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We're starting a new campaign next week, beginning at 5th level. So far, the party consists of an alchemist, inquisitor, magus and ninja. I'm the 5th player, and I'm not sure what to play - I'm open to just about anything. What would be best to round out this group?

These are the guidelines from the GM:
The Basics:
-Character Level: 5
-Starting Gold: 10,500 gold pieces, Normal purchase restrictions apply
-Race Restrictions: Common Races, others might by accepted but only if discussed with me first.
-Terrain: The common terrain of the land is plains and forests, but there is a mountainous region as well as seafaring merchant ships.
-Racial Bias: There is a lot of tension between all the races, especially between Humans, Half-Orcs, and Elves. However, the players will all come from one kingdom in which all the common races can reside.
-Starting Point: All players will be a low-ranking member of the King's Army. This campaign will have a running theme of a militaristic campaign.
-Role: More information will come over the weekend, but each character will be choosing a role within the military. It is fine if more than one character has the same role -- but once it is chosen it cannot be changed. These roles will have various affects on your characters as they level up, such as enhancements and benefits.

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Paladin for healing and tanking and facing.


Urban Ranger for tank & traps.

I GMed for a group without a primary tank, and they got nigh-TPKed almost every session. It was exciting and interesting (as in the Chinese curse version of interesting!), but a little frustrating.

Robespierre is also right about playing what you want.

A primary spellcaster (cleric, druid, oracle, sorcerer, witch, or wizard) might also be useful.

Whatever you want.

I've been leaning towards the paladin - trying to get the GM to approve a 3rd-level paladin with the skeletal champion template, although we both know this will cause a lot of "interesting" (as the Chinese say) interactions with the campaign. Might end up with an Archer Paladin if that doesn't float.

The problems with Paladins is that this group has a history of viewing ALL of them as Lawful Stupid - including the GM, who was the last one to play an irritating Paladin. This will make it an uphill battle to play this character, above and beyond the issues with being undead.

Robespierre - really? Why bother posting? What I want is to round out the party, and I'm looking for suggestions on how best to do that. Since I'm not dead-set on any particular class at the moment, I'm hoping to get some interesting ideas from a broader group of players.

It does sound like your group needs a tank of some sort. If a paladin is going to cause problems, what about a Caviller or a plain old Fighter?

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You DO have a good mix already. The alchemist and ninja are both strikers, the magus and inquistor are both great self-buffing combatants, as is the alchemist. You have 3 spellcasters with 3 very different spell lists. You have some healing with the alchemist and possibly the inquisitor. I think all can use a Wand of CLW, with or without UMD.

The lack of utility magic might be challenging. You lack a dedicated healer. You lack a tank. The inquisitor and maybe the ninja can do the people skills thing, if needed.

I'm kind of curious about the Military Roles, and their unchangeablity.

I say full caster, or go with an additional inbetweener and be a druid.

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Your four basic food groups are technically covered. Go nuts.

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