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I got my "In the next week or so..." email this evening for this order -- my RotRL minis & comic (plus a little...) shipment. A while later, I got a second copy of the email with a slightly different list of items (basically, adding the huge and standard cases; the case bundle and giant were already listed), and it increased the shipping charge.

Now, I had my account set to use store credit, which covered the initial charge. But with the second email, the shipping charge seems to have increased, and now it says it's going to charge some to my credit card when it ships.

I'm presuming there was an error with the first email, and the shipping charge was corrected. I can deal with that. But could you please make sure it takes the rest of the shipping charge out of my store credit?

Paizo Employee Sales Associate

I have set your order to properly use your store credit.


Scarab Sages

Thanks Cos!

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