Shirak's Crypt - HotB (possible spoilers)

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Question regarding the 'stuff' found buried with Shirak:
(players stay out)


Is the loot in Shirak's Crypt out of line for the expected player character level at this point in the AP? In straight gold piece value, the three items (other than the scroll) are worth over 50k, including +3 mithril armor, a +4 stat item, and a semi-custom weapon worth 25k alone. I can't see any reason why PCs wouldn't take these items, to use or sell. For some strange reason, this pile of stuff is giving me pause - am I over thinking this?

Something about this bothers me, and maybe I'm just crazy...
Any insight would be more than appreciated.

The PCs made it all the way to the end of the nastiest dungeon the campaign has yet thrown at them. There's supposed to be a valuable pile of loot at the end, including some nice equipment the PCs are more likely to use than sell.

In additon, the first half of The Jackal's Price is rather light on treasure. Don't think of Shirak's loot as blowing out the curve for 7th level; think of it as front-loading the treasure for 8th.

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