Welcome to new Venture-Captain of Dortmund, Germany!

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I wanted to take a minute to welcome the new VC of Dortmund, Germany, Philipp Menn. His region of Dortmund is one of the largest cities in Germany with an area of about 280 km² and a population of approximately 580.000 people. Dortmund is also a part of the Ruhrgebiet, one of the largest urban areas in Europe.

I will let Philipp introduce himself, advise what websites he will use to coordinate PFS in his region, etc...

Welcome aboard!

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Welcome and congratulations on the half of the authors! As always thank you for all that you do! We couldn't write without you.


Well, according to the (infallible, right?) Google Translation site, I should say:

Herzlich Willkommen! Und ich danke Ihnen!

Hopefully that's me welcoming and thanking Philipp!

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Hey there!

Thank you all for your encouragement :)

As Mike said I am Philipp.
I've been playing RPGs for about fifteen Years and I am glad that I can help grow the PFS in my region from now on.

If someone here is from Germany too and want some information about the planned events in the next month, please feel free to visit my facebook page www.facebook.com/PFSDortmund .
At the moment there is not that much to see but it will change in the next days.

Over again, thank you all for your encouragement!
I am very happy to be a part of the PFS from now on.

Sincerely yours: Philipp Menn

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Congratulations, Philipp!!

Grand Lodge

Froliche Speillen Sie Phillip. (Hope I got that right - maybe bad spelling though.)

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Hell yeah! I can't wait to start the action in Dortmund. Congratulations for you matey :)

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Congrats, welcome aboard and keep up the good work :)

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