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Shadow Lodge

Open your music player of choice, add all your music, hit "shuffle", and hit next.
Now, let's generate a character from some of those songs.
Either go with the theme of the song or with your gut feeling upon hearing the song.

1st song - Setting
2nd song - Race
3rd song - Class
4th song - Character Theme Song
5th song - If you have a minon/sidekick/companion, their theme.

6th song - Backstory
7th song - Motivation
8th song - Drawback/Failing

8th song - Personal Philosophy
9th song - Moral Code


Setting - "Power" by Helloween
Race - "Black Wings" by Avantasia
Class - "Disciples of the Lie" by Iced Earth
Character Theme - "Ghost Division" by Sabaton
Sidekick - "Into the Arena" by MasterPlan

Backstory - "Black in the Burn" by MasterPlan
Motivation - "Bad Dreams" by Dream Evil
Drawback/Failing - "Dead Boy's Poem" by Nightwish

Philosophy - "III Ways to Epica" by Kamelot
Moral Code - "The Prophecy" by Dream Evil

Strix (Black Wings) charlatan rogue (Disciples of the Lie) who's a military assassin (Ghost Division) in a war campaign (Power). Partnered with a gladiator (Into the Arena). Plagued by nightmares (Bad Dreams) but a strong believer in fate (The Prophecy). Atheist/misotheist after multiple bad life experiences s/he blamed on God/s (III Ways to Epica). Badly scorned and with dead family/loved ones (Black in the Burn, Dead Boy's Poem).


Setting - "The Coming Curse" by Iced Earth
Race - "Kind Hearted Light" by MasterPlan
Class - "Rocket Ride" by Edguy
Character Theme - "Dark Chest of Wonders" by Nightwish
Sidekick - "Up Through the Ashes" by Kamelot

Backstory - "Blizzard on a Broken Mirror" by Avantasia
Motivation - "When Stars Collide (Born Is He)" by Iced Earth
Drawback/Failing - "The Last Amazing Greys" by Sonata Arctica

Philosophy - "The Land of Hope and Glory" by Turisas
Moral Code - "Moondance" by Nightwish

Aasimar (Kind-Hearted Light) Artificer/Engineer (Rocket Ride) in a Ravenloft-ish, nightmarish horror setting with an impending apocalypse (The Coming Curse), digging up secrets and treasures (Dark Chest of Wonders) accompanied by a reformed villain (Up Through the Ashes).

Knows the Antichrist is coming and preparing to oppose him (When Stars Collide), but is elderly and will soon have to hand over leadership of the rebel force to a younger subordinate (The Last Amazing Greys). Has a history of failure and heartbreak (Blizzard on a Broken Mirror). Despite all this has bright hopes for the future (Land of Hope and Glory).


Setting - "Higher on Fire" by Dream Evil
Race - "Avantasia" by Avantasia
Class - "The Black Halo" by Kamelot
Character Theme - "Fiddle of Time" by MasterPlan
Sidekick - "Center of the Universe" by Kamelot

Backstory - "The Art of War" by Sabaton
Motivation - "Blinded No More" by Sonata Arctica
Drawback/Failing - "Nuclear Attack" by Sabaton

Philosophy - "The Sun is in Your Hands" by MasterPlan
Moral Code - "I Want Out" by Helloween

A high-powered, magic-heavy campaign (Higher on Fire), where a Fey (Avantasia) Crossblooded Infernal/Boreal Sorcerer (The Black Halo) who struggles against their own internal fiendish nature (Fiddle of Time). Accompanied by a highly-intelligent but narcissistic Alchemist (Center of the Universe).

An ex-soldier who has seen much of the horrors of war (The Art of War) and is prone to using overwhelming force even when not necessary (Nuclear Attack). Is jaded and distrustful of ruling powers (Blinded No More) and wants nothing to do with the system, preferring to act on their own initiative and play by their own rules (I Want Out). Believes everyone can forge their own path and decide their own destiny, rulers, fate, gods, devils, and anything else be damned (The Sun is in Your Hands).


Setting - "Turn the Page" by Blind Guardian
Race - "Rose for the Dead" by Theatre of Tragedy
Class - "The Coming Curse" by Iced Earth
Character Theme - "Dark Saga" by Iced Earth
Sidekick - "The Lucid Door" by Sirenia

Backstory - "Bring the Hammer Down" by HammerFall
Motivation - "What Have You Done?" by Within Temptation
Drawback/Failing - "Love is Blind" by Dream Evil

Philosophy - "Something for the Ages" by HammerFall
Moral Code - "Forever is a Long Time" by Avantasia

Dhampir (Rose for the Dead) Witch (The Coming Curse) in a Wheel of Time campaign (Turn the Page). Betrayed by lovers and masters alike (Dark Saga), her lone loyal companion is a shadow-touched, phantom- and fiend-haunted dream mage (The Lucid Door).

A crusader despite her strangeness (Bring the Hammer Down), and in spite of multiple betrayals and disappointments still remains loyal to her cause and her leaders (Love is Blind): she sees this as the only way to make up for sins of her past (What Have You Done?). She wants to leave behind a memorable legacy (Something for the Ages), despite the fact that she will live a long, probably unpleasant life in defiance of dark powers (Forever is a Long Time).


Setting - "Between Two Worlds" by HammerFall
Race - "Ride the Sky" by Helloween
Class - "Teurastaja (The Butcher)" by Turmion Katilot
Character Theme - "Gothic Christmas" by Within Temptation
Sidekick - "In Flames You Burn" by Dream Evil

Backstory - "Windrider" by Ensiferum
Motivation - "Wander" by Kamelot
Drawback/Failing - "My Dream's Just a Drop of Fuel for a Nightmare" by Sonata Arctica

Philosophy - "Till the Last Man Falls" by Turisas
Moral Code - "Spirit Never Dies" by Masterplan

Planar Campaign (Between Two Worlds). A Strix (Ride the Sky) Vivisectionist (The Butcher) is right-hand to a deposed prince fighting to reclaim his throne (In Flames You Burn). She has no real place in the world (Windrider) and is frequently struck by wanderlust (Wander), and may well be very insane (Drop of Fuel) and otherwise just bizarre (Gothic Christmas).

Regardless she is determined and loyal (Till the Last Man Falls) and never gives up (Spirit Never Dies).


Shadow Lodge

Setting - "Seize the Day" by Demons & Wizards
Race - "Memories" by Within Temptation
Class - "Stormrider" by Iced Earth
Character Theme - "Chasing the Dragon" by Dream Evil
Sidekick - "Unnatural Selection" by Ayreon

Backstory - "Jillian" by Within Temptation
Motivation - "The Hunter" by Iced Earth
Drawback/Failing - "Let the Hammer Fall" by HammerFall

Philosophy - "The Toy Master" by Avantasia
Moral Code - "Farewell" by Avantasia

Samsaran (Memories) Stormborn Sorc (Stormrider) in Mid-World (Seize the Day). Chasing down bad guys and slaying dragons (Chasing the Dragon) with an Alchemist who has made himself immortal and seeks to bring eternal life, end to war, and perfect comfort to all with his science (Unnatural Selection).

Her many lives have allowed her to see the rise and fall of civilizations and cultures, some of which she is to blame for or failed to stop (Jillian). She makes it her duty to track down evildoers, deadly creatures, and servants of the Crimson King (The Hunter), but tends to be less judicious and more zealous than she probably should (Let the Hammer Fall). Despite her well-meaning nature, views people who aren't immortal like her partner or constantly reborn like herself as perpetual children doomed to sad, meaningless lives, and utterly reliant on those like her to give their lives purpose and pleasure (The Toy Master); she knows that eventually her multiple existences will come to an end, and the world will either be worse off for her vanishing or have to be handed over to someone else she can trust to do the job, and she feels when she goes it will be in a blaze of glory against evil itself, perhaps as fiendish as facing the Crimson King directly (Farewell).

Dang, I like this character. I'd play her. Doubly so in a Dark Tower campaign.


1st song - Setting - Forever (Kamelot)
3rd song - Race - Iron Infidel (Homestuck)
5th song - Class - Vigilante (Homestuck)
6th song - Theme - Danse Macabre (Saint-Saens)
7th song - Sidekick theme - Rain (Homestuck)


9th song - Backstory - Candle in the Wind (Elton John)
11th song - Motivation - I Want My Tears Back (Nightwish)
13th song - Drawback/Failing - Havoc (Homestuck)


15th song - Personal Philosophy - Spooks in the Attic (Edguy)
18th song - Moral Code - Dancing Mad (The Black Mages)

Time travel campaign (Forever); warforged (Iron Infidel) rogue (Vigilante), a bit of a morose (Danse Macabre) character with a water elemental buddy (Rain).

His creator was killed young (Candle in the Wind), and he is out for vengeance (I Want My Tears Back), but has a slight issue with collateral damage (Havoc).

He's developed a very very paranoid mindset (Spooks in the Attic/Dancing Mad).


1st song - Setting - Black Rose/Green Sun (Homestuck)
2nd song - Race - The Broken Clock (Homestuck)
3rd song - Class - The Clairvoyant (Iron Maiden)
4th song - Character Theme Song - The Wavering Blade (Nobuo Uematsu)
5th song - If you have a minon/sidekick/companion, their theme. - Song of Myself (Nightwish)

6th song - Backstory - Let the Squiddles Sleep (Homestuck)
7th song - Motivation - Black (Homestuck)
8th song - Drawback/Failing - Monopoly on Truth (Epica)

8th song - Personal Philosophy - Lionheart (Blind Guardian)
9th song - Moral Code - Jade Mother (Homestuck)

Looks to be a rather fairytale-ish garden type of place, likely with a nice thorny hedge maze (Black Rose/Green Sun). Elven (Broken Clock) Battle Oracle (Wavering Blade/Clairvoyant) with a bard/rake companion (Song of Myself).

Family destroyed by eldritch horrors (Let the Squiddles Sleep), out for revenge (Black). A bit single minded (Monopoly on Truth). A very stalwart and fearless guardian (Lionheart)with a strong protective and parental streak toward compaions (Jade Mother).

So, here are two sets from my iPhone - just took all the songs and hit shuffle. Figured I'd pop the sets up now while I had a chance in case anyone else wanted to take a stab at them. I'll post up two characters later when I have some time to actually brain storm. I think it's kind of amazing that both Setting tracks came up as FFVII remixes. I will take it as a sign that I should probably play it again this weekend =P

Character A
Setting - "Suco de Melancia (Costa del Sol)" by Red Tailed Fox (OC Remix)
Race - "Too Pretty" by Big Dismal
Class - "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)" by Ninedays
Character Theme - "One Jump Ahead" by Alan Menken and Time Rice
Sidekick - "Thieves of Fate (Days of Summer)" by DrumUltimA, the prophet of mephisto, Geoffrey Taucer, & Level 99 (OC Remix)

Backstory - "Feels Like Tonight" by Daughtry
Motivation - "You and Me" by Lifehouse
Drawback/Failing - "Broken Heart" by Falling Up

Philosophy - "Hand of Sorrow" by Within Temptation
Moral Code - "Tumbling After" by Starfield

Character B
Setting - "Midnight at Club Corel (Mining Town)" by Red Tailed Fox and Shnabubula (OC Remix)
Race - "Take Me In" by Kutless
Class - "Strength of The Soul" by Kaoru Wada
Character Theme - "Revive Us Again" by Big Daddy Weave
Sidekick - "Inciting Incident" by sephfire

Backstory - "Running Just to Catch Myself" by Mark Schultz
Motivation - "Ruled by Secrecy" by Muse
Drawback/Failing - "The Attack" by Jack Wall & David Kates (Mass Effect 2)

Philosophy - "Hearts of the Innocent" by Kutless
Moral Code - "Walk With Me" by Caedmon's Call

Liberty's Edge

1st song - Setting: Nirvana - "I Hate Myself And Want To Die"
2nd song - Race: Against Me! - "Pretty Girls"
3rd song - Class: Jeffrey Foucault - "Northbound 35"
4th song - Character Theme Song: Modest Mouse - "Doin' the Cockroach"
5th song - If you have a minon/sidekick/companion, their theme: The Wailin' Jennys - "The Parting Glass"

6th song - Backstory: Roy Orbison - "In Dreams"
7th song - Motivation: Gin Blossoms - "Pieces of the Night"
8th song - Drawback/Failing: Jets to Brazil - "Orange Rhyming Dictionary"

8th song - Personal Philosophy: Bouncing Souls - "Lean On Sheena"
9th song - Moral Code: Bruce Springsteen - "Born to Run"


...I don't even know where to start.

Shadow Lodge

Dal Selpher wrote:

Character A

Setting - "Suco de Melancia (Costa del Sol)" by Red Tailed Fox (OC Remix)
Race - "Too Pretty" by Big Dismal
Class - "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)" by Ninedays
Character Theme - "One Jump Ahead" by Alan Menken and Time Rice
Sidekick - "Thieves of Fate (Days of Summer)" by DrumUltimA, the prophet of mephisto, Geoffrey Taucer, & Level 99 (OC Remix)

Backstory - "Feels Like Tonight" by Daughtry
Motivation - "You and Me" by Lifehouse
Drawback/Failing - "Broken Heart" by Falling Up

Philosophy - "Hand of Sorrow" by Within Temptation
Moral Code - "Tumbling After" by Starfield

Looks like a Changeling (Too Pretty) Bard (Absolutely) partnered with a trickster rogue (Thieves of Fate) staying just ahead of the grasp of the law (One Jump Ahead) in a high-society resort town (Suco de Melancia).

She has a history of repeated screwups, failures, mistrusts, and poor judgements (Feels like Tonight, Broken Heart) but is resolute in her determination to soldier on even in the face of denial of her desires (Hand of Sorrow) and a willingness to take risks (Tumbling After). As long as she gets to spend it with her friend, it doesn't matter what or where things happen (You and Me).


Character B

Setting - "Midnight at Club Corel (Mining Town)" by Red Tailed Fox and Shnabubula (OC Remix)
Race - "Take Me In" by Kutless
Class - "Strength of The Soul" by Kaoru Wada
Character Theme - "Revive Us Again" by Big Daddy Weave
Sidekick - "Inciting Incident" by sephfire

Backstory - "Running Just to Catch Myself" by Mark Schultz
Motivation - "Ruled by Secrecy" by Muse
Drawback/Failing - "The Attack" by Jack Wall & David Kates (Mass Effect 2)

Philosophy - "Hearts of the Innocent" by Kutless
Moral Code - "Walk With Me" by Caedmon's Call

Aasimar (Take me In) Fighter (Strength of the Soul) partnered with a time traveler with a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time (Inciting Incident). Extremely devoted and religious (Revive us Again) - might actually be a Paladin or Inquisitor, perhaps, or just a faithful Fighter.

Their prior life was a constant rush and repetitive motion that hurried much but got nowhere, probably as a commoner (Running Just to Catch Myself) working and living in a slum town (Midnight at Club Corel), until they realized the facade behind it and broke out from the monotonous control when they became an adventurer (Ruled by Secrecy). Tends to get involved in fights that they don't need to, usually well meaning (The Attack).

They're devoted to helping improve the lot of all, starting with their hometown (Hearts of the Innocent). They truly believe in the teachings of their religion and the word of their god, and make a sincere effort to live as an example to others (Walk With Me).

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens Subscriber

Okay, I'll give this a try...

1st song - Setting : "Ragged Wood" by Fleet Foxes
2nd song - Race : "September Gurls" (cover) by Dum Dum Girls
3rd song - Class : "Because the Night" by The Patti Smith Group
4th song - Character Theme Song : "Tron Legacy (End Titles)" by Daft Punk
5th song - If you have a minion/sidekick/companion, their theme.: "Must Explore" by Cloud Cult

6th song - Backstory : "Suspect Device" by Stiff Little Fingers
7th song - Motivation : "Don't Be Cruel" by Elvis Presley
8th song - Drawback/Failing: "Children of the Damned" by Iron Maiden

8th song - Personal Philosophy: "19th Nervous Breakdown" by The Rolling Stones
9th song - Moral Code: "Sixteen Saltines" by Jack White

(Hmmm... hamstrung by my eclectic taste in my 41 GB of music!)

Okay, my character is a young female human (September Gurls) rogue (Because the Night), living in the forest (Ragged Wood), working with someone who's an explorer by nature (Must Explore).

She's a political dissident (Suspect Device) that's a kind-hearted Robin Hood type (Don't Be Cruel) who always shares what little provisions she has (Sixteen Saltines). She thinks that she's under a curse (Children of the Damned), and frequently freaks out about it (19th Nervous Breakdown).

How'd I do?

Haladir wrote:


(Hmmm... hamstrung by my eclectic taste in my 41 GB of music!)

That's a lot of music compared to my at best 5GB of music

Composed of anime and game OSTs

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens Subscriber

That was fun.. let's try another...

1st song - Setting : "Resurrection" by Megafaun
2nd song - Race : "All My Little Words" by Magnetic Fields
3rd song - Class : "You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch" by Thurl Ravescroft
4th song - Character Theme Song : "How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us" by R.E.M.
5th song - If you have a minion/sidekick/companion, their theme. "Grace" by Jethro Tull

6th song - Backstory : "20 Ghosts III" by Nine Inch Nails
7th song - Motivation : "Misirlou" by Dick Dale and the Del-Tones
8th song - Drawback/Failing : "The Fake Headlines" by the New Pornographers

8th song - Personal Philosophy : "A Stroke of Luck" by Garbage
9th song - Moral Code : "Voyage" by Charlotte Gainsbourg

The character is a half-orc (Grinch) bard (All My Little Words), looking to bring order (How the West Was Won) to a post-apocalyptic world (Resurrection), but his sidekick is his conscience (Grace). He's haunted by his past (20 Ghosts III) as a surfer (Misirlou), and sometimes lies to cover his tracks (The Fake Headlines). He's always moving from place to place (Voyage), but trusts that fate is on his side (A Stroke of Luck).

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Azure_Zero wrote:
Haladir wrote:


(Hmmm... hamstrung by my eclectic taste in my 41 GB of music!)

That's a lot of music compared to my at best 5GB of music

Composed of anime and game OSTs

I had a very extensive CD collection, mostly from the '80s and '90s (all now ripped), and in the early aughts I picked up a ~$30/month iTunes/eMusic/Amazon digital download habit that I still haven't kicked. My playlist count is 7,328 songs, which would go nonstop for 26.2 days without a repeat. Also-- every one of these tracks is legally obtained. I adamantly do not believe in music piracy. Over my 25+ years of music collecting, I've spent thousands of dollars on my collection.

Yeah, it's a little excessive... but it's cheaper and better for you than smoking!

Shadow Lodge

Mine's about 30gigs, but I only have about 7 of that on my MP3 player that I take to work. About half of the 30 is video game or Homestuck music, which I've removed from the work pod after having it on there for two years, for a change of pace.

Sovereign Court

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Setting - "The Rhythm Method" by Rush
Race - "Heretic, Hero" by Martin O'Donnell (Halo 2 soundtrack)
Class - "Pistols at Dawn" by Kasabian (Avengers soundtrack)
Character Theme - "When I'm Gone" by 3 Doors Down
Sidekick - "Froggie" by Presidents of the USA

Backstory - "Klavier" by Rammstein
Motivation - "Blitzkreig Bop" by Rob Zombie
Drawback/Failing - "Unseen Eyes" by Midnight Syndicate

Philosophy - "Dreams of the Inspired" by David P. Davidson (Eberron soundtrack)
Moral Code - "How It Is" by Rush

In a world where music is magic (The Rhythm Method), a classically trained (Klavier "Piano") tiefling (Heretic, Hero) gunslinger (Pistols At Dawn) seeks to create a music-infused style of fighting (Blitzkreig Bop) in order to be remembered forever (When I'm Gone).

But when her grippli protege (Froggie) gets caught up in the ghosts of her past (Unseen Eyes), she must use her uncompromising attitude (Hot It Is) to surpass her own misgivings, and fight as she had never dared imagine (Dreams of the Inspired).

Hmm... D&D meets The Matrix meets <dance movie of choice>. Would make a great Rifts character, I think.

I need your play list..... Yours and Haladirs. Sadly my comp is down and my phone can't hold enough to make this fun....

Shadow Lodge

Kyrand wrote:

In a world where music is magic (The Rhythm Method), a classically trained (Klavier "Piano") tiefling (Heretic, Hero) gunslinger (Pistols At Dawn) seeks to create a music-infused style of fighting (Blitzkreig Bop) in order to be remembered forever (When I'm Gone).

But when her grippli protege (Froggie) gets caught up in the ghosts of her past (Unseen Eyes), she must use her uncompromising attitude (Hot It Is) to surpass her own misgivings, and fight as she had never dared imagine (Dreams of the Inspired).

Hmm... D&D meets The Matrix meets <dance movie of choice>. Would make a great Rifts character, I think.

I would play in this game.

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Orthos wrote:
Mine's about 30gigs, but I only have about 7 of that on my MP3 player that I take to work. About half of the 30 is video game or Homestuck music, which I've removed from the work pod after having it on there for two years, for a change of pace.

My large music collection is the reason I ponied up for the 64 GB iPhone 4S last year. My old 16GB iPhone 3G just didn't hold enough music, and managing the playlist for it just got tedious.

It's also why I opened up my old 30GB iPod 5th Gen and installed an 80 GB hard drive-- I now have my entire music collection in my car.

My old iPhone now lives in my kitchen-- it's my Pandora radio receiver.

Shadow Lodge

Setting - "Genocide" by HammerFall
Race - "Break the Chains" by Dream Evil
Class - "The Sledge" by Dream Evil
Character Theme - "Lost in Space" by Avantasia
Sidekick - "Falling Sparrow" by Masterplan

Backstory - "Rat Race" by Avantasia
Motivation - "Anthem" by Kamelot
Drawback/Failing - "Romanticide" by Nightwish

Philosophy - "Back in Control" by Sabaton
Moral Code - "King of Fools" by Edguy

In a world teetering on the edge of the Apocalypse (Genocide), a kytonblooded Tiefling (Break the Chains) hammer-wielding Fighter (The Sledge) drifts about on a meandering vagabond journey (Lost in Space) with only a young orphan he adopted at the request of her dying grandparent (Falling Sparrow) as company.

He's out on his own away from the monotony and pointless squabbling of civilization (Rat Race) searching for real meaning to existence (Anthem). However has become emotionless and detached due to experiences and time spent wandering alone, and may well be incapable of love (Romanticide).

Has a control complex, needing always to be in command of things and very much dislikes it when unexpected or unpredicted things occur, as well as a very strong "What is mine is mine" mindset (Back in Control), and is defiant toward those with whom he disagrees, especially those who try to command him in return (King of Fools).

Setting: "Kyrie" by AVB (I didn't know that was on there...really need to clean out my ipod.)
Race: "Rotten Town" by Ludo
Class: "Stars" by Switchfoot
Character Theme Song: "Love me Dead" by Ludo
Sidekick Theme Song: "Whistles the Wind" by Flogging Molly
Backstory: "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons
Motivation: "Stone to the River" by Jennifer Knapp
Drawback/Failing: "Do What You Do" by Carolyn Arends
Philosophy: "Punch Drunk Grinning Soul" by Flogging Molly
Moral Code: "The Streets of Derry" by Trion ni Dhomhnaill

Alright, well, we're starting with a traveling song, so let's go with ye olde planes hopping adventure. Race....I got nothing. No, really, it's a song about pirates running amok...I guess I'll go with human? Alright, class, hmm...I'm thinking cleric of Desna. Okay....and has super duper really bad judgement in the romance department including at least one long term toxic relationship. Her sidekick is a swashbucklery type who is hopelessly in love with her and hates watching her put herself through all of this crap because of her bad judgement in matters of romance. The world she came from is your basic post-apocalyptic nightmare...no real questions about why she left. She strives to be a better person and hold on to hope in the midst of all the crap. But she tends to forget about things like planning and just go with the flow even when it gets her into trouble. Her philosphy is basically to just keep fighting. And her moral code....hmmm....I guess I would say anything for love.

I think the second attempt needs a special rule that I'm allowed to skip Christmas music. :P

Scarab Sages

Setting: "Eruption" by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
Race: one of the Morte Themes from Planescape: Torment soundtrack
Class: "Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters from a Planet Near Mars" by Weird Al Yankovic
Character Theme Song: "Danse de la fae-dragee" by Tchaikovsky
Minion/sidekick/companion: "Dance It Auf" by Dexter Sinister (trippy electronic music privately composed and recorded by an old friend)
Backstory: "The Firebird Suite" by Igor Stravinsky
Motivation: "Heavenly Doorwaay" from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night soundtrack
Drawback/Failing: "Ariki (Hummingbird Spirit)" by Shadowfax
Personal Philosophy: "Kill the Wabbit" by Ozzy Fudd
Moral Code: "Ride of the Valkyries" by Wagner

In a primordial, geologically violent world (Eruption), a benevolent lich (Morte Theme) Lovecraftian summoner (AotRHfaPNM) secretly nurtures a fragile ecosystem (fae-dragee) with his energy-being companion (Dance It Auf). Having conquered mortality and found personal enlightenment (Firebird), he seeks ways to explore realms beyond (Doorway). He is a little overwhelmed by all there is to do, wrongs to right, secrets to learn, undertakings to manage, etc, and tends to flit from project to project (Ariki). He views existence as a sort of sick joke that he nonetheless prefers to the alternative (Wabbit), and believes that if you see wrong and have any power to right it, it's your duty to do so (Valkyries)!

Shadow Lodge

Ahahah HIYC that's hilarious.

Stravinsky AND Tchaikovsky in the same list?! Whatever musical device you drew this set from, I approve!

Scarab Sages

Setting: "Christmas at Ground Zero" by Weird Al Yankovic
Race: "Tonight She Comes" by The Cars
Class: minor event music from Heroes of Might & Magic II soundtrack
Character Theme Song: "Foundations of Stone" from Lord of the Rings soundtrack
Minion/sidekick/companion: "1812 Overture" by Tchaikovsky
Backstory: "Dance of Pales" from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night soundtrack
Motivation: "Summer III: Presto" by Vivaldi
Drawback/Failing: cavern/dungeon music from Might & Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven soundtrack
Personal Philosophy: "Gotta Boogie" by Weird Al Yankovic
Moral Code: sea/sailing music from Heroes of Might & Magic II soundtrack

In an eve-of-the-apocalypse Dickensian-fantasy setting, a gnomish (Tonight She Comes) shugenja (event music) seeks dark and ancient secrets in order to prevent or alter the course of aforementioned apocalypse (Foundations) with the help of a dissident vigilante (1812). Having received a privileged upbringing herself (Dance of Pales), she and her ally aim to build a better, more just world (Summer). The answers they seek lie in daunting and remote locations behind unguessable guardians(dungeon music). She believes life is a sort of party that you cannot allow unpleasant incidental details to derail (Boogie), and that no one should be chained or barred from achieving their greatest potential (sea music).

Scarab Sages

Setting - Paradise by the Dashboard Light (Meatloaf)
Race - Renegade (Styx)
Class - Stuck in the Middle with you (Steelers Wheel)
Character Theme Song - Hollywood Nights (Bob Seger)
Minion - All Revved Up With No Place To Go (Meatloaf)

Backstory - Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)
Motivation - If You Want Blood (AC/DC)
Drawback/Failing - Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)

Personal Philosophy - Here Comes the Sun (The Beetles)
Moral Code - Seperate Ways(World Apart) (Journey)

A fallen Aasimar (Renegade) summoner (Stuck in the Middle with You) reflects on her fall from Eden while wandering Purgatory (Paradise by the Dashboard Light) with her faithful behir companion. Along the way she takes advantage of her status as a fallen icon of hope to gain in fame and popularity (Hollywood Nights) while secretly hunting down (If You Want Blood) another fallen Aasimar who tricked her into killing her own brother, resulting in her fall from grace (Bhoemian Rhapsody). While she believes she can achieve redemption and return to heaven (Here comes the Sun), in truth she has forsaken Heaven's ideals in her quest for revenge (Seperate Ways).

The Exchange

So, I have a limited list of songs to choose from. Mostly they're Phil Collins (Since that's what my dad has), but I still have a good Selection. This is a Great Idea!

Setting: Still Alive-Portal Theme
Race: Against all odds (Take a look at me now)-Phil Collins
Class: Dance into the light-Phil Collins
Character theme: Flesh for Fantasy-Billy Idol
Sidekick theme: Nightmare Revisited Oogie Boogie-Tiger Army

Backstory: Do you Remember?- Phil Collins
Motivation: Rap is a Man's Soul(Super Galatic Remix)-Gurren Lagann
Drawback/Failing: New Divide-Linkin Park

Post apocalyptic Zombie-World setting, a Human Dervish Dancer who has a lust problem and his faithful sidekick, an intelligent zombie and avid prankster. He once had a childhood love, but she couldn't take his flirting with women. He currently is trying to fight off the corrupt government, but has a slight bit of insanity.

Setting: "Munich"-Editors
Race: "What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse"-The Black Dahlia Murder
Class: "Lies"-Thompson Twins
Character Theme: "A Touch of Evil"-Judas Priest
Companion: "Synapse"-Bush

Backstory: "Mad World"-Gary Jules
Motivation: "Cheat on the Church"-Graveyard BBQ
Drawback/Failing: "Rock Lobster"-The B52's (!)

Personal Philosophy: "Patre Satane"-Lamia Culta
Moral Code: "Invocarum"-Lamia Culta (again?)

In 1972, a German Dhampir Rogue, along with a genius scholar whom he has fallen for, is searching for a way to bring about the apocalypse. He believes that the world is in chaos and the Catholic church has betrayed all of mankind. By doing evil in the name of Satan, he can bring forth this ancient evil to better the world. Yet, shellfish remain his greatest nemesis...

Scarab Sages

Setting: "A Storm Is Coming" from Lord of the Rings soundtrack
Race: "White & Nerdy" by Weird Al Yankovic
Class: scary dungeon combat music from Planescape: Torment soundtrack
Character Theme: "Happy Birthday" by Weird Al Yankovic
Companion: "Polka (from The Bartered Bride)" by Smetana
Backstory: "Carrilon (from L'Arlesienne)" by Bizat
Motivation: "Oriental Eyes" by Shadowfax
Drawback/Failing: minor event music from Heroes of Might & Magic II
Personal Philosophy: "Quatuor n.5 - IV Andante" by Bartok
Moral Code: "The Field of the Dead" by Prokofiev

In Middle-Earth at its darkest hour (Storm), a grey elf (White & Nerdy) death knight (combat music) is just trying to enjoy the world in spite of its having gone to hell (Birthday), accompanied by his wacky aristocrat bride (Polka), whom he's just recently finished rescuing from distress (Carrilon). Having done so, they seek to rescue another of the knight's old flames, a princess from a distant land (Oriental Eyes), but keep getting sidetracked by all manner of diversions and oddities in their path (event music). A consummate nihilist (Quatuor), the closest thing he has to an ethos is his credo: Honor the dead, to hell with the living (tFotD).

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens Subscriber

Setting: "Tide" by The Lonely Forest
Race: "A" by Barenaked Ladies
Class: "Dreamworld" by Rilo Kiley
Character Theme: "Wedding Bell" by Beach House
Companion: "Heavenly Bodies" by Lush
Backstory: "King Henry" by Steeleye Span
Motivation: "Carefree Highway" by Gordon Lightfoot
Drawback/Failing: "Heroin" by Velvet Underground
Philosophy: "A Face in the Crowd" by Tom Petty
Moral Code: "Come Back Kid" by Sleigh Bells

An aasimar (A) prince sorcerer of Dreamspun bloodline (Dreamworld), who's signed aboard a ship (Tide) with his beautiful fiancé (Heavenly Bodies). They're eloping (Wedding Bells) because his father, the king, (King Henry) wants him to marry someone else, but he just wants freedom to love who he chooses (Carefree Highway). Despite trying to kick a pesh addiction (Heroin), he wants a new life with his wife where they can fit in as normal people (Face in the Crowd), but secretly would like to return some day to show them all how happy he is (Come Back Kid).

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens Subscriber

One more...

Setting: "The Return to Krangar" by Dronlon's Tower
Race: "Got Your Number" by Hawkwind
Class: "The Sweetest Thing" by Camera Obscura
Theme: "Redemption Song" by Bob Marley & The Wailers
Companion: "Grace Cathedral Hill" by The Decemberists
Backstory: "Party Out Of Bounds" by The B-52's
Motivation: "My Evil Twin" by They Might Be Giants
Drawback/Failing: "Sly" by The Cat Empire
Philosophy: "The End" by Vivian Girls
Moral Code: "The Flames of Herostratus" by If These Trees Could Talk

Huh. I need to think about this one...

Silver Crusade

Probably won't be able to do it until after Wayfinder submissions are done, but...

Oh man this is going to be hard and likely nonsensical. hits shuffle


1st song - Setting
"Not Going Back" by BTK

2nd song - Race
"Trash Glamour Rock Chick" - Blue Stahli

3rd song - Class
"The Emergency(Dave Aude Club Dub)" - BT

4th song - Character Theme Song
"Mindcircus" - Way Out West (okay I can totally work with this song)

5th song - If you have a minon/sidekick/companion, their theme.
"Savanna(Alexander Popov Remix) - Thrillseekers

6th song - Backstory
"Vampire Hunters" - Wojciech Kilar, Bram Stoker's Dracula soundtrack

7th song - Motivation
"Mermaid" - Sade

8th song - Drawback/Failing
"Gunship Battle" - Jack Wall, Mass Effect 2 soundtrack

8th song - Personal Philosophy
"Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul" - Glitch Mob

9th song - Moral Code
"Salt In The Wounds" - Pendulum

...how the hell is this going to work?

Scarab Sages

Just the songs today, I don't have time right now but I so wan't to remember this thread and create that characters tomorrow ;-)
1st song - Setting: Speak [Queensryche]
2nd song - Race: Ballad of a Hangman [Grave Digger]
3rd song - Class: The Enemy [Roadrunner United]
4th song - Character Theme Song: Faster [Within Temptation]
5th song - If you have a minon/sidekick/companion, their theme.: Rage Hard (Cover) [Atrocity]

6th song - Backstory: Live is a long and silent River [Atrocity]
7th song - Motivation: Mysterie Train [UFO]
8th song - Drawback/Failing: Carolus Rex [Sabaton]

8th song - Personal Philosophy: Sapracos - The Disparaging Last Gaze [Eluveitie]
9th song - Moral Code: Armageddon [Gamma Ray]

1st song - Setting: On The Rebound [Floyd Cramer]
2nd song - Race: Imaginaerum [Nightwish]
3rd song - Class: Showdown [Black Eyed Peas]
4th song - Character Theme Song: Wild Frontier [Gary Moore]
5th song - If you have a minon/sidekick/companion, their theme.: Wayting for 22 [Queensryche]

6th song - Backstory: Iron Horse (Cover) [Jazzkantine]
7th song - Motivation: American Man [Velvet Revolver]
8th song - Drawback/Failing: Pain and Pleasur [Crucified Barbara]

8th song - Personal Philosophy: Satan [Running Wild]
9th song - Moral Code: I can#t explain [The Who]

This one will get interesting...

One more
1st song - Setting: Tonight in Flames [In Flames]
2nd song - Race: Lounge Act [Nirvana]
3rd song - Class: The Snow is Falling [Ray Charles]
4th song - Character Theme Song: Valley of the Kings [Gamma Ray]
5th song - If you have a minon/sidekick/companion, their theme.: Superheroes [Edguy]
6th song - Backstory: The Evil that Men Do [Iron Maiden]
7th song - Motivation: Best of You [Foo Fighters]
8th song - Drawback/Failing: Mack The Knife (Cover) [Robbie Williams]

8th song - Personal Philosophy: Mad about You [Sting]
9th song - Moral Code: Toccata (Johan Sebastian Bach)

Ok... now that I have a few moments,

Character A wrote:

Setting - "Suco de Melancia (Costa del Sol)" by Red Tailed Fox (OC Remix)
Race - "Too Pretty" by Big Dismal
Class - "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)" by Ninedays
Character Theme - "One Jump Ahead" by Alan Menken and Time Rice
Sidekick - "Thieves of Fate (Days of Summer)" by DrumUltimA, the prophet of mephisto, Geoffrey Taucer, & Level 99 (OC Remix)

Backstory - "Feels Like Tonight" by Daughtry
Motivation - "You and Me" by Lifehouse
Drawback/Failing - "Broken Heart" by Falling Up

Philosophy - "Hand of Sorrow" by Within Temptation
Moral Code - "Tumbling After" by Starfield

In a swanky resort town/vacation spot (Suco), a young, impressionable aasimar (Too Pretty) plies her voice on the streets as a bard [street performer] (Absolutely) while her Rogue [curpurse] companion (Thieves) works the crowd. The two of them try to stay just ahead of the town guard (One Jump) as they enjoy their misadventures. The bard though, haunted by her first love (the guard captain's son), flits from romance to romance hoping to find fulfillment in another's arms, but is never satisfied (Feels Like Tonight, You and Me, Broken Heart). She knows that ultimately all that waits for her is sadness and abandonment(Hand of Sorrow) but her impressionable nature causes her to shift her prioroties to match those of whomever she's most recently given her heart (Tumbling After) in the vain hope of not being abandoned again.

Pretty similar to Orthos' - neat!

Character B wrote:

Setting - "Midnight at Club Corel (Mining Town)" by Red Tailed Fox and Shnabubula (OC Remix)
Race - "Take Me In" by Kutless
Class - "Strength of The Soul" by Kaoru Wada
Character Theme - "Revive Us Again" by Big Daddy Weave
Sidekick - "Inciting Incident" by sephfire

Backstory - "Running Just to Catch Myself" by Mark Schultz
Motivation - "Ruled by Secrecy" by Muse
Drawback/Failing - "The Attack" by Jack Wall & David Kates (Mass Effect 2)

Philosophy - "Hearts of the Innocent" by Kutless
Moral Code - "Walk With Me" by Caedmon's Call

In a apocalyptic world (Midnight), a dhampir (Take Me In) Oracle (Strength of The Soul) of Life (Revive Us Again) works as an itinerant priest of sorts, wandering from despressed town to depressed town ministering to those in need while accompanied by excitable imp rogue (Inciting Incident).

A clone awakened when magic went wild and destroyed the world, the dhampir has been pursuing his original self (Running Just to Catch Myself), hoping to determine how and why he was made (Ruled by Secrecy) but frequently being mistaken for his crueler counterpart and assaulted by suspicious townsfolk (The Attack).

Undaunted, he still believes that people are basically good (Hearts of the Innocent) and he feels that the best way to help someone is to come along side them in humility with empathy (Walk With Me).

I dig it!

Orthos has delicious taste in music.

1st song - Setting: Propane Nightmares (Pendulum)
2nd song - Race: Checkmate (Homestuck)
3rd song - Class: End of Me (Apocalyptica)
4th song - Character Theme Song: Jordan (Megaherz)
5th song - If you have a minon/sidekick/companion, their theme: Your Horoscope For Today (Weird Al)

6th song - Backstory: MeGaLoVania (Homestuck)
7th song - Motivation: Bec Noir (Homestuck)
8th song - Drawback/Failing: Empire (Queensryche)

8th song - Personal Philosophy: The Shadow of Uther (Kamelot)
9th song - Moral Code: Gangnam Style (PSY)

Have fun. I'm at a loss. :3

Shadow Lodge

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Heh it's been a bit but I'll tackle this one. And thanks =)

Let's see. Looking like a Drow (Checkmate) Cleric (End of Me), prepared for the afterlife after a lifetime of hardships (Jordan) in a gritty, hard-luck hardship setting, perhaps postapocalyptic or perhaps just low-power and rough (Propane Nightmares). You're accompanied by a bard who has an extremely weird sense of humor and a love of precognitions such as oracles, horoscopes, and tarot decks (Horoscope).

Like most Drow spent most of your life in the reckless, murderous quest for power (Megalovania), which has turned you into the power-hungry, destructive entity you are today (Bec Noir). You've always lived a criminal life in the worst parts of the world, and you know the world is destined for chaos and entropy (Empire).

You've always believed yourself the right one to bring everything under control, if only you could become powerful and influential enough to push aside the skeleton of the current leadership (Shadow of Uther). You do things your own way, heedless of restrictions and laws, and what you want you get, everything else be damned (Gangnam Style).

Setting - "Broken Heart" by Falling Up
Race - "Zelda Medley" by Lindsey Stirling
Class - "Disappear" by Bebo Norman
Character Theme - "In The End" by Linkin Park
Sidekick - "I Believe" by Seventh Day Slumber

Backstory - "Strong Enough" by Matthew West
Motivation - "Another Day in Paradise" by Big Daddy Weave
Drawback/Failing - "As Long As You're Mine" by Stephen Schwartz (Wicked)

Philosophy - "The Door in the Air" by Harry Gregson-Williams (Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian soundtrack)
Moral Code - "My Tree" by Chris Rice


A low fantasy tragedian tale (broken heart) wherein a hylian/elf (zelda medley) illusionist (disappear) battles a terminal illness leaving her with a small amount of time before she dies (in the end). She is accompanied by a faithful, priestly doctor who helps her manage her illness (i believe).

Formerly hale and healthy, our heroine's tragic illness robbed her of her once considerable strength (strong enough) and forced her to come to terms with the life she once lead. Needing others help now for what once used to be easy for her has made her realize what a selfish life style she previously wallowed in. Stricken by this, she spends her remaining time trying to help those in need despite her sickness to ensure that when her time is up she will be welcomed into Heaven (another day in paradise). What causes a lot of difficulty in this endeavor though is that she is a cleptomaniac (as long as you're mine). lol!

For her, her main focus is getting into Heaven (the door in the air) but she is also mindful of the legacy she will be leaving behind as she believes those will mark her either worthy or unworthy. "As roots are to a tree, so the heart is to behavior." Knowing she'll be called into account for her deeds, she strives to leave as much good fruit in her wake as she can (my tree).

Scarab Sages

Setting: "When The Lights Go Out" by Oingo Boingo
Race: "Wizard Castle" theme from Heroes of Might & Magic II soundtrack
Class: "The Field of the Dead" by Prokofiev
Character Theme: "Prelude in C Minor for Solo Lute" by Jakob Lindberg
Companion: sailing music from Heroes of Might & Magic II soundtrack
Backstory: "Torrero Song (from Carmen)" by Bizet
Motivation: "Tannhauser Overture" by Wagner
Drawback/Failing: "A Midsummer Night's Dream: Scherzo" by Mendelssohn
Personal Philosophy: "Hungarian Dance No. 1" by Brahms
Moral Code: "Party at the Leper Colony" by Yankovic

In a fascist dystopia, a djinni-blooded human necromancer is one of the few people intelligent enough to resist the regime, and is alone and endangered because of it, save for his optimistic mariner companion. Having returned from a successful military campaign much-hyped and adored by the regime and its jingoist imbecile supporters, the two now seek freedom and a new beginning, although he is a man of peace and bon vivante at heart who would rather not have to leave his home. He believes simply that life ought to be relished and the world should be a playground, and that there ought to be a place where anyone can find acceptance and understanding.

Dark Archive

Setting - Kiss of Babylon - Orphaned Land
Race - Broken Home - Papa Roach
Class - the Roar of the Warrior - Aion OST
Character Theme Song - In the Fade - Queens of the Stone Age

Backstory - Seek and Destroy - Metallica
Motivation - Let Me Rest in Peace - Buffy OST (The Musical)
Drawback/Failing - St. Anger - Metallica

Personal Philosophy - Another One Bites te Dust - Queen
Moral Code - Only the Strong - Flaw

Tiefling Fighter who sees nothing beyond the next fight in the infernal realm of Dis. All he wants to do is find some opponent that would be strong enough to kill him so that his soul can join his partner in the afterlife. All he knows how to do is kill, either with bow or blade. He is willing to do whatever it takes to win and doesn't care who it hurts in the process.

Setting - Metallica, The Four Horsemen
Race - Judas Priest, Night Crawler
Class - Katatonia, No Good Can Come of This
Character theme song - Amorphis, Black Winter Day
Sidekick theme song - Anthrax, God Save the Queen

Backstory - Mike Oldfield, Bagpipe Guitars
Motivation - Behemoth, The Sermon to the Hypocrites
Drawback/Failing - Finntroll, Kvallning

Personal Philosophy - Hammerfall, Secrets
Moral Code - Rhapsody, Lamento Eroico

In a post-apocalyptic campaign, our hero is a morbidly depressed dhampir reanimator alchemist. His only friend is an angry young man constantly struggling against the opression of the pseudo-government that has arisen.

He remembers the days before the apocalypse, when the bards played songs of peace and wonder, and he still hums them to himself as a memory of better days - yet he truly believes the apocalypse was necessary for purging evil. This drives him to contine working with undeath, in a quest to create beings that won't need to be purged again. Unfortunately, he is completely mad, believing that trolls were responsible for the apocalypse.

He has secrets he refuses to reveal, promising himself he'll take them to the grave. And though he works with the very essence of evil, he strongly believes he will be redeemed for his work.

Setting - My Moon My Man by Feist
Race - Ponderosa by Tricky
Class - Spirit Horse by Sea Wolf
Character Theme - Twenty-Twenty Surgery by Taking Back Sunday
Sidekick - What A Mess by Yoko Ono

Backstory - Good Arms vs. Bad Arms by Frightened Rabbit
Motivation - Josie by Blink 182
Drawback/Failing - Let's Hear That String Part Again, Because I Don't Think They Heard It All The Way Out In Bushnell by Sufjan Stevens

Philosophy - Breaking Point by Screeching Weasel
Moral Code - Blue Carolina by Smoking Popes

In a Victorian-style city populated by diverse races ("My Moon My Man"), Pon de Rosa is a depressed half-orc ("Ponderosa") who has pursued the ways of the cavalier only because the only time he feels free is on a horse ("Spirit Horse"). He is selfish and his only ambition is to leave his restrictive life. He wants to take the easy way out ("Twenty-Twenty Surgery").

His current horse, Kono, is uncooperative and acts like Pon is a complete waste of space ("What A Mess"), which only spurs the half-orc further into depression and enforces his world view.

Pon is a bastard son of the Rosa house, his father being a visiting half-orc who slept with a young Rosa woman after defeating her husband in a duel of honor. Pon was brought up away from the public view and when he reached of age, was sent cities away, where he trained as a cavalier ("Good Arms vs. Bad Arms").

To get away from his thoughts and his life, Pon goes on runs with his horse who cooperates enough to go out. He keeps holding on to the thought that he'll find the undefinable freedom he yearns for ("Josie").

However, he never follows through with his aspirations, too afraid of the consequences and too sheltered by his family's financial support ("Let's Hear That String Part Again, Because I Don't Think They Heard It All The Way Out In Bushnell").

Pon wants everything to be easy. He tries hard, but when he feels that he's given it his best shot, he gives up rather than face up to failure ("Breaking Point").

He's just waiting for his time to come. But when it comes, he's prepared to do whatever he can to get what he wants ("Blue Carolina").

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 16

Putting my Pandora on shuffle, since I don't actually own music anymore.

1st song - Setting - Against the Wind by Maire Brennan
2nd song - Race - Guess Who's a Mess by Brad Sucks
3rd song - Class - This is Halloween (cover) by Panic at the Disco
4th song - Character Theme Song - International Love by Pitbull
5th song - If you have a minon/sidekick/companion, their theme. - Hipster Girl by MC Lars (well this one writes itself)

6th song - Backstory - Time is Running Out (cover) by The Section Quartet
7th song - Motivation - Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don't by Brand New
8th song - Drawback/Failing - Where Them Girls At by David Guetta

8th song - Personal Philosophy - My Defender by Mesh
9th song - Moral Code - Ghosts of You by Chantal Kreviazuk

Alright let's see.

The earth has been stripped bare by a world-wide windstorm that mysteriously began 100 years ago (Against the Wind). The only survivors live underground now. Our hero is a Sylph (Guess Who's a Mess) Witch (This is Halloween), who's having a rough time of life underground. In fact, he's going to die if he doesn't see the sky by his next birthday (Time is Running Out).
It's not all bad underground...a little cramped, but he's an incurable lech (International Love/Where Them Girls At) and his girlfriend is a Dwarf who wants to live outside the tunnels because tunnels are too mainstream (Hipster Girl). He's a hedonist without many morals, but his (improved) familiar is an air mephit that channels his ancestors (Ghosts of You) and acts as a compass.
His familiar pushes him to brave the windstorm and find a way to calm it (Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don't), and cowardly as he is, he realizes he's doomed either way unless he succeeds. He hopes his heritage will enable him to succeed, but surely it can't be that easy (My Defender).

Silver Crusade

This looks fun....

Lunara, CG Catfolk Waves Mystery Oracle

1st song - Setting- Cinderella, Steven Curtis Chapmen
2nd song - Race- The Mean Kitty Song, Mr Safety Guy
3rd song - Class- Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride, from Lilo and Stitch
4th song - Character Theme Song- Carrot Juice is Murder, Arrogant Worms
5th song - If you have a minon/sidekick/companion, their theme- Down to Earth, WALLE
6th song - Background- Sound the Bugle- Spirit (Brian Adams)
7th song - Motivation- Lean on Me
8th song - Drawback/Failing- Great to be a Nerd- arrogant worms (I face palmed at this
8th song - Personal Philosophy- Moonlight Sonata (just HAD to hit the only instrumental for THIS)
9th song - Moral Code- One Jump ahead, Aladdin

Setting- A pretty normal life and setting, a place where family is valued, and daddies love their little girls. It's a place with royalty, and fables, and where little girls dream of being princesses. So very much like our world. So the setting seems just to be our world, but with magic and stuff.

Race- Catfolk... I mean COME ON. the mean KITTY song.

Class- Water Mystery Oracle

Themesong- This is a reflection with her tendency to be sarcastic, and has a low opinion of druids who are extremists against civilization.

Background- She lived a happy live, for a good portion of her life. Then, the war happened. She lost everything, and was close to giving up, before she decided not to and kept on fighting until she was free.

Motivation- She wants to help people, be there for them, always.

Fatal Flaw- She's rather obsessive, and a bit malnourished...

Personal Philosophy- Enjoying nature for the symphony that it is.

Personal Code- She won't hurt anyone to survive, but she'll still survive. Because there's nothing wrong with sticking it to the man if the man's an ass.

Scarab Sages

Setting: "Evenstar" from Lord of the Rings soundtrack
Race: "Mars, the Bringer of War" by Holst
Class: "Don't Download This Song" by Weird Al Yankovic
Character Theme Song: "game over, you actually freaking lose as you are condemned to a fate worse than death" music from Planescape: Torment
Minion/sidekick/companion: "Just What I Needed" by The Cars
Backstory: rinky-dink electronic cover of Danny Elfman's Beetlejuice overture
Motivation: "Fra Diavolo: Overture" by Daniel Auber
Drawback/Failing: "Pond of Consciousness" by Dexter Sinister
Personal Philosophy: "Violin Concerto, In D, Op. 35 - Andante" by Tchaikovsky
Moral Code: Deionarra theme from Planescape: Torment

In a dying world abandoned as hopeless by it's best and brightest in a manner not unlike the original inhabitants of Vagra II in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Skin of Evil" (Evenstar), a mul (Mars) Dark Sun Bard (Download) spends most of his time simply trying to survive in the bleak ruins, but also struggling to overthrow the ruling dystopia ("game over"). His one true friend is a sha'ir whose inexplicably optimistic and cheerful personality makes her the light of his life - and almost everyone else she knows, really (Needed). He was a handsomely-paid servitor of the system, for a while, but grew disillusioned and bitter once he realized how false its pretenses of promoting liberty and joy were, and gave it all up to do what was right (Beetlejuice cover). Their promises may have been lies, but he is still convinced that what they promised can be accomplished by those who are serious about doing so, and he wants nothing more than to empower and liberate his world (Fra Diavolo). The waking world being as miserable as it is, and his resources as a smuggler and skill as an apothecary being what they are, it is understandable that he is, if not genuinely addicted, certainly habituated to various hallucinogens and opiates (Pond). In the absence of the influence of these or his sha'ir friend, he views life as fundamentally cruel and bleak - but that that is precisely why one persists: Because at its best, life is the ultimate act of defiance (Andante). Whatever else happens, in the end he wants to be able to look back and know his conscience is clean and he has no regrets (Deionarra).

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

setting: misty mountain hop by led zeppelin
race: computer guy by savlonic
class: sgt. peppers lonely hearts club band by the beatles
character theme song: we will rock you by queen
minion/sidekick/companion: black dog by led zeppelin
backstory: we are the champions by queen
motivation: the battle of evermore by led zeppelin
drawback/failing: i am potato by oliver age 24
personal philosophy: four sticks by led zeppeli
moral code: when the levee breaks

in the mountains (misty mountain hop), an android (computer guy) cavalier (sgt. peppers lonely hearts club band), survives a battle (we are the champions) with his gnoll (black dog) squire. he had lost an earlier battle and gotten hit with a baleful polymorph (I am potato) and is trying to escape the ghosts of the past (battle of evermore). he seeks advice from an oracle (four sticks) and turns towards freedom (when the levee breaks) from the harsh military code

Silver Crusade

Setting: Bloodhound Gang: The Bad Touch
Race: The Grassy Knoll-Black Helicopters
Class: The District Sleeps Alone Tonight: The Postal Service
Character Theme Song: Cake-Friend is a Four Letter Word.
Minion: Blur-Girls and Boys
Backstory: Crash Test Dummies-God Shuffled His Feet
Motivation: Ass Ponies-Grim
Drawback/Failing: Barenaked Ladies-Helicopters
Philosophy- Duran Duran-Hungry Like the Wolf
Moral Code- Beastie Boys-Intergalactic

The World is fine. Everyone is happy and free.(Bad Touch). In the midst of it all, a tiefling (Black Helicopters) Wizard (The District Sleeps Alone Tonight), seeks to find someone he can connect with after his relationship takes a nosedive (Friend is a Four Letter Word), alongside a prostitute he's hired but is too scared to do anything with (Girls and Boys). He turned towards the study of the arcane after realizing that it was the route to absolute knowledge (God Shuffled His Feet), but the introduction of gunpowder has made a fair amount of his magic obsolete (Helicopters). He views life as something to be seized by the reins (Hungry Like the Wolf), and simply wants to get fun out of life (Intergalactic).

Wow, this looks fun.

Setting: Kozan Dagi, by Ersen
Race: Ayo Ayo Nene by Mor Thiam
Class: Nebehr Gudahtt, by Magma
Character theme song: Altamont by Aphrodite's Child
Minion: Goathland by Trembling Bells
Backstory: Sguardo Verson il Cielo by Le Orme
Motivation: Intorno all mia cattiva educazione by Alussa Fallax
Drawback/failing - Prayer to St Peter by Nick Carter
Philosophy - The Upside Down Cross by Jeffrey Lewis
Moral code: Ballada o piecu glodynch by SBB

In the Cocoon of the Mountain, an obscure subrace of Gnomes have exiled a heretical prophet for masterminding a disastrous rock festival stewarded by rothe-riding hooligans, with predictable results. He exits through a planar portal, accompanied by his half earth elemental goat, trying to gain the surface and look towards the sky, while seeking the knowledge that will allow him to be revenged on his fellows, especially the schoolteachers, who he blames for the poor education he received and his subsequent lack of moral fibre. He is excessively religious (oddly enough, this subrace of gnomes are all Sevedanchist (?) Roman Catholics) and keeps slipping back to the faith of his fathers, despite being an avowed Satanist. He bases his actions on a 70s Polish rock song that he doesn't know the meaning of, which is why he's CN.

Shadow Lodge

Setting 1: "The World Calling" by There For Tomorrow
Race 2: "New Dance" by the Deer People
Class 3: "Worth Dying For" by Rise Against
Character Theme Song4: "Brave" by Sara Bareilles
Minion/Sidekick/ Companion Theme 5: "We are Young" by 30H!3
Backstory 6: "The Bad Touch" by Bloodhound Gang
Motivation 7: "Give Your Heart a Break"(guy version) by Demi Lovato
Drawback/Failing 8: "Ready Aim Fire!" By Imagine Dragons
Personal Philosophy9: "No Plan B" by Manafest
Moral Code 10: "The Part that Hurts the Most" by Thousand Foor Krutch

What have I done?! O.o

Scarab Sages

Dragonborn3 wrote:

What have I done?! O.o

The first part - now you do the second part! ^_^

Shadow Lodge

Setting: Post Golorian. Rovagug managed to break free, and after a battle that raged for five years between him and the other deities, the world was less than inhabitable, even underground. Numeria had a solution...

Race: Ifrit. "I set myself on fire today."
Class: Alchemist. "Set me off like dynamite."
Theme Song: "Brave" by Sara Bareilles
Backstory: Birthed by a Calistrian worshiper, Cluvan often had to go play outside while his mother tended to business with various clients. He assumed incorrectly what she was doing as he grew older. When he confronted her about her "illicit bedroom business" she merely laughed and told him he was wrong. Considering himself a good judge of when he was being lied to, he believed her. It wasn't until she pulled strings and got him on a Numerian Worledseeker, the ships designed to get hundreds of thousands of people off the catastrophe-wracked planet, that he found out her connections with the Technic League.
Motivation: Cluvan is an adventurer for a rather simple, if somewhat juvenile, reason: He's trying to impress a lady he travels with.
Failing: Due to his fiery nature, Culvan is impatient. He's more of a 'bomb first, ask questions later' alchemist, despite his intelligence.
Personal Philosophy: "Never look back. Give it all you've got and never retreat! There's nothing to gained by thinking about 'what ifs' and the like!"
Moral Code: Despite being pretty aggressive in a fight, Culvan isn't fond of hurting others. He'll defend himself, but he feels bad when he has to hurt other sentient creatures, and even a few non-sentient ones.

Culvan, Male Ifrit.
Alchemist(Grenadier Archetype)

Scarab Sages

Setting: "Right To Know" by Oingo Boingo
Race: introductory cinematic music from Planescape: Torment
Class: "Quator n.6 - II Mesto-marcia" by Bela Bartok
Character Theme Song: "Sonata No. 14 In C-Sharp Minor For Piano, Op. 27:2, 'Moonlight': III. Presto Agitato" by Dubravka Tomisc
Minion/sidekick/companion: Trias' Theme from Planescape: Torment
Backstory: "Lohengrin, WWV 75 - Prelude" by Richard Wagner
Motivation: "Lounge Louie" by Dexter Sinister
Drawback/Failing: "Enchanted Banquet" from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Personal Philosophy: "Twilight and Shadow" from Lord of the Rings soundtrack
Moral Code: "Christmas At Ground Zero" by Weird Al Yankovic

In a shadowy, crime-ridden port town that's sort of a combination of 1920's Chicago and Golden Age of Piracy-era Baton Rouge (Right To Know), a revenant (Torment) Rogue/Warlock (Quator) is caught a fast-paced, albeit sometimes repetitive-feeling, cat-and-mouse game with both sides of the law ('Moonlight'). He is watched over by a powerful fallen angel (Trias). His is a long, bittersweet past of beauty, love, and loss that yet gives him great power even when all around him is misery (Lohengrin). Now, he just wants to maintain a halfway-enjoyable unlife, and hopefully to improve a few things in the world around him (Lounge Louie). He is seriously haunted by those he has lost, and is quite psychologically vulnerable to them being used against him (Enchanted Banquet). He views the world as bleak and fleeting, but beautiful and worthwhile nonetheless (Twilight and Shadow), and while he has few qualms about killing, he prefers when able to pursue a policy of making his kills' last few moments in this world as sweet as possible (Christmas At Ground Zero).

Try again:

Setting: (1) Ekh Lyuli Lyuli - Daniel Kahn, Psoy Korelenko and Oy Division
Race: (2) Saneonymous - High Tide
Class: (3) The Promise - The Rhythm Kings
Character theme song - (4) Devil Bones/Straight ahead - Otis Waygood
Minion - (5) The Four Horsemen - Aphrodite's Child
Background - (6) Man of the World - Fleetwood Mac
Motivation - (7) The Fool - Quicksilver Messenger Service
Drawback - (8) Primo Incontro - Il Balletto Di Bronzo
Personal philosophy - (9) Germany - Ace of Cats
Moral Code - (10) Pass Through You - Stealing Sheep.

In an alternative Alaska (variant on setting of Michael Chabon's 'Yiddish Policeman's Union') (1), Yochanan Silverman, half-aquatic elf (2) detective/bard (3), is attempting to hold to his moral principles despite some disquieting revelations regarding his family's past history (4). With a daemonic assistant, who he doesn't trust at all, (5), he's trying to turn over a new leaf and escape his less-than-honourable past (6), making an effort to recapture his long-lost innocence (7). Given that he doesn't want to remind anyone of his history, he has to pretend that he's less world-weary than he is and hasn't seen it all before, which can be a struggle (8). The philosophical principles he absorbed before having to flee the country of his birth still rule him (9) - Marx and Hegel are still very important to him - but he stays aloof from the world, treating the people around him as abstract objects of contemplation that he can't get too attached to (10)

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