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It is my understanding that the 'Common Tongue' of the First World is an amalgam of Aklo and Sylvan... what is the name of this language?

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Blackfoot wrote:
It is my understanding that the 'Common Tongue' of the First World is an amalgam of Aklo and Sylvan... what is the name of this language?
Sound of a Thousand Screams, p. 67 wrote:
... all speech-capable beings within the First World communicate in the same unnamed universal language, a tongue that may be the foundation of both Sylvan and Aklo ...

(my emphasis)

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Hrm... that is pretty much what I've come up with as well.
I hate to call it 'First World' or 'First World Language' or something lame like that.

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Geee, First World Problems...

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As a suggestion (since we all know unnamed things still need names, when it comes to defining RPG settings), "roots" or "root tongue."

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"First Speech" comes to mind. It sounds like Adamic, the notion that all languages derive from one Ur-language. The Russian poet Khlebnikov was obsessed with the idea, and he suggested that sound itself was a possible indicator of meaning, one that is intuitively understood by the universe.
If it's a universal language in the First World, it would probably be just called "speech" or "talking" by the inhabitants of the plane.

I'd call it Prime (for 'Primal Language'), or some-such. The first spoken language that started all others. Maybe a variant like 'Primus'.

I imagine (as in, 'homebrew') that before the First World, most creatures just used telepathy. In fact, the 'spoken word' is probably considered 'bestial' by powerful outsiders, and beneath them.

And then there are 'lies', which were impossible before spoken speech. Asmodeus probably invented the first tongue just because of this.

Once again, just my thoughts on the matter, nothing canonical.

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Iv like the idea that language is something so intrinsic to fey that they only really think about it when they're on the Material Plane, where rules and boundaries are severe enough that there actually exist different forms of speech. I assume in the First World, you say stuff, and things just understand you. Simple as that. Rules are a lot less strict there from what I understand, so fey there would probably, if asked, simple say that what they do is "talking" and ignore the whole language aspect altogether. I may be dead wrong, and probably am, but it sounds like a cool idea to me at least. E.I. I'd do this in my own campaigns but I'd never assume this to be canon.

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This has come up as we are running Kingmaker and I have a gnome Oracle with the 'Tongues' Curse. The GM has allowed him to take the tongue of the First World as his mystic tongue... so whenever he gets too excited he starts spouting off gibberish. It isn't one of the languages listed for Tongues but it makes a lot of sense for a gnome.. especially one whose connection to the First World is 'mystically' strong.

I do like the thought that it is just 'the language' and that names for it 'there' don't make much sense... but there are enough folk 'here' that have to be able to refer to it that someone should have named it at some point.. no? :)

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call it ...'Baby Babble'

perhaps all infants begin life knowing how to speak to first worlders and see faeries etc? that WOULD explain a lot!

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Is there any 'official' language name for this yet?

No, and probably won't be, since they've already declared in the sourcebook that it's unnamed. Paizo tends to be (relatively) good about not contradicting itself on things like that.

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It does make it somewhat difficult to refer to it though.

It's the only language spoken in a universe with close to infinitely more inhabited area than the Material Plane. The idea of needing a name for language has probably never occurred to any creature in the First World.

That's not to say that scholars from other worlds don't have names for it, but there's probably a billion of those.

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The only really relevant name is the one used for it in Golarion.

It seems to me that it makes sense that there are 2 first world languages. The good, or "Seelee" would speak Sylvan, and the bad, or "Unseelee" would speak Aklo. Not exactly what the books say, but I think I like it that way. Maybe you will too.

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