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Watery Soup and Nefreet wrote:
To be clear, is it possible to (and would you appreciate people volunteering to) put information onto the site? Or is it easier if the information is centralized?

You sure can. Anyone is free to create a PathfinderWiki account and help us edit. We're all volunteers here as none of us get paid to edit the wiki.

rainzax wrote:

I will reiterate my thanks for your labor of love!

When playing PbP, if I am on top of my game, I try to include at least 2-3 links for Geographic proper nouns in opening gameplay posts. I know it helps ground me in the world, and hopefully my players in having well-researched information just a click away.

Glad that you have found some use for the Wiki.

rainzax wrote:
One semi-request: Between Pathfinderwiki and Archives of Nethys, the only thing I am unable to LINK is the exact text for Boons. I don't suppose this is within your purview(?), but figure I might as well ask!

Unfortunately we can't do that, as we can't post any verbatim quotes from ANY Paizo publication on our website due to the restrictions of the Community Use Policy. All of the text on the wiki (with the exception of product descriptions from the Paizo web store) is rewritten in our own words. Believe me, if we could just cut-and-paste, it would be soooo much easier.

rainzax wrote:
One real request: Looking at the Lost Omens World Guide, the entire book sorts itself by 10 Super Regions

Yup, that's on the to-do list.

Watery Soup wrote:
Overall, I've found the site very helpful ...

Thanks, Watery Soup. I agree that spoilers for the 1E APs are less of a big deal now, but we'll still include the warning at the top of the page, just in case there are those who do care. Having the warning doesn't hurt anyone, after all.

Watery Soup wrote:
One of the problems I've run into with the site is that the proper nouns don't always play a part in the story. For instance, PFS1 #5-14 Day of the Demon is listed as a ...

This is an issue I had to create a policy about when I created this project. The project errs on the side of including more information than less, so where there's a corner case, I generall tend to include it in case someone finds it valuable. I've never written down this policy (since I'm basically the only one who works on this these days), but here it is:

In order for a proper noun to be included in the list I ask the following questions in order:

1) Is the proper noun used at leat three times in the scenario? If yes, go to 2. If no, don't include it.

2) Does the proper noun appear in another PFS scenario (primarily) or in another Paizo publication (secondarily). If the answer is yes, go to number 3. If no, don't include it. (This is because the index only covers "recurring" concepts, otherwise I'd never finish this thing).

That's it.

So on the subject of Tancred Desimere, he was included because his name appears 26 times even though he personally does not appear in it. He's obviously an important part of the backstory, and even if player's don't interact with him, this project was mainly designed to help GMs find more background material.

So on your question of whether the project is just "literally a listing of proper nouns that could be found", my answer is "no" and that it is a feature and not a bug.

Hope that helps.

Nefreet wrote:
Thank you for all your hard work!

You're welcome. It's a labor of love and I'm glad people are finding it useful.

As for Starfinder Society scenarios, I am planning on adding those as well once I am up-to-date on the PFS ones. I'll personally only be able to do the first 19, however, as I stopped subscribing to them after that (since I don't personally play Starfinder).

The second project I'm working on is including all the changes in the setting that 2E brought with it by going through the Lost Omens World Guide line by line. After that I'll work on the Lost Omens Pathfinder Society Guide, which will update a lot of the VC and lodge info that you were asking about, but that'll be a few months :(

Thanks for the feedback!

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*Perform thread necromancy*

So here we are over four years later and I've restarted the project after a nearly 2-year absence. I'm now up to #1-13 The Burden of Envy and still going strong.

For those of you who weren't with us four years ago, I started a project on in which I created an index for every proper noun used in a Pathfinder Society scenario that was repeated elsewhere, so that GMs and players could trace which stories were interlinked, and find out where to discover more info on a particular person, place, or thing.

As I'd like to also resurrect the original intent of this thread, so if you have any ideas for how PathfinderWiki could become more useful to folks who play in Pathfinder Society games, please let me know.

Also true for 10-13 Fragments of Antinquity.

Howdy Paizoteers,

The subject line says it all: Breath of the Dragonskull Product Page.

I know, not the highest priority ever, but, you know :)

Any reason the final cover art isn't up yet?

Typo in description: "Mwangi Expanse" not "Mwangi expanse".

The "Recurring characters, concepts, and locations" and "Available resources" sections of the PathfinderWiki product pages for PFS scenarios have been updated through the most recent scenario, "#9-21 In the Grandmaster's Name".

If you're unfamiliar with this project, every PFS product page now lists if any of the people, places, or items presented in that scenario appear in other Paizo sources. As a GM, it allows you to do additional research on a given topic by providing you with links to other sources, and to see the connections between the various adventures of PFS.

There's a spelling error in the fifth sentence: should be "coastal" instead of "costal".

FYI, it's listed as "Forests" at the top of the page, but the product image says it's "Forest", singular.

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Oh, and I completely forgot. Golarion does have established teleportation gates: the Aiudara network.

powerdemon wrote:
Thank you. I was apparently looking at the wikia, not the wiki.

For those who don't know, we abandoned the wikia site long ago, and it is therefore much smaller than

zimmerwald1915 wrote:
Then again, the wiki page looks outdated. It doesn't include one of the Mechalas-Guillotte map insets, for one thing.

On the wiki, those maps are only used for settlements and places of interest (like ruins, etc) , not for entire countries.

There are also two pages on the half-elven town of Erages in Bastards of Golarion.

As far as I can tell, the best known, easily accessible wizard of that level on Golarion is Felandriel Morgethai, the provost of Almas University in Andoran. The others are, well, a bit harder to pin down, unless you feel comfortable asking the Whispering Tyrant or the Harlot Queen of Geb to do your crafting for you.

P. 19 lists Magistrate Elsbet Regere as a "Golden Eagle Commander". I'm guessing that's a typo, and means that she is a Commander in the Golden Legion branch of the Eagle Knights, although I could be wrong.

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The "Recurring characters, concepts, & locations" and "Available resources" sections of the Pathfinderwiki product pages for PFS scenarios have been updated through the most recent, #9-11 The Jarlsblood Witch Saga.

It's all there!

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The "Recurring characters, concepts, & locations" and "Available resources" sections of the Pathfinderwiki product pages for PFS scenarios have been updated through the most recent, #9-07 Salvation of the Sages.

Come take a look!

Mavrickindigo wrote:

In the "Clash of the Kingslayers" Adventure, the first encounter is against a group of female dwarves mounted on hellish steeds known as "Doomguides." They show up throughout the adventure, but there doesn't seem to be much to them, except they show up to mess with the party and attack the city that is under siege by divine agents, but otherwise, we know little about them, except the following.

1. They are all dwarves
2. They are all female
3. They are orphans who swear fealty to the order
4. They are half-fiends with a modified template
5. They take souls and send them to hell
6. They have "mysterious infernal mistresses"
7. "They appear as harbingers of war, famine, and disease.

Any devils or other hellish leaders that these doomguides would follow? Does there exist any other information on them?

Nope. The only other mention of the Doomguides is in Classic Treasures Revisited, p. 37. It mentions that an adamantine horn of Valhalla is said to exist in the dwarven fortress of Glimmerhold that summons Doomguides into standard human berserkers.

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I've updated so that all 920 data points from the vector map are included in the wiki and have their location correctly displayed in each page's minimap. You now look up locations from Aaminiut to Zura's Mouth.

[casts resurrection]
P. 54

The paragraph on the "Cistern Major" seems to indicate that "Gorilla Falls" is in or near the city of Kho. The map on the inside front cover, however shows that Gorilla Falls is in the northern Mwangi Expanse near Mount Rame.

I'm guessing the text is correct and that the cartographer got confused? This is doubly important as Gorilla Falls is also shown in the same location on the Inner Sea Poster Map Folio.

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The "Recurring characters, concepts, & locations" and "Available resources" sections of the Pathfinderwiki product pages for PFS scenarios have been updated through the end of the current season.

Some highlights (with spoilers for the most recent scenarios):

Did you know that ... :

* VC Norden Balentiir, who appears in Raid on Cloudborne Keep, first appeared in season 0's The Third Riddle?
* The god Brigh, who plays a part in Graves of Crystalmaw Pass, has a full article describing her faith in Lords of Rust?

The closest thing to a setting bible is available to everyone: The PathfinderWiki

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I've updated the product pages on PathfinderWiki of the two most recent scenarios, Wrath of the Fleshwarped Queen and Graves of Crystalmaw Pass. They now contain "Recurring characters, concepts, & locations" hyperlinks for all subjects covered in other PFS scenarios.

Arcane colleges

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The PathfinderWiki product page for Refugees of the Weary Sky has been updated to include all themes referenced in other Paizo publications. Take a look!

The PathfinderWiki product page for House of Harmonious Wisdom has been updated to include all themes referenced in other Paizo publications, along with all the Flip-Mats used in it. Take a look!

John Mechalas wrote:
Thanks for the pointers. I had forgotten about the Shoanti territory maps in the Varisia supplement! Seems like something useful to add to the list of data layers. You just don't know what people will find useful, right?

Great map!

Quick points:

* Both Deepgate and the Foundry are in the Hold of Belkzen, not Varisia.
* The border between Belkzen, Ustalav, and Lastwall run east of Freedom Town and then turn sharply west to go north of Lastwall.

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That's it, I'm all caught up through the most recent scenario, Hrethnar's Throne! As always, if you see a mistake let me know here, or create a PFWiki account and correct it yourself!

Now to fill in all of those red links ...

And now Season 7 is done! Only a few more to go ...

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Just wanted to make folks aware of the "Recurring characters, concepts, and locations" update to PathfinderWiki that relates tangentially to the GM Shared Prep thread. I first introduced the project on the boards HERE, and have since competed seasons 1-7.

Basically, the listings allow you to see if a person, place, or thing appears in another Paizo publication, with other PFSRG scenarios listed first. GMs may find it useful for tracing thematic threads, or simply as a place to look up where further info on a given subject can be found.

Please feel free to post ideas for improvements/corrections in the thread I linked to above.

JohannVonUlm, such a database exists and it's called PathfinderWiki.

If you look at the product page of any PFSRG scenario in PathfinderWiki (not including season 8, because I haven't finished this project) you'll see an entry for "Recurring characters, concepts, & locations". This allows you to see if a particular person, place, or thing appears significantly in other Paizo publications, with PFSRG scenarios listed first.

Perspicacious Wanderer wrote:
Boundball also sounds very interesting. Which brings the question to mind... How common are Arcadians in the Inner Sea and surrounding regions?

Page 15 of "Inner Sea Races" answers that for you. To paraphrase:

Arcadians are so rare in the Inner Sea region that people mistake them for more commonly encountered human ethnicities.

The "Devil We Know" series of PFS scenarios (Shipyard Rats, Cassomir's Locker, Crypt of Fools, and Rules of the Swift) all take place in Cassomir, some in Cassomir's Locker.

Just an FYI, the Sarusan article on PathfinderWiki contains all (at least as far as I have been able to find) that is known in Paizo canon about Sarusan.

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I have kept my promise and completed Season 6: Year of the Sky Key in the time I hoped! Enjoy the links!

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Michael Eshleman wrote:
GM Wageslave wrote:
PFWiki Scribe wrote:
Oh, I forgot to mention, I've also included the various Map Packs and Flip-Mats used for all the PFS scenarios I've updated (now through #4-08 The Cultist's Kiss). They're listed under "Available Resources" at the bottom of each product page.
I haven't taken a look yet, but are the maps noted as to which ones are out of print or the like?
You can refer to the Google sheet that I compiled and maintain for that information if you like.

Michael's list is a great list, much more comprehensive than we can be on the wiki, and you should definitely check it out.

Douglas Edwards wrote:

What I would find useful is some sort of listing for the settings of adventures

As a GM I find myself wanting to show off the various corners of the globe.

That actually already exists, Douglas. It's done through our categories, which you'll find on the bottom of each page. Each adventure (both PFS scenarios and other adventures such as modules and APs) has a geographic locator category. If you click through to the "parent" category for each, you find two category pages for PFS scenarios and other adventures respectively: Pathfinder Society scenarios by location and Adventures by location. Each is broken down into nations, cities, and even neighborhoods within cities for the really big ones.

Hope that helps.

Each of our deity entries has a sacred animal listed (if it's known) in the infobox in the top-right corner of the page, although the list I think you're thinking of is in "Inner Sea Gods".

Yay, I've finished Season 5 of my "Recurring characters, concepts, & locations" project for PathfinderWiki. You can now find everything cross-referenced up to 5-99 "The Paths We Choose". I seem to speeding up, having completed this season in just two weeks, so here's hoping to have Season 6 finished by the end of the first week of March!

As always, please let me know if you have any corrections/additions for this project.

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Now done with Season 4 in my "Recurring characters, concepts, & locations" project for PathfinderWiki.

On a side note, I am also including which Pathfinder Map Packs and Flip Mats are used for every scenario.

Any other useful information I could add to the product pages?

Some interesting search results on this topic using my Mac:

Search term: Janderhoff
Finder: 63 documents
Adobe Acrobat Reader: 66 documents

Search term: Janderho (without the ligature)
Finder: 64 documents
Adobe Acrobat Reader: 66 documents

Search term: anderho (no "J" or ligature)
Finder: 0 (finder can't search partials
Adoble Acrobat Reader: 68

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Thanks for explaining everything, Vic. It now all makes sense to me.

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I apologize for perhaps not understanding the issue completely, but as I mentioned in the OP, the "ff" glyph appears in the print documents as well, not just the pdfs. Is this because the final layouts are sent in PDF format to the printers with the "ff" glyph? Pardon me if I am misconstruing this.

Thanks for addressing this issue, Vic!

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Was searching through Paizo PDFs for the word "Janderhoff" recently when I noticed that certain fonts used throughout numerous Paizo publications turn the double effs into typographic ligatures so that search functions can't recognize them. I checked it against the hard copy, and found that it exists there as well, and wasn't just a problem with my PDF reader or the PDF file displaying fonts incorrectly.

I then did a messageboard search and found THIS DISCUSSION. It seems that although folks were aware of it back then, it's continued (see "Curse of the Crimson Throne hardcover" page 413).

Don't know if this is still on people's radar, but I thought I'd mention it as it impacts the usefulness of the PDFs.

Nope, although that's a good idea.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I've also included the various Map Packs and Flip-Mats used for all the PFS scenarios I've updated (now through #4-08 The Cultist's Kiss). They're listed under "Available Resources" at the bottom of each product page.

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