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The item Orc Trail Rations from Ultimate Equipment says, "you add +2 to the DC to resist any Intimidate checks you make." The wording seems funky because there's no DC for Intimidate, it's just a check. It's your opponent who has a DC, so adding +2 to the DC would actually make it harder to intimidate. Is this just intended to be an untyped +2 bonus on Intimidate checks?

Orc Trail Rations:
A typical orc trail ration consists of coarse black bread, thin sausages as hard as leather that must be chewed slowly to soften them, dried meat of uncertain origin, and pungent peppers. If you are an orc or half-orc who subsists on nothing but these rations for at least 1 week, you add +2 to the DC to resist any Intimidate checks you make. This bonus lasts until you eat a meal other than the rations or go for a full day without eating a day’s worth.

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Ressurected because I'd also like to know if this improves or hinders Intimidate.

The DC to resist your Intimidate is whatever your check is. This makes your check two higher. Probably because bad breath, or something. Whatever.

RAW: it raises Difficulty check when trying to use Intimidate skill to frighten your opponent. So it is harder to frighten anybody.
RAI: it makes you more scary because it is harder: "... to resist any Intimidate checks you make."

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Three years.

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Orc trail rations? Aren't those called halflings?

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