now, would you like to to upload them here, message them to you, or just hold on to them for now?

You can post them here if you want others to see them! PMs are okay too. :)

Take your time, its likely this game will take a while to get set up to my satisfaction.

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PM Sent.

dotting for interest...would like to hear a quick summary of what's covered already.
I would probably want to play a magic or psychic type...toying with a few ideas.

Backstory incoming

Hero: Star Soldier
Origin: Alien/Tech
Role: Ranged

"My brother gave his life for your tiny, tiny world. I would see that his sacrifice would not be in vain."

Zirra and Zofa were orphans. Their parents tragically fell victim to the Red Fever and, like many other orphans the brothers were raised by The Church. The interstellar Church of All Suns. The Church was what held the galaxy together in those days. The Great Wars, the economic collapses, and the Red Fever had laid waste to many star empires and the Church was the only remaining organization with the reach and the power to help those in need.
Years passed, and Zirra and Zofa grew up and went to pursue their individual paths. Zofa; who was often praised for his intelligence by the preists of the orphanage obtained an invitation to a prestigious university and pursued a career in xenobiology. Zofa's path was that of the scholar and he journeyed the universe collecting data on "Emerging Species".
Zirra was not as lucky. After being nearly thrown out of the orphanage several times for fighting other children. Zirra eventually enlisted in the Outer Worlds Defense Militia. A purely volunteer mercenary group charged to defend fringe worlds from pirates, slavers, and uprisings. More than half of OWDM's recruits typically die within their first year of service. Zirra managed to survive for ten.
Despite his skill and cunning however, Zirra grew deeply jealous of his brother. He was jealous of how the preists praised him as a child. He was jealous of how his brother's university allowed him to travel to the universe's biggest and brightest worlds, while Zirra was stuck moving from backwater world to backwater world. Most of all, he was jealous of how Zofa could still seem to love him as strong as ever, despite how far apart they had grown.
As more years passed, Zirra eventually stopped talking to Zofa all together. Zofa didn't seem to mind though, as he still sent hundreds and hundreds of transmissions. Occasionally though, He did listen to a few of them. Zofa spoke mostly of a small world called earth. His research quickly began to focus exclusively on this planet.
Soon, Zofa became obsessed with this world, making the claim the " This world could save the entire universe!". Zofa kept mentioning "Mutations" and "Dramatic Technology shifts" and something about "Morality upheaval". Zirra never paid too much attention to the details. He told himself that in a few years Zofa would publish his research to praise and success and Zirra would still be killing nameless pirates on automated mining stations.
However, after a while, Zofa's transmissions stopped. Zirra told himself that Zofa had finally gotten the message and thought nothing more of it. What happened next sent Zirra's worldview into a tailspin. The Church of All Suns made the announcement that Zofa had been executed on the church's orders for attempting to create banned bio-weapons. They claimed that Zofa had been working on genetically engineering a world of living weapons that he would use against the church and the faithful. Zirra could not believe this, This could not be the work of his gentle and wise brother. Stranger still, was that the church declared that the planet of Earth needed to be expunged of life to protect the universe from the threat that it posed. The Church had never issued such commendations before. Zirra tried to make contact with anyone he thought could help him, but he was turned away at every turn. Zirra quickly fell into a state of deep depression.
Then, one night Zirra confronted an intruder in his apartment. The intruder was erasing all of Zofa's messages! After a fight, Zirra discovered that the intruder an assassin sent to kill Zirra and erase any information pertaining to his brother.
Zirra felt a guilt unlike anything he had ever felt before. His brother needed him, and out of sheer jealousy he had turned him away. No more. If he could not avenge his brother he could do what his brother could not. He could try to save this planet called earth, from internal threats as well as external. Zirra gathered his gear and hired a transport to take him to Earth. He would save earth, as his brother would want him to, or he would die trying.

Good? Bad? any Opinions?

if it sounds ok i'll post stats soon. Thanks!


2 orphaned Alien brothers.
Raised In an orphanage by Space Church
1 becomes a Scientist
The other becomes a soldier
Soldier becomes jealous of brother's success
Scientist studies Earth, appears to take an interest in recent superhero related events
Space Church kills scientist brother because of something he found out about earth.
Soldier discovers this and decides to defend earth from space church to live up to his brother's example.

Interested. Just curious, this just pbp or will be using a chat application or something?

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hello. is this game still on?

I'm still working on it. I know its taking a long time, I just want stuff to be ready to drop players in! :)

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in that case, i'd like to join. i'm thinking on making an energy (fire) controller.

I have a guy who would be a Speedster that has a "sonic" form, where he basically looks like pure yellow energy. He has a tail in this form, which helps him balance while running. He uses Lightning projectiles, and focused Sonic shouts (Thunder), but also fights with his fists.

Tony Lawson is his name, and he isn't the only one with these "powers", but they manifest differently in each person. He is human, but his powers are science/mystic related.

Just a rough draft. I have never played M&M but I love superheroes.

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...did you just make a Pikachu superhero?

Silver Crusade

Just wondering if you had any comments on the backstory I PMed you. I'll work on crunching it up this weekend.

lexibean wrote:
...did you just make a Pikachu superhero?

Hey I didn't say he was a hamster! Okay, maybe lose the tail. He is based off of an old character I roleplayed when I was a kid. :P

I'm just teasing, I giggled. :D

Ok, I'd be interested even though it's 2E :)

Concept is thus:

Hero Name: Orion
Name: Robert Huntington
Origin: Mutant (enhanced hand/eye coordination and enhanced reflexes)

- Born in London, the son of a well-known Olympic archer (his mother)
- Sailboat disappeared with he and his mother while they were on a publicity tour 8 years ago
- found bruised, bloodied and unconscious on beach in Caribbean
- recently moved to <campaign city> under assumed name to get away from the Paparazzi that had been plaguing him on a daily basis
- rescued girlfriend (waitress who had just quit shady establishment) from a mugging, bought said establishment and trying to revamp it's image
- brawling, bow & arrows / thrown objects skillset


Thank goodness we have Arknight, an M&M recruitment just doesn't cut it without him.

Ok, I sense some sarcasm....and I admit, a bit well deserved...

I won't worry about it then....

Actually, not really. I'm just like you are, I think I always jump in one of these recruitments too, though the games often end up dying before they even get started. <knock wood it does happen here>

Then I do apologize, it's been a looooooooooong day....... and yeah, I really enjoy MnM in all it's incarnations and take whatever chance I can to at least take a chance on getting into a game. :)

Leaning towards a batman type; more scientist though than detective

nice to see most of the old gang here, wish I had the time to participate :(

Just thinking; a melee type looks to me be needed. Hmmm might swordsman

So who is in so far, and what bases are covered? Amyone made a magic or psychic type yet?

Gonna look over my books and see if I can come up with a little something fun.

Liberty's Edge

Character Built
Short Version:
Name, James Foster a.k.a. "Lux"
Powers are control light & darkness, summon avatar of light / dark, and a costume with protection, flight, invis, and super vision.

Skills include k. Lore/ L science /phys science, medicine, craft chemical, gather info.

Feats include jack of all, ritualist, trance, equipment

Just need to hammer down the flavor a bit and hes good to go.

Working on build, but here are the nuts and bolts of flavor

Name: Tommy Thompson
Hero Name: Glow Plug
Origin: Battle Suit
Age: 10

-Big fan of big robot cartoons
-Smart kid with a more mature outlook on academics, but still the wide eyed naivety of a pre-teen
-Parents are blue collar working class folks who have scrimped and saved to get Tommy in expensive technical school for gifted children
-Being a personable youth, Tommy soon falls in with the science/engineering professors
-Gets suit from professor
-Fills role of Powerhouse

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