Feat / Bloodline for a Con Based attack?


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Scarred Witchdoctor gives Con Based spellcasting. I thought to add a poison based attacked (serpentine, for example). However a 1 con dmg poison is really too slow to be effective.

I'm not looking to use poison. I'm looking for a way to add a con based attack to utilize the high con of a witchdoctor.

I'd prefer without more than a 1 level dip...

The con based poison will actually be pretty wicked seeing as it will eventually reach 1d4 and your con will be sky high...especially once it requires 2 saves to cure

You could use the spell Spit Venom, however I assume you mean an attack besides spell use.

With a medium-high charisma, serpentine bloodline through eldritch heritage could be great. However that wouldn't be relevant at lower levels.

Are you looking for something useful in melee, or at range? It might help to narrow it down a bit.

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