Is there a viable Bloodmage class?


I had a Maho Tsukai (Blood Mage) character many years ago from Oriental Adventures and want to revive him for Pathfinder. I've read up the Blood Magus and Bloatmage prestige classes, but these don't quite fit...needless to say, the original Maho Tsukai is clunky and outdated. Is there another I'm not aware of?

There's the Cruoromancer (Wizard Acrchetype) from the Dhampir section of the ARG.

For Clerics, there's the Holy Vindicator Prestige Class from the APG.

we are putting together a pdf of some more player options and we are going to include a blood magic feat. basically itll be a feat you take and you can take so many points of damage to modify your spells. the amount of damage will be based on level, and the feat will prolly need about 2-3 feats to qualify for it, but youll be able to take hit point damage to add bonuses to your spells dc, damage, duration, etc.

The cruoromancer looked pretty good...but...was there ever a printed revision for Maho Tsukai?

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