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If anyone needs me, I'll be on the Von Braun.

Also, that's an invitation to Multiplayer. PM me if you are interested.

Sovereign Court

Ahhh, been a while since I did System Shock 2. Good to see that game up for sale again. How is the compatibility for Windows 7?

Still downloading, but I'll let you know! But from my experience with everything else that GOG does, it should be solid.

Sovereign Court

I know that they've had a few issues that annoy me. Still can't get Quest for Glory 5 to work for more then like the menu. :/

Looks like it's working well! Got to play for about an hour this morning, runs very smoothly.

Need to reset the key bindings at the beginning to standard WASD configuration, and the mouse sensitivity is a little crazy. Other than that, I haven't run into any bugs yet.

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YES! You will fear me once again!

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