Gamers 3 movie kickstarter and Pathfinder RPG rules

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Zombie Orpheus is doing a kickstarter for Gamers 3.

Gamers: The Hands of Fate

Like Gamers 2, it has real-world and in-RPG scenes. And this time, they're using the Pathfinder rules!

Go! See! Contribute! :)

(BTW, one of the pledge rewards is a module I'm writing especially for this project. One of the higher pledge rewards is you get to submit an encounter or mini-boss for the adventure. Click-click-click!)

Sovereign Court

Holy heck, I've been wanting to see another Gamers movie. This sounds like it'll be an excellent end to things. Nice kickstarter too, hope I can find a buck or two to give them.

Shadow Lodge

That is Awesome! I love their movies, and I'm hoping to meet them (along with all the Paizo crew of course) at Gen Con this year.

Dark Archive

Very nice I will want to see this when it comes out for sure.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

pledged! can't wait!

Pledged. Looking forward to this.

Pledged! C'mon, guys! Make it happen!

KS is kicking my butt and wallet! But how could I not back this?!!

Dreamscarred Press

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Kickstarter is making my bank account weep.

Wow, going by the number of backers and cash raised I figured I must have been a bit slow in spotting this. Nope, less than 24 hours already at 461 backers, $46,440 raised. Woo!

I will likely pledge AFTER Gen Con. But am SO pledging.

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