Player needs advice: Do mounts totally suck in LoF?

Legacy of Fire

The party is asking me to reprise a character I've played before, due to the party build and theme that are going on. He's been a cavalier, a paladin, and a multiclass of the two. Key point being- the horse is an integral part of the character(if I run him paladin, he'll be taking Boon Companion at level 5 when the mount shows up).

Other than the heat issues, is it a stupid idea to bring a horse to this AP? Will there be a lot of underground areas, etc? For example, I know if I had a mount in RotRL he'd be just about worthless, between the haunted house, the clock towers, and all the underground areas.

Should I lean toward the cavalier version, or the paladin version? Party comp so far is looking like Inquisitor of Sarenrae, Cleric of Sarenrae or Oracle, and a Wishcrafter Sorcerer.

A horse should be fine as far as the climate is concerned, however, most of the action in the AP takes place in areas where a horse would have trouble being useful or even not a burden. If you absolutely must have a horse, I would suggest the paladin version so you can call it at a moments notice. I didn't see anything about dismissing it but I assume you can. Also, you shouldn't need Boon Companion since the paladin uses his level as his effective druid level.

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There are times when a mount could be useful, but for the most part I wouldn't particularly recommend them for this AP. On the other hand, note that I say this as a GM of a LoF campaign with a player who just multiclassed into cavalier and has a camel mount.

I know it's not exactly what you are looking for but you could always play a small character with a medium mount, that would definitely fit in better in any of the dungeons.

Having GMed Legacy of Fire, I think a horse or other large sized mount will cause you some problems. In the first half of the AP you'll have to deal with five- and ten-foot wide corridors and doorways, ten-foot wide vertical shafts, spiral staircases, and other cramped environments. In the second half of the AP, the environments open up significantly, but you'll want to be flight-capable at that point.

perhaps consider a re-flavor of samurai? use the samurai as an arabian knight? They seem less mount centered but still have plenty mount ability.

It's a cavalier sub class, with a "return of the mummy" feel to it. The arabic character in the mummy had a horse here and there.

As far as this AP i think it's less of a problem then you think as long as you arent trying to use the mount in every single encounter, again, I think the Samurai does this well, but so does the paladin, but if you dont want to be bound by "MR Straight laced" So with an arabic samurai, IMO.

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