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"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

"No wonder the locals hate me."
- The Bard

""The use of words expressing something other than their literal intention." / Now that *is* irony!"
- Bender

"I have no enemies, only speed bumps."
- Henry Fortuna

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5E Variant List.

1 Epistemology
2 Metaphysics
3 Ethics
4 Existentialism
5 Ontology

Population Geo.

Shattered Chaos
Massive Darkness

Remnant Rework:

:World of Remnant:

-Aura is an energy source possessed by all living things. The quantity and quality of the aura can very greatly from one individual to the next and not everyone is capable of becoming a proper 'aura user' such as the huntsman. Aura is Forged into a 'Combat Ready' state and is typically done so through one of the following: Scientific methods, Spiritual enlightenment and accidentally in times of stress or other highly emotional events. Forging an aura can be dangerous and may sometimes have unintended side effects. While Aura, especially one that has been forged, provides constant passive boons to ones survival it is also heavily influenced by the users emotional state and requires concentration to utilize it's full potential. Training, natural talent, scientific advancement, dust and other factors can enhance nearly every aspect of aura, for better or worse.

-There is much about Aura that is still a mystery. Some call it Magic while others believe that it is the manifestation of ones soul. A dwindling minority still yet believe that Aura was a gift from the gods a means to survive the harsh conditions of remnant and the predators who walk upon it.

-A semblance is a unique ability possessed by those who have had their Aura forged. They are often times active abilities that require the use and expenditure of Aura to function, though there are exceptions they are quite rare. The ability provided by a Semblance can often times be correlated to an aspect of the individuals personality traits. While the description of a persons semblance is usually depicted as a single word the truth is that a semblances full capabilities are often far to complex to accurately depict with such simple terms. While the application of Dust can modify the effects of a semblance, true mastery of these abilities can only be achieved through training and life experience.

-Blessings: Silver Eyes, Maiden Powers, Schnee Glyphs?, others

-Pollution, Barren Wastes,

-Rapid Advancement
-CCT Tower

-Relation to Humanity?
-White Fang

-Dust and Technological advancement have caused Huntsman and Huntresses to fall out of favor and are considered to be the 'Old Fashioned' or 'Barbaric' means of which to combat the darkness of remnant. Huntsman of the modern era find themselves either competing in sport for the masses, teaching or selling their services as bodyguards or mercenaries rather than fighting Grimm. Others yet find themselves part of the very darkness they swore to fight and have taken to theft, banditry and other unscrupulous means of getting by in a world that has left them behind.

- Negitivity
- Weakness to Dust



Universal Mechanics
Dice resolve Checks and Time (Group Checks)
Target Numbers and Opposed Rolls (Higher is Better)
Actions and Movement
Illumination and Vision
Distance and Range: (Close, Near and Far, Extreme, Sight)

- Asleep
- Blinded
- Blessed
- Charmed
- Compelled
- Cursed
- Dazed
- Deafened
- Diseased
- Dying
- Fatigued (Tiers)
- Frightened (Tiers)
- Grabbed
- Immobilized
- Immune
- Impaired
- Invisible
- Petrified
- Poisoned
- Prone
- Resistance
- Restrained
- Slowed
- Stunned
- Surprised
- Unconscious
- Vulnerable
- Weightless

- Str
- Dex
- Con
- Int
- Wis
- Cha
- Armor
- Effort (Basic, Object, Magic, Ultimate)

Hearts(s) = 10hp
Bio-Form (Ancestry, Kind, Race, etc.)
- Academic
- Common
- Criminal
- Martial
- Religious
- Social
- Wilderness
- Other/Place Holder