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So I'm about to DM a new game and we always use point buys for stats. Something interesting that usually happens in our games are certain characters will end up being a level or two above other party members (usually because of solo encounters or players not making to a session. Anyway I kinda like the player gaps because it makes it harder for the party as a whole and they have to really think about how to approach encounters.

Anyway for this game I want to do something with the point buy that'll create a gap that the players can choose themselves. The idea is that each individual player can choose their point buy however, the higher it is the slower exp track they'll be put on, while the lower it is the faster the track.

I'm thinking something like 25=Slow 20=Medium 15=Fast and 10=fast but you start at 2nd level.

Any thoughts? I know there are pros and cons to each of these but how do you think this'll work out as a whole?

An interesting idea.

I guess it depends on how much level disparity you like in the party. If someone is on Slow and someone on fast by mid levels you will have about a 3 level separation 4 levels buy then end. That is if they all receive the same amount of XP. If there are side adventures it could get a lot worse.

I think 3-4 levels between players is pretty significant and I could imagine it being rather difficult to balance encounters to challenge the higher level players and not kill the lower.

How about this. Full caster class, slow and 15 pt buy.

Medium caster class medium & 20 (Paladins & rangers can be non casters if they take the archetype)

Non caster= 25 & fast.

No one gets any points for buying stats below 8.

But no one gets more than one level above the base line or one level below it. Venomblade is correct.


Everyone starts with a level of a NPC class.
Adept= 15pt
Commoner= 25
All others =20.

And the above mentioned xp speed.

Liberty's Edge

It really depends on the player. I think it's a neat experiment so far but ultimately it's up to them to decide what they wanna do.
As far as balancing encounter go if I use an AP I don't see there being much of a problem just because the party would be balanced just spread out.
The two BIG problems I foresee is the lower levels hiding behind the higher up which could be problematic if that's what they didn't want (but then again it's up to them as to how they build the character)and splitting the party would be extremely dangerous especially if there was a full 4 level gap in the party.

Hmm. Dotting for some thoughts later.

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