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I'm designing a dungeon for my greatly altered version of Carrion Crown right now. The idea is that it will be guarded by creatures who were devout to Aroden, Imodae and Sarenrae in ages past. These creatures are now corrupted though and have turned to evil(see spoiler). My questions are:

1) Would the most likely outsider for them be Inevitables (Aroden), Angels (Imodae) and Agathion (Sarenrae)?

2) Since they have now been corrupted, do you think it would be best to run them as written in the bestiaries or should I use their opposites and just make them look like Inevitables and Angels?

3) Are there any other creatures you think would fit this theme well? I already have some Ice Elementals near the begining of the dungeon since the entrance was completely frozen over and they have moved into the first level ages ago.

CR should be 8 to 17 as I plan to have this level them from 11.5 (current level) to around 14-15.

PS - not sure if I should have put this in the Carrion Crown thread or not, feel free to move if needed.

For some backstory: Possible CC Spoiler:
The idea of this dungeon is that it was created after the fall of Tar-Baphon to house a corrupted artifact formerly known as Sunlight and redubbed Nightfire post corruption. I altered the Mace of Pharasma to hold the soul of a former high cleric of Pharasma. The cleric who now inhabits the Mace had a younger brother who was a Paladin of Sarenrae whose soul was also placed inside of the Scimitar he weilded in life. Both of these people in life were pure of heart and fought together against all that was undead and evil and continued to do so for generations through others who wielded them.

During the Tyrants rule, Sunlight was stolen by one of his generals and was slowly corrupted over the years becoming Nightfire. I made it so that the Mace of Pharasma was lost when this general faced off against the current weilder of the Mace. The two weapons/brothers collided and fought a mental war and the Mace went soring to the heavens (not to be seen again until as planned in the AP) losing the unseen battle and leaving it's weilder to be struck down.

Later, after sealing the Tyrant under Gallowspire, the nights of Ozem and Sarenrae hunted the former general, defeated him and retook Nightfire/Sunlight. They tried to cleanse the blade, but all efforts failed as the blade slowly corrupted all that would try to use it. After years of trying, and discovering that it was indestructable, the same mages/clerics that created the great seal, created a dungeon to house Nightfire. They then teleported the entire dungeon inside a mountain of unknown location.

My players recently put together many clues to pinpoint this dungeon and have need of the knowledge Nightfire posses about who the heir of Tar-Baphon is. Currently the Mace is not conscious and has not spoke to the players and will not unless it and it's brother are brought together again in battle. Over the years Nightfire has worked it's corruption onto it's protectors and now works with them to find a way to escape. This dungeon cannot be teleported into or out of and has only one entrance which can only be opened from the outside and my players are about open this entrance. They must defeat all within the dungeon or release one of the most potent evil artifacts on the world if they fail.

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Erinyes are literally fallen angels.

I had forgotten about them, good catch. At CR8, a group of those would be decent fight early in the dungeon. Would take some serious work to template/class level a bunch of those though to give the fights variety. I also forgot to mention that most of the group is power gamers and fights above their CR. I also have 6 players and the dungeon is huge as it is going to advance them 2-3 levels.

Players are:

Cleric/Paladin/Holy Vin Sarenrae (AC is 40 something and low save is 17 I think)
Flowing Monk (trip master and AoO insanity)
Magus (normal SG build)
Rogue/Wizard/Arcane Trickster
Fighter/Barbarian/Sorc/Dragon Disciple

Most have Outflank and Paired Opportunist so their damage output is very good.

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For Erinyes with class levels, Ninja, Mysterious Stranger Gunslinger, Sorcerer, Bard, Cleric, and Fighter are good choices.

Fiendish or even half-fiend angels (agathions, azata, inevitables) with all their alignment-related abilities replaced with evil equivalents?

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I am not sure those templates can even be added to such creatures.

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Sure they can. The GM is only beholden to 1 rule: Is it fun?

I statted up a pink dragon by adding a half-red dragon template to a white dragon. Players don't see the stats just the effects.

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Actually, just switching some subtypes and flavor should suffice. You wouldn't even need to adjust CR.

Good question... Let's see:

"“Half-fiend” is an inherited or acquired template that can be added to a living, corporeal creature with an Int score of 4 or more."

Yup. Outsiders are definitely living corporeal creatures (except for shadow demon and other incorporeals, obviously). Fiendish creature template is a simple template and have no limitations at all.

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Huh, that's a change from 3.5.
I learn something new everyday.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
For Erinyes with class levels, Ninja, Mysterious Stranger Gunslinger, Sorcerer, Bard, Cleric, and Fighter are good choices.

Actually, an Erinyes with levels in inquisitor can become pretty scary, as well. As for clerics, I have come across an effect I don't like.

<rant> Queen of Erinyes? The Whore Queen Eiseth. So, a cleric of Eiseth would seem a logical choice for an Erinyes cleric.
Unfortunately, several of the very domains Eiseth grants (Destruction, and, to a lesser extend, War) are massively melee-oriented, which isn't exactly an Erinyes's default fighting style... </rant>

Fiendish and half-fiend templates are a great idea. Good to know they technically work, but as Dudemeister said, as the DM it doesn't have to be 100% legal, just fun and add variety to the fights without being overly taxing to create.

Thanks for all the ideas so far. I'll stat up a few different good guys with the templates, make some erinyes with class levels/different subtypes in the morning. I'm off to bed for now.

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