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Hello, I just printed out a 3rd party character sheet and the leveling section started out at 0xp.

I started the leveling counting at 1xp, so at 4xp I would be 2nd level, the 3rd party sheet has you hitting level 2 at 3xp.

Which one of these are correct?, I looked at Seeker In secrets, PFS Guide, and the online guide but I did not find a table, sorry for the silly question.

Could you also please tell me where you found the correct Information, Thank You.

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Every three XP, you gain a level.

2nd level at 3XP
3rd level at 6XP
4th level at 9XP

And so on.

Check Page 22 of the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play, which also details the different advancement tracks.

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You start at 0 XP.
It takes 3 XP to gain a level.

00-02 XP = 01
03-05 XP = 02
06-08 XP = 03
09-11 XP = 04
12-14 XP = 05
15-17 XP = 06
18-20 XP = 07
21-23 XP = 08
24-26 XP = 09
27-29 XP = 10
30-32 XP = 11
33-35 XP = 12
36-38 XP = 13
39-41 XP = 14
42-44 XP = 15
45-47 XP = 16
48-50 XP = 17
51-53 XP = 18
54-56 XP = 19
57+++ XP = 20

Pathfinder RPG caps at level 20.
Pathfinder Society (PFS) caps for regular play at 12th.
The retirement arc (only one at this time, Eyes of the Ten) will take a PFS PC to 13.2 XP.
The currently sanctioned modules will potentially take a PFS PC to 18th level.

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Blue: As Tri stated above, that is the progression where you hit levels. What you originally stated is actually sorta correct in both instances. You reach level 2 at 3xp. However you level up before you start your 4th game and then on the 7th game and so on.

The way I view it is that im 2nd level in scenario 4, then 3rd level in my 7th module. I get all the benefits (ie skill points, hp and spells etc) in those modules and from then on. When you hit 3 exp then 6, it is simply a very good reminder to actually remember to do the paperwork for the new level.

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Not sure this is the issue, but you don't level until after you have earned the XP. So you have to play three 1 XP adventures at level 1 before you level your PC to level 2 and so on.

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Thank You, everyone.

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