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Hello "the great community" that is Paizo.

I am sort of a moderate experienced GM who needs help balancing out a level 3 adventure I have made.

The quest for the party is to question and investigate a dwarf paladin who claims to have been able convert undead creatures to warrior of light. The order claims he has been dwelling in evil magic (the party will discover that he has merely been able to hyptonosize/control them).
They have been ordered to either question or kill him.

The combat encounters are as follow:

The party will travel down a deep mountain with some mining carts (hanging, not wheels), during this travel, they will need to make split second decisions on which path they need to take, if they are lucky they will end up in a small room above the first room of the dungeon, this room has a small treasure chest. I like to have a d100 table for magic items. During all this traveling, they will encounter other mining carts about 20 feet away for the most part, (not sure what monsters to put here) and they will get fired at by the monsters, the mining cart gives partial cover at best, so they can either hide and wait them out, or try to shoot them down.

There are no monsters in the first room, it is shaped like a half plus, sort of. It will contain some markings that will reveal to the party that this place is a mite lair. (their quest is about the end of the tunnel).

The first door leads to a curvy cave like corridor, which are quite smelly, and its hard to travel through. The party does not know that if they spend too much time in this room, they will get sickened.
At random, a green mite (yes you read right, a green one, not blue), will appear, who wish to warn the party of the upcoming battle, however, he does not speak common, nor can see very well. If he gets scared, he will run away the mite hole he came through. I think I can do more for this part, but not sure yet.

The next room is quite big, it is is very similar to DM crafts creation in this video. With similar strategy as he mentions at the end of the video.

How many monsters should I add? Should I try to somewhat force the party to realize that they might have to run?

The next room is a corridor leading to the main quest, the tower for a dwarf paladin. It's 3 floors, medium size. I am not sure how I should create this encounter. Should I add some traps? Should it be two encounters?

Are there any puzzle encounters you would recommend?

Thanks for the future answers!


I'd recommend using Alchemist Fire or Acid Flasks as the ranged weapons. They'd take a -2 to hit for tossing further than 10 ft. (up to 20 ft), but atleast it makes them consider fighting back and burn some resources since the splash damage can still hit them.

That's quite a neat idea!
I will use it!

Any other suggestions for the other parts would be awesome :)

The main foe is controlling undead. The tunnel is a perfect place for reinacting scenes from resident evil, the first movie.
If it's a dwarf mining operations, a tribe of orcs might be trying to muscle in. I once named some "The Bloody Nose Tribe".

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