Mutants and Masterminds - Interest?


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I likes, I do! :D

Just wanted make sure this was still active. :)

I just waiting for game setting and such info before hammering something out.

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something to inspire all of us, this.

Any news on the game progress?

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never played M&M but always loved hero games, if this is full, that's cool, but if not and if I can get a hand to do chargen properly, I'd like to be considered as a player

Its going. :) I'm visiting the US this week, so most likely this will be a slow-cooking project on my back burner, possibly until next month as I'm moving a lot and don't have my computer or all my files. I'm not, however, going anywhere. :) And niether are all my plans for this. So never fear! Your patience shall pay off! If you're cool with being patient. That is. I know I'm not, usually. ;)

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Oh yes I can wait. Mwahahaha!

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Well, I'm not sure how different the rules are, but I think I have a 3rd ed source? have to check again. I would definitely be down for the powerhouse bruiser role; I have someone perfect in mind. You could say, it was made for this kind of game, in fact. Anyone got a good source of the intended ruleset and I'll take a crack at recreating it for the game.

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Anyone here play Superhero City on Facebook?

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I play Marvel Avenger's Alliance, but not Superhero City.

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I think I tried Superhero City but didn't like it, MAA was great but I got tired of it too, I did get some of the first special ops chars, Mockingbird was great fun

I would definetly be interested. Never played though hopefully that won't be a problem.

I would like to know some stuff from the setting. I mean is it going to be more old-school comic book black and white or more gritty styled morally and otherwise.(To use the books own terms golden age vs Iron age.) Would change the personalities of characters quite a lot. If I understood correctly the scale would mainly be limited to one city? Just curious here.

What form of playing? I mean chat/skype/etc. or pbp? Mainly asking since one of the character ideas I got had Duplication power, and at least from what I see it would be rather time consuming in the eventual combat situation so as new to the system I would rather not go further with that idea if instant time communication is used.

I too play MAA, and kick lots of butt at it. So far there have been 7 Spec Ops to recruit special heroes, and I am 7 out of 7.

They just released Spec Op 8 last night, with Vision as the special hero, and Omega Sentinel, who has been a villain in the storyline so far, is an unlockable hero via what's called Lockboxes that you can collect in a few different ways.

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I started playing before the Spec Ops were introduced, but quite after a while. I picked back up during Spec Ops 3, and have managed to get every Spec Ops character since, and picked up Mockingbird and Emma Frost since during sales. This new Group Battle thing they introduced looks fun.

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What if we make PCs based on ourselves, then we obtain suffer powers?

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I actually have ran some cool Hero games that feature common starting points for characters, I highly recommend it for whomever is GMing. I'd happy post some of my concepts for how to start any such shindig, even if I don't get a chance to play.

That would be nice!

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PMed the ideas I had, Lexibean

Tossing my hat in the ring; I love super hero stuff, and M&M!

I'm pretty good with any role, but my favorites tend to be blaster, speedster, or the versatile variable-power type.

I like the variable character build as he can buck up behind anyone and support them in their role, or try to take it over if the main guy goes down. He can do any of the jobs, but only 80% as well as the dedicated character. The best characters for that, particularly in M&M 2nd, are a mystic, or an android/robot who can reroute power and systems to various abilities in order to temporarily fill a role. The power mimic is another character that can do this, but I've never gotten a chance to really try one out.

I also submitted a character concept by PM. I hope to hear from you! :)

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Per your dire predictions this project is now on infinite hold. I would like to get back to it, but RL circumstances with the person helping me write it have changed and it doesn't look like we'll be running anything together any time soon. I'm very sorry to all the people with great ideas here - I still very much want to play, but at the moment that would take a great deal more time and energy with a new system that I was counting on help with.

I hope you all get a chance to play, and maybe when things solve themselves for me, I 'll have a chance to use all the great stuff I've already written for this.

lexibean - I've a shed load of notes and ideas for defunct Golden Heroes campaigns that I used to run back in the day. While I'd love to play in a superhero game I've not the time to be honest... While I'd love to run a superhero game I've not the time to be brutally honest (you see the trend here lol) - however I'm more than happy to collaborate/campaign build and assist in running a game (help prep upcoming encounters/NPCs/villains etc) - hell I might even run a foe or two to add to the pbp if allowed ;)

Like I intimated I've a bunch of world building/concepts and characters that will never likely see the light of day... unless through a game like this :)

I've been a Marvel Zombie since the age of 8 (some 35... cough... years ago) - but also loved Zenith, some DC, numerous Indies for some time.

Realise you might have stepped away, but if your game we can discuss here or by PM.


Ah poop...looks like y'all are full up. Skip that PM I sent Lexi..

I think this one is dead but soon ill be starting a 2nd Ed MNM Game please check out my soon coming recruitment thread of my current interest checking thread

Cool - will keep an eye out Joey - meanwhile will see you in the Underdark :)

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